"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" - Evelyn Beatrice Hall, in the book 'The Friends of Voltaire'

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Spudman619 Mar 9 2014, 5:42pm says:

Multi-million pound tea making machine.

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Spudman619 Mar 9 2014, 5:41pm says:

There are way too many issues that I hope will be addressed in the future to mention here.

I suppose my main point would be space exploration. I would like to see the human race building colonies on other planets and mining resources from any metal rich asteroids that we can. Also, renewable/nuclear energy usage would be nice too.

I'd probably be dead by the time any of this happens though though. Yay average life expectancy of 79 years.

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Spudman619 Mar 7 2014, 1:09pm replied:

Yeah, they've sent a destroyer, the USS Truxtun, to the Black Sea which is joining an aircraft carrier strike group and Turkey has scrambled jet fighters in response to Russian reconnaissance aircraft. There have been four, I think, F-15s sent to Lithuania.

The best result would be the withdrawal of Russian forces and a plebiscite held in Crimea under the supervision of impartial UN observers to guarantee that they are fair. No need for each side to continue the d*ck waving contest.

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Spudman619 Mar 5 2014, 10:59am replied:

You tend to get those when you risk war with nuclear powers.

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Spudman619 Mar 3 2014, 6:42pm replied:

Apparently Tartus is still an official base but is abandoned. Also, on the topic of understanding history, do remember that Ukraine has been treated pretty awfully by Russia throughout the past. The Holodomor for one example or Russification as an earlier example. Hence their apprehension about Russian military occupation.

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Spudman619 Mar 3 2014, 4:23pm says:

My country signed the Budapest memorandum and is famous for getting involved in the two biggest wars in human history over a treaty and a guarantee. PLEASE NOT AGAIN.

On a serious note, Putin should get the hell out of Ukraine. If just for the sake of Russian nationals abroad. A student in my school from Russia is being threatened with attacks and being forced out of his home because everyone's ****** at Russia risking war over the Crimea. He should also get out because, you know, sovereign nation that hasn't attacked him. Kind of means he's the aggressor. At least Saddam was gassing Kurdish and Turkish minorities and invaded Kuwait giving the USA and NATO countries a reason to get involved.

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Spudman619 Mar 2 2014, 9:23am says:

And now Russia has invaded.
Putin y u do dis?

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Spudman619 Feb 27 2014, 6:19pm says:

Jesus used bolt...
It was super effective!
Judas Iscariot fainted...

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Spudman619 Feb 27 2014, 3:47pm replied:

Calculus? Good luck my friend, may his noodly appendage bless your bolognese.

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Spudman619 Feb 27 2014, 3:43pm says:

Neither side has conducted themselves correctly. There's footage of police officers on fire and protesters being shot by snipers. I'm personally with the pro-EU protesters. While entrance to the EU was an offer, Russia had threatened to put limits on goods they imported from the Ukraine such as boiled sweets. Essentially, join our customs union or we'll break your economy even more than it is. Not to mention that I understand their scepticism in joining Russia though, I mean, Russia hasn't exactly been kind to the Ukraine throughout the past.

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Spudman619 Feb 26 2014, 6:44pm says:

I am now digging for Dogecoins. I never thought I'd say that in my life.

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Spudman619 Feb 25 2014, 6:35pm says:

I'm fine with regulated genetic modification of vegetables and fruits. Just as I would be fine with regulated cloned meat.

Key word being REGULATED. If the GM systems and methods aren't regulated, then I would sooner purchase organic foods simply because I'd sooner be safe than sorry.

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Spudman619 Feb 25 2014, 4:23pm says:

Would you like some aloe for that burn, religions?

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Spudman619 Feb 25 2014, 3:31pm says:

So much knowledge; a beautiful curse...

...or some other motivational crap.

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Spudman619 Feb 25 2014, 3:25pm replied:

'Twas a joke my dear friend,
Meant to lighten the mood,
To ensure a debate with no end,
And provide us all some brain food

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Spudman619 Feb 24 2014, 7:05pm says:


What field of science do/have you studied?

I've studied Chemistry, Biology and Physics (GCSE level for those Brits out there) though my Biology understanding is the most advanced as I am currently studying it at A-level (again, Brits will understand).

Also Psychology if it counts.

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Spudman619 Feb 24 2014, 3:22pm says:


*rocks back and forth lamenting England campaign on medieval 2*

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Spudman619 Feb 23 2014, 3:36pm replied:

You're just walking along when suddenly BANG. You look at the wrong QR code. Your view is being blocked by adverts for porn, ***** enlargement and cactus growth classes. You avert your gaze, only to realise that you've accidentally downloaded a Trojan. Suddenly, and not of your own volition, you begin to spout out addresses, credit card details and throwing the contents of your wallet out to passers by.

That would suck.

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Spudman619 Feb 23 2014, 3:31pm says:

What in particular inspired you to make a Mass Effect themed mod over a mod of any other franchise?

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Spudman619 Feb 22 2014, 3:10pm replied:

Welcome to the club, friend. I imagine many of us were Christians once upon a time.If it'll help you, I'll share how I decided to leave Anglican Protestantism.

Although I hadn't, still haven't, been baptised, I was raised a protestant. Generally a casual Protestantism, that is to say that we never went to church or prayed etc. Any way, I prayed as a young child for god to give my Grandfather some more time on this Earth, to help my cat Fluffy find his way home and for my parents to be ok after a car accident. None of these happened; my cat never came home, my Grandfather died on my way home from the hospice the same day and my Mum was left with some neck injury that cost her job.

