Matthew Langille and Stephen Tucker have been playing games since they developed the powers of long-term memory. Now that they're "adults" they're currently working together to make a foray into the world of indie development. Steve is the art side of things, and Matt is the programming side, and together they are SPRIXELSOFT! Their first "serious" game will be called Super Hematoma and will be a retro beat-em-up inspired, multiplayer fighting game.

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My name is Steve, and I'm still very new to the indie scene. I've worked for several years as a feature film visual effects artist, and am currently on sabbatical while I try and work on my own indie game with a partner who will be doing the programming (Matt Langille). We've got a website up which I try to blog on frequently, so I'm not sure how much use I'll be getting out of the blogs here, but I thought it'd be worth saying a brief "hello" nonetheless.

If you're interested in learning more about what we're up to, please check out our site! And feel free to send an email or look me up on Twitter/Facebook. I'm friendly :)


Hey Steve, welcome to the Indie scene! I can't claim to represent much of it but I have made some mistakes in my short time and will gladly share my experience with you if you need any help!

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Sprixelsoft Author

Thanks Jonathan! My partner and I are constantly knee deep in things to do :) He's still working his day job and programs at night, and I'm surprised at how hard it is to get everything done even when I'm working all day.

We're planning on incorporating soon, and it's a tough balance between business, marketing, and development. I think we'll be good, but encouragement is always nice :)

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