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SpardaSon21 Dec 16 2012, 12:12pm replied:

The same. Soase-maelstrom is shooting for a full lineup of capital ships, so probably.

+1 vote   media: Pirates - Cruiser Carrier
SpardaSon21 Jun 5 2012, 12:58pm replied:

It does. It is a shame they misspelled "hangar" though.

+1 vote   media: Hanger Defense
SpardaSon21 Aug 15 2011, 12:59pm replied:

Dynamic movement would only really be appropriate on frigates and maybe light cruisers. There's no way a Dreadnought, Carrier, or Heavy Cruiser would be doing quick slashing attacks on enemy fleet formations since they're all long-range combatants.

As to the weaponry, I hope Lord_Set fixes that. I'm sure he's read the Mass Effect wiki so he knows what weapons are used for naval warfare.

+4 votes   media: Gameplay Trailer 1
SpardaSon21 May 14 2011, 12:02pm says:

Missile packs and main cannon. The positions of the rest of the weapon choices don't seem believable. I wouldn't say no to a tank with a single coaxial autocannon and the missile packs though.

+1 vote   media: New earth tank concept
SpardaSon21 Oct 14 2010, 2:05pm says:

So now GDI has EMP Cannons, Dual Gauss Turrets, Firestorm Cannons, and Dual Vulcan Turrets for defensive options? Nod better get some good artillery to crack these GDI defenses.

+2 votes   media: GDI EMP Cannon
SpardaSon21 Sep 16 2010, 12:01pm replied:

No, Helge decided to keep the Juggernaut for some reason. He never said why.

+1 vote   media: GDI 'Juggernaught' Artillery Walker
SpardaSon21 Jun 7 2010, 5:41pm says:

I prefer this one. The legs look much better than the old ones, and the cannon assembly looks better too. The main body also looks beefier and bulkier than the one on the Neo Titan.

+4 votes   media: GDI Titan Tier 2
SpardaSon21 Jun 2 2010, 7:50pm says:

The Rev2 would be nice if it had thicker, bulkier legs since it already has a squat appearance befitting of a heavy assault walker, at least in the perspective shot.

+3 votes   article: Clash of the Titans
SpardaSon21 May 7 2010, 11:33am says:

Agreed with the above, this mod will simply not be very good on SupCom2.

+1 vote   article: It's back.
SpardaSon21 Apr 12 2009, 9:22pm says:

Where's the red paint? Every Ork knows red goes faster.

+2 votes   media: battlewagon
SpardaSon21 Mar 1 2009, 2:51pm says:

These guys remind me of Total Annihilation. I guess its the nanite love and the spam tactics.

+1 vote   article: Electrical Protectorate Infinite Army
SpardaSon21 Dec 11 2008, 12:29am replied:

Strongest tank for the GLA. Still makes it weaker than the Overlord or Paladin. Unless it makes Overlords quiver in terror?

+1 vote   media: Kratos heavy tank*
SpardaSon21 Dec 10 2008, 4:47am says:

You better make that tank be worthy of its name.

+1 vote   media: Kratos heavy tank*
SpardaSon21 Aug 21 2008, 12:58am says:

I prefer the one you had in the vid. Looked un-freakin'-stoppable. Except for the part where he blows the missile pods off then finishes it with a Combine energy ball.

+1 vote   media: Landstalker Concept Model Textured
SpardaSon21 Aug 19 2008, 2:54am says:

Well, it's definitely different from vanilla Nexus. Gameplay was good, its just the story was annoying, especially with the mechanoids, Angel, and she being the only one who can kill them. It was just weird, as in Matrix weird.

Hell, my favorite Nexus mod is the New Universe mod, with no mechanoids AT ALL! Great story, good mission design and although it isn't as happy-ending as Nexus, it is a much more realistic and better written story IMO.

+1 vote   media: Gunships
SpardaSon21 Jun 26 2008, 8:45am says:

Sweet! Finally a WTF THAT ISN"T POSSIBLE!!! fragfest of bloody insane murder and killing.

+1 vote   mod: Ragnarok Arena
SpardaSon21 Jun 9 2008, 2:08pm says:

Uhhhh. I think this is dead. Damn.

+1 vote   mod: Greased with lovin
SpardaSon21 Jun 4 2008, 1:49am replied:

Oh, and I almost forgot (well considering the timing I guess I did).
Where's the guy yelling? That would definitely help!