This refuted, to me anyway, the notion that prayers are answered. In primary school, around age seven, we were studying the bible in RE; religious education. We had a local priest come in to discuss it with us. We were talking about Genesis and I asked how god made us out of clay; after all we are made of blood, muscle, bone and skin not clay (my argument at the time). I might have accepted it if the priest said that god is all powerful so can use magic but he simply said 'Well, we get buried so it makes sense we come from the ground too'. Being a smart kid, I knew it was bull so I decided I had no religion, continuously being corrected by RE teachers with 'You're agnostic not atheist'.

Anyway, the idea of god made no sense as I became more scientifically literate. I dismissed the notion of god rapidly and found my irreligious friends much more loyal and friendly than those who abandoned me as they realised that I was unbaptized.

I also troll Jehovah's Witnesses when they knock on he door by pretending to be one of them then revealing I'm an atheist just to prove we are like everyone else.

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Spudman619 Feb 22 2014, 1:01pm replied:

I concur.

+2 votes     media: Transhumanism
Spudman619 Feb 22 2014, 12:58pm replied:

Also, I volunteer at my local hospice's shop to raise funds, am going to register as an organ donor when I am of age and donate blood regularly. I don't do these because of religion or lack thereof. I do these because they are good acts that benefit those less fortunate.

+2 votes     group: Atheists, Agnostics, and Anti-theists of ModDB
Spudman619 Feb 22 2014, 12:52pm replied:

1. We don't force people to not believe. Am I holding a gun to your head telling you not to believe? No, I am not. Do religions kill others who are not of their faith, actively try to convert people or indoctrinate children? Yes.
2.There is a change in belief for some. I was a Christian at one point but now I've CHANGED MY BELIEF to not believing. Also, how do you explain that modern religion exists? If beliefs didn't change, we would still be worshipping Baal, Zeus, Bacchus and Mars.
3.Balance? Should we let evil people do evil things so that good can exist to counter it? Nope. Should we let poverty exist so that wealth can counterbalance it? No. Should we prevent gay marriage in the USA since its becoming accepted in Europe, therefore maintaining balance between rights and no rights? Nah.

This balance argument is utter crap. I don't want to allow muslims to behead people for being homosexual or Mother Theresa's hospices to refuse medical treatment just because it will drive me to be good. If a religious person confronts me and attempts to convert me or mock me for disbelief, then the act will be reciprocated.

However, your strawman does scare away the heckling crows on this page as they see their work being done, so thanks.

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Spudman619 Feb 22 2014, 12:42pm replied:

Did you know that not every rapist kills their victim? Does that mean that we shouldn't punish them?

No, they still committed a crime. So a religious person who argues with us who does not kill in the name of their religion will still be debated and mocked as much as one who does kill, although one who does kill will also likely be arrested or reported to the authorities.

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Spudman619 Feb 22 2014, 12:33pm says:

Someone made a typo. Hebrew should be spelled Somerset; Mirror.co.uk

+1 vote     media: Flood - fairy tales
Spudman619 Feb 22 2014, 12:28pm replied:

Fairly good point. I would say that there are cases when faith is a bad thing. For example, having 'faith' that gravity will function correctly on the Earth is reasonable and doesn't harm anyone.

Having 'faith' that you will go to heaven and get seventy two virgins for fighting 'infidels' can lead you to flying planes into towers and blowing up buses full of people, which is bad. Having faith that you won't fall after stepping off a cliff is also bad since, you know, falling and splatting on the ground. So faith can, in that sense, be bad.

Its also rather lazy in some cases; 'I have faith that god will help the flood victims' versus 'I'm going to help the flood victims by using my 4x4 to deliver blankets, food and clean water'. Its rather clear which is the better thing to do.

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Spudman619 Feb 22 2014, 12:19pm says:

I'm all for the development of bionic replacement parts such as arms and legs. For example; grafting a bionic arm to replace one that was blown off by an IED. However, I wouldn't recommend removing correctly functioning biological body parts in favour of mechanical parts.

Basically, fix people; don't substitute their parts when there is no issue or necessity. Just my two pence.

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Spudman619 Feb 21 2014, 3:13pm says:

Tanker-"Sir, we were training the Afghan National Army sir."
Officer-"Oh... carry on then."

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Spudman619 Feb 21 2014, 7:42am replied:

The issue with calling atheism a cult or religion is that off would be a channel on a television and not playing football would be a sport. Atheism is just a term for lacking belief in God(s). As such, the individuals who are atheists have widely varying opinions. Some may believe in strict gun control, while others want to ban guns outright. Some will believe in the supernatural, just not God(s), while others completely disregard that notion.

In terms of why we talk about our disbelief, that reason also varies. Some do it because its interesting while others, like myself, want to reduce the power of religion in the world. By this I mean preventing creationism from replacing evolution in science or separating religion and state so that Christianity, Islam, Judaism and so on have no sway in terms of law making, law enforcement or political candidacy.

That said, I'm fine with people being religious; just don't force others to be or push your beliefs onto others by making them law.

+2 votes     group: Atheists, Agnostics, and Anti-theists of ModDB
Spudman619 Feb 20 2014, 6:58pm replied:

Hear, hear. This man speaks wisely.

On a serious note, spanking your child and explaining why what they did is bad works. In proportion of course. Spank them if they purposefully tried to strangle the household dog, but not because they called someone an idiot; just tell them why they shouldn't call people that.

+3 votes     media: Spanking vs. Child Abuse
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