I am a great fan of Russian army,especialy all the spetsnaz brenches, Serbian army, and all slav countryes!I am also a fan of WW2 tanks( soviet and german tanks), and in terms of gaming, i am a hardcore fan of stalker series and it's mods, and a courageos member of duty faction:)I am also a fan of Metro 2033, and Half-Life series, Company of heroes and it's mods(especially Eastern Front and the upcoming Modern Combat), and of course, the Tom Clancy's series (especially splinter cell:conviction and end war...because it has the spetsnaz faction:D).

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spetsnaz_stalker Jan 30 2015, 9:35am says:

Holly cheeki breeki,dat symbol:D Also,if you go to 4:21, in the video i posted(link in the other comment of mine),you will se a soldier from the spartan division that looks almost exactly like Melnik (Miller),character from Metro 2033.Guess the brave soldiers of Motorola's Division are hardcore Metro fans:D Слава Новоро́ссия

+2 votes   media: Flag of the "Sparta Battalion" (Novorossiya)
spetsnaz_stalker Jan 8 2015, 4:41am replied:


+2 votes   media: Putin.
spetsnaz_stalker Jul 28 2014, 11:01am says:

Amazing job! Keep up the good work!

+3 votes   mod: MRW: Grand Theft Metro 2033
spetsnaz_stalker May 12 2014, 5:24am says:

Damm, that Spetsnaz operative its too damm badass.Nice suit, amazing work!

+1 vote   media: Poster - Neya "Ascent"
spetsnaz_stalker Mar 23 2014, 3:51pm says:

Nice job!You should also add some enduro motorcycle,as it is,in my opinion, prety well suited for an post apocaliptical environment.

+4 votes   media: Darkness Return.
spetsnaz_stalker Jan 17 2014, 1:26pm says:

:)) they look like those GLA dirt bikers from C&C Generals:D

+8 votes   media: *Meanwhile in Iran*
spetsnaz_stalker Sep 11 2013, 5:36am says:

Amazing series,well done stalker!

+1 vote   media: The Sixth
spetsnaz_stalker Aug 11 2013, 6:46pm says:

G36c,that carbine...IS TO DAMM SEXY!It has such an unique design,full of originality.

+1 vote   media: EU new desert light uniform texture
spetsnaz_stalker Jul 27 2013, 8:30am says:

new generation of modern russian TD's?Because it doesn't look that well armored,but it has a nice gun.Maybe to replace the Sprut-SD?

+2 votes   media: T-99 Amata
spetsnaz_stalker Jul 11 2013, 5:30pm says:

Fu**ing corporates! may they all die with their money hunger, incopentent fu**s, they cant do a proper LOTR game, and they ruin the work of talented and motivated guys like you.I am very sory, because you must live in this kind of society....ruled only by money and money and money.F**k WB!Sory for so many insults, but people(demons) like them simply horifies me.

+54 votes   article: MERP status
spetsnaz_stalker Jul 11 2013, 2:30pm says:

Those tanks feel like cars,like someone said in this group: "WOT doesn't have tanks, it just have vehicles that look like tanks"

+8 votes   media: The Majestic Leopard
spetsnaz_stalker May 16 2013, 8:02am replied:

why negrep? It is a phrase used as a battle cry by british troops from 1 DIV. battle for Arnhem(Op. Market Garden).The origin of this phrase camed from North African theatre of war, where british infantry heard the local shepherds yelling "Ho Mohamed" at others shepherds that were far from them.Read "A bridge far away" by Cornelius Ryan, and then negrep.Negreping is for offensive comments,not for this.If some people are ignorant around here,is not my problem.

+7 votes   media: In-Game Atmospheric Concept
spetsnaz_stalker May 15 2013, 3:44pm says:

HO Mohamed!!!

+4 votes   media: In-Game Atmospheric Concept
spetsnaz_stalker May 2 2013, 10:29am says:

30 corp? the one from op market garden?

+1 vote   media: CW tankwars doctrine "XXX corps"
spetsnaz_stalker Apr 26 2013, 1:50pm says:

no, not another pic from COT(Call of Tanks),seriously.

+7 votes   media: Fallen Saviour.
spetsnaz_stalker Apr 2 2013, 2:31pm says:

Davai Davai yo,my men:D

+2 votes   media: Three Russian bros, yo!
spetsnaz_stalker Mar 23 2013, 7:15pm says:

if he would only knew that after a couple of decades,the ones who once fought for, will bomb his origin homeland....

+2 votes   media: Serb who stoped an entire Japanese regiment
spetsnaz_stalker Nov 28 2012, 3:40pm says:

i bet the photoshop has been made on a TR85 tank, nice and funny edit:D

+1 vote   media: Badass Romanian Photoshop tank.
spetsnaz_stalker Nov 7 2012, 7:24am says:

Red Tide FTW!

