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Spellbound Jul 21 2013, 3:22am replied:

Well in my mind the Black Legion is extremely strict on drinking blood and any breach of that oath is liable to get one imprisoned or executed.

Arkandir (just below) suggested I add an upgrade to the Ancient Vampire, which is the only vampire that drinks blood in the Black Legion, so maybe I'll make this unit raise fledgling vampires :)

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Spellbound Jul 21 2013, 3:19am replied:

The Black Legion can also heal with Soul Crows, just in case you missed it. I might make the healing via Souls a bit more powerful if you think it needs a buff (because you're essentially spending money to heal). What upgrade do you think the Ancient Vampire should have? midsidion suggested creating fledgling vampires when they kill a unit. I'm open to suggestions! :)

The vampires regenerate hit points at night and can see further than during the day - so night time technically gives them a slight advantage.

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Spellbound Jul 20 2013, 7:14pm replied:

Thanks! I don't know much about Warhammer Fantasy but I'm an avid fan of Warhammer 40k :D

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Spellbound Jul 20 2013, 7:13pm replied:

Oh that is a neat idea, but lore-wise the vampires have renounced drinking blood. Those who do are labeled as apostates and imprisonned to be used later on, either as cannon fodder or fuel for the Broker of Souls.

I'll keep that idea in mind though :D

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Spellbound Jul 20 2013, 7:12pm replied:

Thanks! :D

I have no plans on adding any new units to the Black Legion thought, or any other faction, for that matter. Did you feel like they are lacking in unit variety?

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Spellbound Jul 20 2013, 5:02am replied:

Lol, that's probably because I used the existing buildings that are already unit-production to retain that role, and the AI identifies them as such. Hero-spawning is done through abilities which could be the computer's way of trying to defend itself.

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Spellbound Jul 20 2013, 4:59am replied:

Ah yes, the disappearing race names in the drop-down menu. Need to fix that :P

For the Black Legion that may have been a typo because the builders function the same way that overlords do in starcraft, in that you're supposed to make them to get more food. If you find the Priors are filling up your base you can send them in the Prayer Cairn and they'll just load up in the building and unclutter your base.

By mushroom ring, do you mean the Summoning Circle or the Mushroom Kingdom? (If it's the later then, yeah, it can be a bit hard to notice).

All the race have siege weapons actually, but yeah they are kinda hard to get to quickly and not all of them attack trees. I'll see to it in the next update that they do.

Thanks for the feedback! :D

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Spellbound Jul 19 2013, 7:48am replied:

Oh I completely forgot to mention the few things that are missing in the description >.<

I'll put something for the trees, probably use a spell based on Eat Tree and give them to the builders.

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Spellbound Jul 19 2013, 4:23am replied:

Awesome! Any feedback you have is greatly appreciated :)

NB: Unfortunately the mod doesn't have any AI so you'll have to test it with friends. I'll see if I can get AI to work for the next update.

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Spellbound Aug 18 2011, 2:39am says:

Shouldn't something called 'Hurricane' belong to Futuretech, who's the most American faction of the 3? lol, you could call it 'Tempest'or something similar.

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Spellbound Apr 25 2011, 5:13am says:

I see you're looking for a concept artist. I can make interface stuff for you (menues, health bars, icons, and even a map). Check my Deviant Art gallery if you want to gauge my skills. <-- This is a map I made for a friend's DnD game. I also designed a custom UI for a StarCraft II mod but it was never used because the mod was abandoned, and I never uploaded it.

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Spellbound Mar 22 2011, 12:45pm replied:

Seconded :)

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Spellbound Mar 22 2011, 12:44pm says:

Reads more like WarCraft I than WarCraft IV. Maybe try placing the I to the right of the W and make the second 'v' of the W slightly different from the first to give the impression it reads WVI.

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Spellbound Feb 25 2011, 6:52am replied:

Well I'm not interested in making just another map with new units. I want to make a mod, and if StarCraft II won't offer this possibility, I'll just have to go look for another RTS that will allow it.

Also, to say the Sc2 Editor is just Wc3 editor spiffed up is just an ignorant claim. Sorry for being so blunt, but the Galaxy Editor is incomprehensible compared to the World Editor. There's an entirely new learning curve, and with what I know about Sc2 modding now, there really is no point for me to go and learn how to use the editor. Sure, it's a powerful tool, but it's useless to me.

