I'm a small-time Gothic/Industrial DJ in my spare time... although, video games have always held a special place in my heart. RTS games in particular, but I've been known to partake in many genres including RPGs, Shooters, etc.

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Spooky.Cyber Dec 6 2010, 7:09pm says:

New tiberium mutants... at last. It made me sad to see the mutants dissapear after Tiberian Sun... I guess they thought the Scrin were worthy "monster role" replacements. Tiberium Wars, while a really fun game, made tiberium more like a valuable mineral and less like a dangerous alien plant that was prone to consuming Earth with mutations and monsters. Veinholes, Floaters, Tiberium Plantlife, and the whole Tiberium making boat-use impossible and the air on Earth toxic thing for example... I wanted to see more of that concept. Like an alien apocalypse.

+1 vote   media: Blue Tiberium Fiend
Spooky.Cyber Dec 4 2010, 10:29pm says:

The progress so far looks really amazing. I can tell there's been quite a bit of work into this, and whenever you release it... I think it will officially be the first interesting/half-decent zombie RTS game ever. High hopes for that indeed. =)

+1 vote   mod: RE:T - Raccoon City Incident
Spooky.Cyber Aug 19 2010, 10:45pm replied:

It's a song from the game Painkiller

+1 vote   mod: BrainBread
Spooky.Cyber May 6 2010, 7:05pm says:

Thank you for the friendship. Your artwork is very interesting and well done, I like the sense of abstractness about it.

+1 vote   member: jostfa18
Spooky.Cyber Jul 19 2009, 5:54pm says:

I've uploaded a song you may find interesting, feel free to check it out. Its quite a dark piece and has inspired me in the past.

+1 vote   group: The Dark Ambient Group
Spooky.Cyber Jul 2 2009, 3:24pm says:

A true work of art, I must say.

+1 vote   media: New CM head (Randomzied)
Spooky.Cyber Jun 16 2009, 1:57pm says:

Hello everyone

I'm quite involved with a lot of Dark ambient myself, I really like the genre overall. Some of my favorite dark ambient/ambient black metal artists are Nox Arcana, Xasthur, and Burzum. I'm always quite interested to hear of new bands as well.

+1 vote   group: The Dark Ambient Group
Spooky.Cyber Jun 16 2009, 1:43pm says:

Just here to say hello to everyone in the writer's club.
I am quite an avid writer myself, and write a lot of dramatic, dark poetry in my spare time... I've got an example in my blog if anyone is interested in reading it.

+1 vote   group: Writer's Club
Spooky.Cyber May 26 2009, 6:38pm says:

Looks beautiful.

+1 vote   media: Fully Skinned Honor Guard
Spooky.Cyber Mar 2 2009, 6:38pm says:

Bolters do usually shoot in single shot in fluff... but as the enemy advances, they switch to full auto or 4 round burst, as often the case with tyranids more than likely. I'm certainly not complaining, though... because the mod looks nice.

+1 vote   media: RS2 Divinity
Spooky.Cyber Aug 17 2008, 5:22pm says:

Its looking good... Keep up the good work.

+1 vote   media: Battle for outpost valley
Spooky.Cyber Aug 14 2008, 11:28pm says:

Well done... I really like what you've done with the mod.

+1 vote   mod: Resident Evil : Cold Blood
Spooky.Cyber Jul 8 2008, 11:04pm says:

I cant wait for the hive tyrant... except for the giant warrior... this is the only god you'll ever need.

+2 votes   download: Tyranid Mod v0.45-DC
Spooky.Cyber May 12 2008, 7:52pm says:

I can't wait... the work put into this mod is awe inspiring...

+1 vote   news: TyranidMod v0.45...
Spooky.Cyber May 8 2008, 5:50pm says:

It looks awesome! You might want to rethink the color scheme of the tyranids or something though... they seem a little too dark. They walk strange too, but with a little work... it can be the best thing since blood.

+1 vote   media: ..there is only war
Spooky.Cyber Feb 29 2008, 7:40pm says:

this looks awesome... How do the mechanics of it work?

+1 vote   mod: BioHazard Alert
Spooky.Cyber Jan 10 2008, 4:31pm says:

very nice, i like the new third person and crimson heads... not to mention some rather awesome new graphics.

+1 vote   download: Resident Evil : Cold Blood Beta 2
Spooky.Cyber Dec 15 2007, 12:46pm says:

The running animations look a bit dodgey for both sides, and the tyranids look bland in terms of detail, but it is rather exciting progress! keep up the good work!

+1 vote   media: Leg it!
Spooky.Cyber Nov 21 2007, 2:55pm says:

For the Emperor!! I hope that you can make the most of this awe inspiring idea.

+1 vote   news: Fire in the Hole! Exterminatus news for November
Spooky.Cyber Nov 15 2007, 7:20pm says:

my face just melted from the sheer beauty

+2 votes   media: Loader render
Spooky.Cyber Oct 19 2007, 4:18pm says:

i loved this game....this reminds me of my younger days of video gaming... i loved the fps/rts style

+2 votes   game: Battlezone II: Combat Commander
Spooky.Cyber Oct 5 2007, 6:14pm says:

hmmm... brainbread source, looks delicious, just make it harder than the original

+1 vote   mod: BrainBread 2
Spooky.Cyber Oct 10 2007, 5:18pm says:

yay, it finally got its own section.... this game is one of the best games ever spawned...

+2 votes   game: Heroes of Might and Magic III
Spooky.Cyber Aug 25 2007, 9:53pm says:

cnc 3 version... *slobbers*

+1 vote   mod: Tiberian Sun Rising
Spooky.Cyber Aug 25 2007, 9:35pm says:

a couple friendly suggestions for you, add a couple little decals here and there, like add a pistol holster or something on his left side, try to make the vest look a bit less like plate male and more like a kevlar vest, and add elbow pads... that would make them look like they do in outbreak and resident evil 4, really tactical like a swat team. plus the legs and boots are a little skinny. Good modeling though.

+1 vote   media: Hunk
Spooky.Cyber Aug 22 2007, 5:48pm says:

im just homeless... and in somebody's house on their computer... a house that i broke into and soon plan to steal everything... lol

+1 vote   poll: Summer's almost over for us North Hemispherians. Where do you go from here?
Spooky.Cyber Aug 22 2007, 4:57pm says:

wow.... this mod is like... amazing looking. Can't wait and good luck

+1 vote   mod: Black Mesa
Spooky.Cyber Aug 21 2007, 4:11pm says:

is there anything wrong with steam? i dont understand why thats the last option for everybody all of a sudden, steam is free...

+1 vote   mod: Resident Evil : Cold Blood
Spooky.Cyber Oct 11 2007, 3:43pm says:

wow.... this sounds like a REALLY good idea, hope it works out

+1 vote   mod: Mobile Infantry: Starship Troopers
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