+1 vote   media: New soviet weapons for
spetsnaz_stalker Oct 21 2012, 6:55am replied:

i am sure this will be the cheaper alternative of the Bergetiger:D

BTW: Those textures on the Famo, are insane! Nice work:D

+2 votes   media: Famo
spetsnaz_stalker Oct 5 2012, 11:47pm says:

They look so bad ***, they look like some chinese spec ops squad,nice work guys!

+3 votes   media: New screenshots from Patch 1.010
spetsnaz_stalker Sep 16 2012, 5:28am says:

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spetsnaz_stalker Sep 14 2012, 2:00pm says:

KGB elite spy! Seriously, if they would mount an extremely little camera, on that hat, this guinea pig would be an ultimate soviet spy:D:D

+3 votes   media: Guinea pig
spetsnaz_stalker May 5 2012, 5:03am replied:

I am Spetsnaz Stalker:D and i didnt said that:D:))

+1 vote   media: Singing in the rain
spetsnaz_stalker Mar 18 2012, 6:01am says:

fus ro dah!!!!:)), what daedric prince is this?

+2 votes   media: Lich
spetsnaz_stalker Feb 9 2012, 4:59pm says:

very nice game, it looks promising!:D

+2 votes   media: Heroes and generals new FPS
spetsnaz_stalker Feb 6 2012, 7:21am says:

But where is comrade Mikail Kalashnikov?, i mean he is the one who gave life to this legendary assault rifle! Perun said that Izmash factory made this, and i agree with him, but who developed this gun? I mean what person?And about the thing that MVD doesnt want anymore teh AK system, i totaly dissagre, the AK is a part of the russian soldier soul and body, and of any true slav soldier!Theyve seen death and victory together! WOW, since when i am so philosophyc:D

+2 votes   media: New Kalashnikov rifle - AK-12
spetsnaz_stalker Dec 15 2011, 9:00am replied:


+1 vote   mod: Old Good STALKER Evolution
spetsnaz_stalker Dec 8 2011, 5:00am says:

men, great work, good job, but i have a little question, you will add an kind of repair kit, for the vehicles, for example i saw in tha vid of yours, playing with the BTR80, and i saw that it took some damage,so i wonder if i will be able to repair it.And did the vehicle will take damage from small fire arms?or will take damage only from high caliber guns, like PKM or Minigun or AT like RPG7?

+1 vote   mod: Old Good STALKER Evolution
spetsnaz_stalker Nov 2 2011, 9:28am says:

this beautifull picture is from a mod fro shadow of cernobyl?

+1 vote   media: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Philosophy of the Zone
spetsnaz_stalker Sep 8 2011, 10:54am replied:

that it is what you think cuz youre an american puppet, and you are brainwashed, your military is only good loking but not war proof, and abrams destroyed 30 year old tanks in gulf war, t-72.Let us see if abrams can handle T-90, or Type99, or leopard, grown up, you dont rule this world, kiddies.Everywhere i look, in all forums, in all games, "the american military is so great", who says?? The americans, so that is not considered true.jesus.

-4 votes   media: CoH: Modern Combat - ingame trailer 3
spetsnaz_stalker Sep 8 2011, 10:46am replied:

get out of here with your propaganda, why this game cant be russia versus china, america its to boring, almost all games are with america,its boring.the another word it is gtfo, so:"america america gtfo":))cmon , put the bad karma on me, cuz my message didnt kissed in a.s your country.Grown up, kiddies, this world isnt yours, stupid american dictatory.

+1 vote   media: Monthly Overview - March 2011
spetsnaz_stalker Jun 25 2011, 3:58am says:

guys, i cant download this manual, it gives me adobe reader error,but the other one , teh gamer guide didnt gave me error.

+1 vote   download: Priboi Manual
spetsnaz_stalker Jun 14 2011, 12:06am says:

what is called stancia? The map that represent cernobyl area?

+2 votes   media: Stancia Lookout
spetsnaz_stalker Apr 6 2011, 8:42am says:

my fav pistol in call of duty united offensive, great russian pistol,great gun, great work, keep up the good work!!

+2 votes   media: Limansk construction site
spetsnaz_stalker Jan 27 2011, 9:06am says:

it is so detailed, very nice.

P.S.: i see that even here it has been heard about World of tanks, soon it will be very popular on all video games world.

+2 votes   media: su18
spetsnaz_stalker Apr 20 2013, 10:43am says:

Meanwhile.....at a distance of 100 km....the back of the tank.

+6 votes   media: Tog II*
spetsnaz_stalker Apr 19 2013, 3:09pm replied:

it is "cyka" in kirilic, pronounced suka.

+2 votes   media: SU-76M
spetsnaz_stalker Apr 17 2013, 6:48pm says:

....and a vodka river that flows outside.

