I am deaf and I am innocent. Sorry I am engaged to my wife from the Philippines and I am serious and honest with my wife. Thanks! Please understand me!

Please do not give me Facebook connection! I hate Facebook because Mark Zuckerberg is f***ing man because he hurts always all innocent people like birthday, celöebration or everyone...

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Why are you kidding me? Thanks for hurting me! I am sad because theg hurt me. I don't believe that moddb made in Australia? I will force that why do you lie me since i wait longer unanswered mail. I hate evading and I will "remove" not "let ban". I know who loves Facebook than you're shitlikers.

Please "remove" my old account in moddb now if you don't want remove than i will go police whatever I am serious German. Please promise me! Because I am serious deaf and I am here because I am for mapping, modding and enginnig etc. That is why I hate who want force my comments or old account to stay? But hello guys, do you like stay dead accounts? I hate dead accounts because dead accounts can convert to hackers.

That's why we need "remove" and don't let ban. And why are you like noobs? But I say serious because they are maniac because old German war releases to Unity 3D. I say developer don't publish forbidden flag of Nazi Germany to game. But I feel hurting. Why are you unrespectful to Germans? Hello today Germans are not bad and want help. Why are you strubbom to Foreigners.

Thanks for understanding!

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