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Spellbound Jan 31 2010, 6:03am says:

Doesn't look very futuretech-ish too me - has kind of a retro look to it actually. The cannon is too forward (may wanna move it more towards the rear), and it has wheels? Futuretech can materialise buildings via satellites but still use wheels? Looks a bit odd to me. Might wanna change it to hovercraft, and come up with some fancy explanation why it doesn't move over water (or can it? ;P ).

+1 vote   media: FutureTech: Spec Tank
Spellbound Jan 19 2010, 6:56am says:

Blimps ftw! Looks a bit too clean thou...

+7 votes   media: Logistics Blimp over Battlefield
Spellbound Jan 16 2010, 6:05am says:

Now this looks ten times better than the previous one (which didn't look like anything much). The new colour or rust/bronze makes it really amazing and should be a consistent element in the Children of the Sun design, imo. Gives them a more unique feel and also distances itself more from vanilla ra3 and really give the impression of being ra4.

+1 vote   media: Children of the Sun: Pulse Tower
Spellbound Jan 15 2010, 5:08am says:

Those flame turrets look weak...
But awesome deathfx tho!

+2 votes   media: Death Effects
Spellbound Jan 14 2010, 11:11pm says:

I'm not a fan of the Children of the Sun's architecture because all those spikes really don't cut it for me.

One question: does that turret rotate to fire at stuff or does it just stay there and fire a psychic blast or something?

+1 vote   media: Children of the Sun: Pulse Tower
Spellbound Jan 5 2010, 12:33pm says:

Well this just might make me play fallout 3 all over again. One thing however, don't limit the maximum ammo capacity to a ridiculously low amount plz.

+3 votes   news: Fallout 3 Reborn V7 Update
Spellbound Dec 27 2009, 1:39pm replied:

lol, yeah, it's strongly reminiscent of Moria, from the door to the diary ;)

Amazing job people!

+1 vote   media: Nehrim Gameplay 2009 Part 2
Spellbound Dec 27 2009, 9:38am says:

I can't install the mod. Here's a screenshot of the error I get:

+1 vote   mod: Coda
Spellbound Dec 24 2009, 9:09am replied:

You haven't seen half of the contrast this mod will have to StarCraft II. While, yes, most models will be re-used, there are changed which you can make that will make it look very different from what it originally is (skin, size, role, etc).

For the time being, the aim here is to make something good with not so much resources as mods like The Forgotten for Command and Conquer 3 (hats off to them btw), but this will be based heavily on people's contributions. This mod isn't a half-*** effort to convert StarCraft II. If you think it is, then that's too bad for you.

+1 vote   media: Planessir Bloodscreamer
Spellbound Dec 24 2009, 9:03am replied:

This is not a Blizzard concept art. It was done by Mr Jack before he joined Blizzard Entertainment. Zergs are brownish, not black. The shape may resemble the Mutalisk, but in my mod, it's a Bloodscreamer, and has a different role altogether. It's a hard-hitter and high-tier unit.

+1 vote   mod: MesoCosmos
Spellbound Dec 24 2009, 1:38am says:

Commendable move. I'm so voting for you!

+2 votes   news: C&C 3: The Forgotten to Feature FMV; Theatrical Trailer Released
Spellbound Dec 13 2009, 12:04am says:

So does this fire a stream of light that sort of drains away the target's life? And can they link to each other like the Prism/Spectrum tower?

+2 votes   media: Future Tech - Specular Platform
Spellbound Dec 3 2009, 1:44pm says:

Lol, poop mod. Despite how this sounds, it's actually a feature I'd be interested in trying out.

+1 vote   news: Fallout 3 Reborn V7 UPDATE
Spellbound Nov 29 2009, 4:47am says:

Umm... no, bad idea.

0 votes   media: Fallout 3 Reborn V7 Weapon Slots (Prototype) Video
Spellbound Nov 25 2009, 12:30pm says:

Finally! I was wondering when Yuriko's army will make an appearance. Go team Yuriko!

However... names'r kinda... boring...

+1 vote   feature: Children of the Sun - Structures
Spellbound Nov 24 2009, 12:12am says:

I'm more interested in how the logo will be used ;)

+2 votes   feature: United Coalition - Structures
Spellbound Nov 23 2009, 1:03am says:

The flame tower is back! Hallelujah!

+2 votes   media: TRA Media release number 8
Spellbound Nov 22 2009, 12:12am says:

I won? I did? OMG!!!

+2 votes   news: Red Alert 3 : Unleashed - Update
Spellbound Nov 18 2009, 11:42pm replied:

Well by now it's pretty obvious it will come out in 2010 (although I was kinda hoping for a 2009 beta) or else Blizzard would get razed by a mob of angry fans, but, yeah, IT'S COMING OUT!!! *fireworks*

+1 vote   mod: MesoCosmos
Spellbound Nov 10 2009, 10:00pm says:

Nice, this mod might actually make me play fallout for a fifth time :) Really enjoyed V6.

+1 vote   news: Work On Fallout 3 Reborn V7 Has Begun!
Spellbound Nov 2 2009, 11:15pm says:

lol, well I blame myself too for that :)

+1 vote   news: Concept Artist Wanted
Spellbound Oct 24 2009, 1:14pm says:

Okay, the mod doesn't seem to load when I select it in the mod list. It loads without any error message, but it's just the normal Doom3. When I start new game, it's Doom3, not HardQore2. Starting from the bat file doesn't do anything either. It's just the default Doom3.

+2 votes   download: HardQore 2 Demo
Spellbound Oct 20 2009, 12:40am says:

that's frikkin' amazing!

+2 votes   media: FMV Cinematics Prism Tank (W.I.P. !!!!)
Spellbound Oct 19 2009, 12:51am says:

Um... no, looks like an ordinary predator to me. Maybe if you tried a video of it in motion...

-1 votes   media: Tiberian Apocalypse - Beta 1.0 screens
Spellbound Oct 17 2009, 2:32am says:


+3 votes   news: Media update
Spellbound Oct 17 2009, 1:36am says:

Simply cool!

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence v 1.4 media
Spellbound Oct 13 2009, 1:33am says:

This could be a personal taste, but the music doesn't sound very battlefield-appropriate...

But besides that, AMAZING!

-1 votes   media: Confederate Revolutionaries Gameplay Preview
Spellbound Oct 12 2009, 9:30am says:

Amazing! Loving this mod! *tracks*

+1 vote   media: Official In-game Images: GDI
Spellbound Oct 12 2009, 9:13am says:

Oh, the memories! Love it!

+1 vote   media: Advanced Guard Tower
Spellbound Oct 12 2009, 9:13am says:

The destroy-tenk-to-upgrade is a very annoying skill. I say scrap it a put an individual upgrade which gives give the Avatar all the upgrades or just don't put anything since it will be able to garrison units.

+1 vote   media: Legion Avatar Warmech
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