+1 vote   media: Ио́сиф Ста́лин
spetsnaz_stalker Apr 16 2013, 6:02pm replied:

NO, that means it can drift or go to WRC :D

+2 votes   media: Type-10 MBT (Japan)
spetsnaz_stalker Apr 7 2013, 11:07am replied:

Bloody Hell right mate! HO MOHAMED!!!

+3 votes   game: Traction Wars
spetsnaz_stalker Apr 6 2013, 3:13pm says:

This comment has been posted in a private group.

spetsnaz_stalker Apr 4 2013, 9:11am replied:

Not quite, it would be more like: "Oh blyat, the vodka store is closing, get there asap"

+6 votes   media: Why did the tank cross the road?
spetsnaz_stalker Apr 4 2013, 9:09am says:

Nice drawing comrade!

+3 votes   media: Mosina-Gauss
spetsnaz_stalker Apr 2 2013, 2:39pm says:

Are those health bars on his back?:))

+2 votes   media: Maximum Strength
spetsnaz_stalker Apr 2 2013, 2:34pm replied:

At least buy some niccer NATO weapons, like G36 compact or F2000 or STG series.And if you want russian guns like Groza or Vintorez buy them from blackmarket:D

+4 votes   media: PTJ (Counter Terrorist Unit) Guys
spetsnaz_stalker Mar 31 2013, 2:04pm says:


+3 votes   media: Desaturation Shader
spetsnaz_stalker Mar 30 2013, 1:19pm says:

Can someone explain me, why sometimes, in tank colums, tanks have their turrets rotated 360 degrees, backward? Like in this pic.

+3 votes   media: Leo 2E sights
spetsnaz_stalker Mar 29 2013, 3:02pm says:

Waited for this kind of feature for a long time. Well done guys:d

+4 votes   media: aLIVE zone feature
spetsnaz_stalker Mar 27 2013, 7:47am says:

Guys you did a hell of a work! Well done, you showed DICE, how to make a real weapon texture.

+6 votes   media: AEK-971 ingame
spetsnaz_stalker Mar 26 2013, 4:36pm replied:

ty mate.

+5 votes   media: Type 59 drawing
spetsnaz_stalker Mar 23 2013, 7:17pm says:

Badass x 5 = Armagedon:D

+2 votes   media: Serbian Special Forces
spetsnaz_stalker Mar 23 2013, 8:03am says:

oy bloody hell, that's very amazing lads!

+4 votes   media: Bren - First Person Preview
spetsnaz_stalker Mar 21 2013, 12:32pm says:

It looks almost better than the aek from bad company 2 or batleffield 3, and i am serious!!! Incredible job!! Moding FTW!!!

+2 votes   media: AEK-971 texturing
spetsnaz_stalker Mar 19 2013, 2:09pm says:

So relaxing!

+1 vote   media: Late morning in the marsh
spetsnaz_stalker Mar 17 2013, 5:07pm says:

FN FAL, a very sexy and exotic gun.

+3 votes   media: Agropram
spetsnaz_stalker Mar 17 2013, 11:58am says:

Mine is the village in the military warehouses.I also have a nice and kind neighbour there....a bloodsucker:)) He always borrow me tools to repair my weapons, and we always drink vodka together,while watching "Ultimate survival" with Bear Grylls on his TV...a LED one:D and he even let me sleep with his wife...hehehe...And imagine how a female bloodsucker sucks the d..k:)))

+2 votes   media: Welcome home...
spetsnaz_stalker Mar 15 2013, 1:39pm says:

Wow, guys, this version looks incredible:D Gorgeous work

+1 vote   article: LURK 1.2 3d dev diary 2
spetsnaz_stalker Mar 10 2013, 6:47pm replied:

And the walls, they looks like in stalker video game series!

+1 vote   media: Release new district
spetsnaz_stalker Mar 10 2013, 4:09pm says:

Youre worse than nazys, crazy zionists.

+1 vote   media: Pro-Israel Meme
spetsnaz_stalker Mar 10 2013, 4:04pm says:

Sup zinosist, how many palestinians did you slaughtered today?

-4 votes   group: Israel Group
spetsnaz_stalker Mar 7 2013, 2:40pm says:

Still a better game than wot:)) At least this game doesnt claim to be realistic...

+1 vote   media: Tanki Online
spetsnaz_stalker Mar 2 2013, 7:43am replied:

It's in the PE scorched earth doctrine tree.

+1 vote   download: Patch -
spetsnaz_stalker Dec 20 2012, 12:13pm replied:

very well my friend:D You?

+3 votes   member: spetsnaz_stalker
spetsnaz_stalker Oct 29 2011, 8:09am says:

it looks like **** novus from metro 2033, great job, and very scary, should load a AK, when i am in a place like that :D

+1 vote   media: Freaks come out at night
spetsnaz_stalker Oct 5 2011, 1:03pm says:

vehicles will be drivable, cuz i see that they have the headlight on, and it would be great to drive them, or even to shot the 30 mm gun of the BTR!:D

+1 vote   media: Predbannik Preview
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