I am a great fan of Russian army,especialy all the spetsnaz brenches, Serbian army, and all slav countryes!I am also a fan of WW2 tanks( soviet and german tanks), and in terms of gaming, i am a hardcore fan of stalker series and it's mods, and a courageos member of duty faction:)I am also a fan of Metro 2033, and Half-Life series, Company of heroes and it's mods(especially Eastern Front and the upcoming Modern Combat), and of course, the Tom Clancy's series (especially splinter cell:conviction and end war...because it has the spetsnaz faction:D).

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spetsnaz_stalker Oct 15 2013, 3:45pm says:

Devil in details...This is a piece of art!

+11 votes   media: Flak 38
spetsnaz_stalker Oct 14 2013, 7:44pm says:

Just amazing,this will be like a a new BF 1942 game!Amazing details! Respect! And keep up the good work!

+6 votes   news: News Update #40: Firing High
spetsnaz_stalker Oct 10 2013, 1:15pm says:

How funny!Caracal is the name of a little town from my country:)) Coincidence?

+6 votes   media: EC-995 Caracal
spetsnaz_stalker Sep 21 2013, 10:45am says:

It's name is Vodnik...GAZ Vodnik!

+7 votes   media: WIP stuff
spetsnaz_stalker Sep 11 2013, 5:36am says:

Amazing series,well done stalker!

+1 vote   media: The Sixth
spetsnaz_stalker Sep 6 2013, 8:56am replied:

You are out,to get new vodka supplies for the bar??? Wish you a luck big as a pseudogiant:D

+3 votes   group: 100 Rads Bar
spetsnaz_stalker Sep 5 2013, 11:24am says:

Privet fellow stalkers,who wanna drink a booze with me at the most amazing bar in the whole world? The 100 rad's! you can recognize me easily,as i always say: "I said come in! Don't stand there!":))

+4 votes   group: 100 Rads Bar
spetsnaz_stalker Sep 1 2013, 7:08am says:

I think its Leopard 100 :D...from the distant future!

+5 votes   media: have some tanks
spetsnaz_stalker Sep 1 2013, 5:29am replied:

Dar,practic factiunea Intermarum,va fi formata din tari din fostul bloc comunist?

+2 votes   company: Romanian Mod Group
spetsnaz_stalker Sep 1 2013, 5:27am replied:

It looks like a romanian Leopard 2 tank. And btw,why i dont see the Ghepard AA tank,that serves the romanian army?Anyway, great work!

+1 vote   media: Year in development: achievements
spetsnaz_stalker Sep 1 2013, 5:19am replied:

In Russia it should be, Bears gold you...or bleed you:D

+1 vote   media: Russian logo
spetsnaz_stalker Aug 29 2013, 9:19am replied:

neg reps for asking questions? Where the humanity goes?

+3 votes   game: Rogue Republic
spetsnaz_stalker Aug 13 2013, 6:32am says:


+1 vote   media: The Bear is growling.
spetsnaz_stalker Aug 12 2013, 11:23am says:

Guys,if we will pay for this game,please make enough payment options,maybe even through SMS,like some games.Cuz it would be sad not to be able to pay the game,not because i dont have the money,but because i dont meet a required payment option:D cheers!

+8 votes   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
spetsnaz_stalker Aug 11 2013, 6:46pm says:

G36c,that carbine...IS TO DAMM SEXY!It has such an unique design,full of originality.

+1 vote   media: EU new desert light uniform texture
spetsnaz_stalker Aug 11 2013, 6:42pm says:

Isn't your signature the pershing tank crew voice from coh?

+3 votes   member: FoxFort
spetsnaz_stalker Aug 8 2013, 8:59am says:

Is8? I see it has the M62 gun,that gun was mounted on the M version of the T10 tank,from 1957,after stalin died,so they changed the name of the tank that supposed to be named IS10.So i think,in my humble opinion,the title of the pic should be Is10/T10M.Is8 was the name of the first development stages of the tank,so it had the D25 gun.Of course,maybe i am wrong,so feel free to corect me:D

+1 vote   media: IS-8/T10
spetsnaz_stalker Aug 6 2013, 9:12am replied:

Sames are for fun,and sometimes a chalenge doesnt mean fun.Still i agree with a chalenge offered by a game,but its sad that people lost the true meaning of a video game!I mean games are made for fun, in order to eliminate the strees,the life is already chalenging and hard,why do we need that,even in a virtual world?

+1 vote   mod: MISERY
spetsnaz_stalker Aug 1 2013, 9:51am says:

Guys,. the mod is incredible, but i experienced a little bug,when i try to put the pda emergency backpack in one of the shortcut slots(like F2),the game crashes.

+1 vote   mod: MISERY
spetsnaz_stalker Aug 1 2013, 9:38am says:

Some say the Zone is like hell,i say that it looks like heaven...at least in this pic:D

+15 votes   media: Lost Alpha Calendars for Aug 2013
spetsnaz_stalker Jul 31 2013, 1:01pm says:

ty true zone projecs for this godlike art, that some people call a mod!

+2 votes   mod: MISERY
spetsnaz_stalker Jul 31 2013, 10:20am says:

For God sake, why did you put that pic, with that poor dog, it almost made me cry,seriously, its to sad:D

+1 vote   mod: MISERY
spetsnaz_stalker Jul 28 2013, 10:25am says:

Is armory mod still included?Cuz,at least me,didn't saw it in features list.

+1 vote   mod: MISERY
spetsnaz_stalker Jul 27 2013, 8:30am says:

new generation of modern russian TD's?Because it doesn't look that well armored,but it has a nice gun.Maybe to replace the Sprut-SD?

+2 votes   media: T-99 Amata
spetsnaz_stalker Jul 25 2013, 6:25pm says:

I feel sory for those FSA rebels...

+8 votes   media: Syrian Arab Army's T-72AV
spetsnaz_stalker Jul 25 2013, 11:48am replied:

Don't wory mate,i understand that,just tought that you worked also at faction wars.Anyway,after some reloading, faction wars works again...

+1 vote   mod: Clear Skies
spetsnaz_stalker Jul 25 2013, 7:44am replied:

And also,when i played today, and joined duty,when we reach dark valey,only one point get captured,but the other one, doesn't get any reinforcments,even if i kill all freedomers from that outpost,and even if duty squad numbers are high.I've waited like 10 minutes,and no reinforcment.Also, bandits are constantly atacking the western barricade at garbage,and even if i kill all bandits from their base,they still respawn,and capture the baricade, so i must go back to recapture it,in order to continue the faction war.Sory if i talk too much:))but wanted to share my feedback.Anyways, even with the faction war problems,the mod is very awesome,i love the new radio in faction bases:D

+2 votes   mod: Clear Skies
spetsnaz_stalker Jul 25 2013, 5:32am replied:

I understand...thanks for replying.

+1 vote   mod: Clear Skies
spetsnaz_stalker Jul 24 2013, 3:51pm says:

The mod looks awesome so far, i rarely had crashes,but after i join the loners faction, after i cap one of the first given outpost,like "far outpost", i don't get those reinforcments even if i hold the point, and the faction wars cannot continue.And another thing,don't know if it is a glitch,at least in agropom,and dark valey, almost all the time,it rains, or it is cloudy.It shoul've been awesome if you would add "wish granter" as in faction front mod.Or, do you guys know any console commands to change the weather?

+1 vote   mod: Clear Skies
spetsnaz_stalker Jul 22 2013, 5:45am replied:

How stupid from me, it was there "READ ME",but i still failed too see it:))Sory:D

+1 vote   mod: Clear Skies
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