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The Gate 2

Mod review

There is a lot wrong and not working well in this mod.
Specially at the start of the mod it crashed all the time,
it was that this made me want to play it for some odd reason
otherwise i would have stopped playing it.
The list is to long with issues that made it no fun to play
beside the crashes and i have to agree with what someone else
here said, that it looked like how much the maker could put in
to this mod with assets from other mods and games.
A lot of times models or npc's simply didn't make sence.
And, i love hard gameplay, but a lot of maps were so difficult
that is was insane. In the end i just played with god mode on
about half of the time, till the crashes again. Had a lot of
work to stop it then with ctrl+alt+del/. For some odd reason
i couldn't get out of the mod then. When i started it after that
again the mod crashed righ away and this stayed.
First i thought, i will reinstall it and play on with the old
saves. But then i thought, why bother?

It is clear that the maker did put in a whole lot of time and
effort. But, it felt to me like it was all over the place,
story wise, texture wise, model wise, npc wise. A lot of times
i didn't even know what to do, i couldn't hear what was said
most of the times because important dialogues were said right
in the middle of action. So i had to back track and check all
corners again, just to find a door open that was closed before.
So, sorry, but i really couldn't give more as a 4 our of 10.

When this was your first mod i would think it as ok.
But you clearly have experience now with modding and mapping,
that makes this a bad mod then.



G String

Mod review

The Stanley Parable

Mod review - 10 agree - 31 disagree

it seems that i am the only one who doesn't like this map, (it's not a mod). I played both endings, and also did take the right door in the middle of the map, and again both options that are given there.
So, i played it fully through.
When i first read a lot of comments and reviews about this single small map i was really interested to see what people where talking about. What was it that made them all give this map a rating of nines and tens (9/10).
But ones i played it i thought i missed something, so i played it again, and again, and again. Just as long till i was sure i had played all possibilities. Is it me, or is my taste wrong, or what?!?!?
Because i don't see what it is that makes this map so especially. Like said many times before by others, the voice that tells the story is really great, but is that it? the mapping is not good, the lightnings is bad, and the story. Well, what can i say. Its a story, but that is it. I really don't see what it is that does make this so special....
So, for the effort i give it a 4.
I know already now that i will get a lot of angry response on my review, well, so be it. I really can't make more of it.
And i am really staggered by all the comments and reviews that do think that this is great...

its a map with a story, a small map, with a great story telling voice.
and for that i give it a 4.