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steelth1 Nov 27 2012, 9:55am says:

oh no. tried to reinstall but get error fialed to find mcf path.

+1 vote   mod: Heart of Evil: Napalm Edition
steelth1 Nov 27 2012, 9:48am says:

can't use any wepons in game, when i pick one up i have it for a second then its gone, the bonus map works fine ( pretty cool by the way, zombie VC ) i tried everything i can think of. any suggestions?

+1 vote   mod: Heart of Evil: Napalm Edition
steelth1 Nov 25 2012, 8:17pm says:

haven't played a mod this good since strider mountian. very original and challenging. the zen scenes are the best iv'e seen. do you have other mods? i'd like to try them. keep up the good work.

+1 vote   mod: E7 Black Star
steelth1 Nov 21 2012, 10:19am says:

is there a walk for this mod? im stuck in the big main hall with the presidential seal on the floor in the middle of the room. i killed everyone but now im stuck here. none of the doors open and the elevator won't work. i looked everywhere for a switch. i used the eye scanner but nothing happened, can anyone help me? thanx

+1 vote   mod: Adam
steelth1 Nov 19 2012, 8:31am says:

im having the same problem, can't get the key or fire extingusher. the hint keeps saying look at the billboard. i did igot the guard roster but still he won't give me key. thanx

+2 votes   member: fsaenz
steelth1 Oct 31 2012, 1:11pm replied:

it's suposed to be hard just like in original HL. it's a boss fight

-4 votes   mod: Black Mesa
steelth1 Nov 27 2011, 5:34pm replied:

thanx. found it

+1 vote   mod: Water
steelth1 Nov 26 2011, 12:50pm replied:

thanx for the quick response. i tried that once and died but if that's the way i'll keep trying. that game i mentioned "flesh". is that the right name? you walk around a big house and farmland with zombies chasing you and you can see through their eyes. i lost that one off my hard drive and can't find it anywhere. do you have the url? thanx agian.

+1 vote   mod: Water
steelth1 Nov 25 2011, 11:53pm says:

ok guess i'll put my thompson down for awhile and go for a swim. really liked human error and and a game called flesh i think. it gave me nightmeres.i'll never get used to being unarmed.. i'm liking this one so far but i'm stuck in the sunken brothel at the top of the stairs. someone said there was a tunnel but i can't find it. little help? thanx

+1 vote   mod: Water
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