We'll see how the situation evolves. If Blizzard decides to somehow allow MPQ edits or something that would allow similar, the mod could come back to life.

However, the inability to edit MPQs is not the only reason for this - the 10MB limit on maps is also a huge, huge deal-breaker. I was hoping Blizzard would up the cap, but that won't be happening anytime soon, it would seem.

We'll see what happens.

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Spellbound Feb 18 2011, 5:07am says:

Just a little heads up, modifying MPQs will get your Sc2 account banned. How do you plan on making the mod for Sc2?

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Spellbound Feb 18 2011, 5:04am replied:

Glad you understand :)

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Spellbound Feb 4 2011, 11:33pm says:

Interesting change. Reminds me of the Chinese horoscope :)

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Spellbound Feb 4 2011, 11:32pm says:

Oh, I thought this project had been abandoned. Glad to see it's still under development :)

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Spellbound Dec 22 2010, 2:48am replied:

Thnx. The mod's in a hiatus right now because of unexpected circumstances, but expect an update by end of January next year. :)

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Spellbound Dec 2 2010, 2:36am says:

Love what you did with the logo :)

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Spellbound Sep 26 2010, 12:30am replied:

I never said I wasn't re-skinning...

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Spellbound Sep 21 2010, 4:17am replied:

You can say what you want but as the Mod leader I can assure yo it's very much alive. I'm just having a very busy year. I'll try and get it done before HoTS (Very likely).

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Spellbound Aug 15 2010, 4:13am says:

This one looks much, much, MUCH better.

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Spellbound Aug 11 2010, 4:50pm replied:

Even if I could have new models for everything, it won't mean that the mod would be any good. It will just be some nice sugar-coating. And after all the development time is used up in making those wonderful models, the mod will have no soul.

MesoCosmos is NOT StarCraft II. Even if the forms are familiar, everything else is different.

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Spellbound Aug 11 2010, 4:49pm replied:


Don't get over-excited, it won't be THAT much. The way you judge the quality of a mod depending on the presence of custom models is absolutely overrated. The MesoCosmos team isn't a powerhouse, and most of the ambitious mods never get finished because of the incredible 3D content that suck up ALL their time. Did you take a look at Blizzard's model? They're extraordinarily well animated. I don't know about you, but finding that kind of quality work for a fan-made project is hard enough, not to mention the amount of time needed to make one of these models. No-one is getting paid for this, not because I don't want to but because I have no money to give. I'm trying to make something with what I have, and it'll be a few custom models or none - and ones that are easily animated. Making a mod with half-assed animated custom models is a crime.

The existing models have extraordinary potential to be used in varied fashion. If you cannot perceive this then forgive me for saying you cruelly lack imagination. There will be some models which serve as doodads that will be used as units/buildings etc, adding in some way to the 'novelty' of it all. You cannot tell me a baneling-like creature spitting liquid fire or sending actual fire-flies to kill it's target is a carbon-copy of StarCraft II's baneling. You cannot tell me a siege tank firing ion beams and taking the brunt of an attack as a cannon fodder is a carbon-copy of the SC2 siege tank. They will only possess the same form (some will even be altered), but the visuals will be ultimately different - and the role. That is what skinning is all about - a person with a different face and a different role and skills and personality is different from another person. But the skeleton is the same, the limbs are in the same place. It's the same thing with the models.

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Spellbound Aug 7 2010, 2:42am replied:

Yes, trying to get someone to fix it :P

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Spellbound Aug 7 2010, 2:41am says:

Now THAT'S a tripod. Awesome work!

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Spellbound Jul 7 2010, 8:11am says:

Hey, played the mod and the amount of work that went in there must have been considerable! It looks very inspired from the game Jericho (design-wise especially, Knights Templar timeline ^^) or that could just be a huge coincidence! xD

I loved the video cutscenes and the immersion, and story ofc. Epic. Awaiting Ep03 if you plan on making it :)

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Spellbound Jul 3 2010, 10:22am says:

That's a... dangerous bench...

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Spellbound Jun 27 2010, 2:30pm replied:

No, not dead. The team's just insanely busy lately.

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