I LOVE SP-Mapping !!!

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let me start saying that i loved to play this first part of Triage!

that said, there are quit some issues that i would like to address to you;

-in at least 2 maps i could get to places were i could see the skybox.
-in map i could see combines spawn right in front of me at least 10 times.
-sometimes crouching and walking was odd and strange, didn't feel right.
-in map2a the shadows were really ugly on some of the npc faces.
-and the streets were really poorly build, very empty and blocky. they
really felt like they were build in a rush, at least they clearly showed that there wasn't spent much time on them. And it did get worse the further i did get in this part 1. in one place i even could see a skybox building model right in front of me, they are very low texture and model quality because they are build to not look up close to. but this one was one meter in front of me.
-In some places models were badly clipped as ramp.
-there as no flashlight, what is ok, but some places were to dark.
-the suit was missing, what is ok, but no HUD is quit odd .

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't all negative for sure. because overall i really did play this with great fun and enthusiasm!! For instance did i love the blood particles, and the puffs of smoke when a bullet hits the walls! And the use of color correction was really well done! Not to forget the Max Payne effect i call it, that when a combine died h!


Lost Under The Snow

Mod review

thanks for this mod, it is quit large and it quit fun to play in most parts. i love all the new textures and weapons with there animations. really well done, also the sounds are great. although some are sometimes a bit strange (for instance picking up the SMG1 ammo does sound a bit like water).

the mapping is a bit less sometimes, it is clearly that you are foremost a modeler and texture artist and then a mapper. but no problem!

i did play on till probebly the last map, the large outdoor map with the small wooden buildings. there i suddenly did notice a lot of errors, many models did float, for instance tall trees and fences. really a shame, also did the frames drop like crazy here, not a mystery because there are loads of physics models in this map that does that to your fps. also did it cause the AI_disabled bug here, and finally the map crashed all together on me, a real shame because until this point i really did enjoy playing this map.
you really should look in to this last map at least, and probebly you should look in to how to make and use portals and place them in other maps to, because there where a few other maps that had some serious fps problems, (and i have a nice high end computer, so i should play maps without any problems at all.)

because of this i still would like to give it a 6/10.
better polished would make me give it for sure a 7,5/10!!



Titan: XCIX

Mod review - 2 agree - 17 disagree

its a great mod, for those who like this kind of gameplay.
personaly i like gameplay with lots of action and firefights.
so, this one is not one that i like. to much backtracking also
at the beginning. other then that it looks great.