I'm modder of Amnesia: The Dark Descent and I really like this game! I also love making models and animations for Amnesia.

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Good custom story

It's not easy to define a good custom story, because it's almost like art. You might not like it, but you can't say it's wrong. Sure, you can critique level design, gameplay, story or even lighting. No custom story will be 100% good at everything. However you can get away with that if you know how to fix it. I'm now going to discus some ways of hiding your weak parts and focusing player on things that you're proud of.

So what is my style...

Empty HPL editorYou know that feeling... Looking at empty editor, thinking about stuff that you should make but can't get right even after hours of thinking. You maybe even put some walls down but than remove it. This is quite a problem and there is no real cure to this problem.
Everyone's style is different and in order to find it you will need to experiment and let your creativity flow right into that level editor of yours.
It might be cliché to say, but it's true... You need to try it and work hard on it. You also need to be passion about it and it have to make you happy.

How do I begin?

You probably have a little story in your tiny little mind... Or... you might not...
Ether way it's not the best idea to start at the beginning of your story. Don't even make custom models if you're starting with your custom story. Just take the basic kit of models, entities and textures of amnesia and make a little map. Put like a three rooms in there and like two or three obstacles. Than playtest it like crazy and get the feel of it. You will probably get like three feelings out of it, choose the one you are aiming for and take it to the next level... then repeat.

If your room feels a bit narrow... Good, enhance this feeling and make player's FOV even narrower. This example wasn't very strategic for me... because I just told you that in my mod -Regression- it's going to be claustrophobic.

If you thing that your map is too... (add)
It might not be actually a bad thing. Try enhancing that feeling and see if it fits there.

Keep in mind that not every feeling is good and you should really think about what you want in your custom story and if you're not satisfied with what you're doing, remake it. Don't be afraid to start over but NEVER remove your old work, start over, it's ok, but if your new version appears to be worse, you will get confidence to work on your previous map.

Now... go ahead and start making you own creative custom story.
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