My names Jamie, but I prefer to be called SpooBoy. I play games, CSS and L4D2 mainly. I work for Opposing Forces 2 as their storyboard consultant, if you got any questions about the mod don't be shy to ask. Anyways if your looking at my profile I've either pissed you off or got your attention by pissing someone else off, please, comment.

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Lately I've been messing around with the Portal 2 Authorizing tools and I've fallen in love with creating test chambers and making my own Portal universe. I've seen a lot of really creative Portal and Portal 2 mods spring up, but I know many of you are only making small maps, that are not quite mod worthy. There are websites to share these creations, but I strongly believe there should be a place to share these creations on Mod DB. The idea passed through my head to create a mod page called something to the extent of 'The Portal Map Experiment' where users can submit maps and share their work. The way I'm hoping this pans out follows:

1. User submits images, videos, and or downloads to a (Portal Map Experiment) developer/moderator .
2. Said (Portal Map Experiment) developer/moderator reviews the content to ensure relativity.
3. The user is sent a letter informing them of their authorization.
4. The content is posted for the community to see and critique.
5. The process can repeat as the user so feels inclined.

To me, Mod DB screams out for a community experiences. And nothing is more in the spirit of a community than sharing, critique, and revision. This would be an effective way for mappers to get a start, and put their foot out the door into the modding community. If anyone is interested in this idea, or would like to help out, please send me a letter, or comment bellow. It would be greatly appreciated!

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Spooboy Creator

If you want to add me to steam its (, and yoboops is spooboy backwards, haha.

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i should find my HL2 CDs and reinstall it and get garry's mod... i had so much fun making remote controlled rocket containers (you know, those huge 5 ton containers? yeah attach rockets... :D) and crashing them into zombies and the like... haha my mind is so twisted...

i had almost attempted to recreate a model of our solar system using hinges and stuff, but wound up just attaching a bunch of things to baloons, ropes, hinges, and rockets.... it was fun :D i miss that mod... why did i ever stop playing it?

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So you play Garry's Mod! We should build ****** up things together in a server

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