+2 votes   download: Hell March Redux - CNC Fallout Soundtrack
SpardaSon21 Jun 2 2008, 10:57pm says:

Those aren't rockets, those are EMG's (Energy Machine Guns). Peewee is a fast-attack infantry Kbot useful for spamming enemy emplacements with due to their good damage and fast speed but low hp.

+1 vote   media: ARM Peewee
SpardaSon21 Jun 2 2008, 7:41am says:

I have to agree with Otreum with a lot of stuff. The original Hell March was a lot more.... hectic I would say, like a proper Hell March. This is all kinda too.... composed. It just doesn't sound like Hell March at all in a lot of parts. Hell March could almost be heavy metal, yours is a lot milder, considering the USSR and the West are at war. It just doesn't sound right, especially the marching. It sounds like really low fidelity cymbals, no offense. I realize you guys have put a lot of work into this mod, and it looks great because of it. I'm just throwing out my worthless 2 cents here, hopefully you'll take it as the constructive criticism it's meant to be.

+1 vote   download: Hell March Redux - CNC Fallout Soundtrack
SpardaSon21 May 30 2008, 7:22am replied:

I will watch the trailer when it comes out, and I hope it matches God Of War for every drop of blood. I wish you the best of luck with your coder hunt, because fatalities are awesome, period, and anyone who says Mortal Kombat sucks is a wuss who needs Sub-Zero to pay him a visit and rip his head and spinal column out.

-2 votes   mod: Primal Evil
SpardaSon21 May 30 2008, 6:44am says:

Definitely looks more interesting than original Crysis levels. More foliage, bigger leaves, terrain differences, a lot more tactical options available.

+1 vote   media: Advanced AI, Music, and Level 2 Showcase
SpardaSon21 May 25 2008, 12:50am says:

Oh my god. Love that song, and the trailer so reminds me of Sins of a Solar Empire. Which is a really big compliment by the way. What is that song from? It sounds so damn familiar.

+1 vote   mod: Star Trek Armada II Future Wars
SpardaSon21 May 21 2008, 3:40pm says:

Will we be doing the classic God of War fatalities like disembowling cyclopses after gouging their eyes out and ripping people in half with their own swords? What GoW had going for it was its sheer massivenes in everything (bosses, environments, even the enemies were massive... in their numbers.) If it can't be that massive, then don't say it is like God of War. You're just insulting it if you do.

-3 votes   mod: Primal Evil
SpardaSon21 May 16 2008, 6:28am says:

Sounds like a sweet mod. Reminds me a little bit of World in Conflict.

+1 vote   mod: Convergence
SpardaSon21 May 7 2008, 7:38pm replied:

A book mod for Halo would be very hard and seriously require almost a completely different game. In the books, the Chief is faster, stronger, and just better than in the game. Also, the whole super-strength thing where he can flip over a tank yet have serious recoil problems really gets me. And the Covenant, one of their favorite tactics in the books is the infamous "Grunt Spam". Suicidal Grunt charges to deplete the enemy of ammo, and then the Elite's come in and mop the floor with the exhausted survivors. And by spam, I mean the Grunts will be climbing over piles of their own dead to get to you.

+2 votes   mod: Halo:Evolutionized Combat
SpardaSon21 Sep 20 2010, 1:49pm says:

You should find a good proofreader/spellchecker for this mod since your English skills are quite poor.

+1 vote   mod: Dusk Wars
SpardaSon21 Sep 20 2010, 1:23am replied:

No fan service? Shame on you.

+1 vote   mod: Wings of Dawn
SpardaSon21 Sep 15 2010, 11:48am replied:

Well, I suppose you're right about not lacking hardware, especially since the Titan and Wolverine will be in, correct?

+1 vote   media: GDI 'Lightarc' Artillery
SpardaSon21 Sep 15 2010, 11:36am replied:

No Juggernaut? GDI better have plenty of heavy metal to make up for that.

+1 vote   media: GDI 'Lightarc' Artillery
SpardaSon21 Sep 11 2010, 4:10pm says:

At least you didn't say the release was soon.

+1 vote   article: Final Testing Phase Has Started
SpardaSon21 Sep 11 2010, 5:13am says:

Why are Colonial main batteries torpedoes and not ordinary weapons? Just curious.

+1 vote   mod: Nexus: Battlestar Galactica
SpardaSon21 Sep 6 2010, 6:12pm says:

Why not make make the builder be the original Heretic, just re-named to something like Chaos Slave, and have the DoW2 Heretic become a scout/meatshield unit with the name of Cultist or something?

+6 votes   article: Chaos Heretics
SpardaSon21 Aug 11 2010, 1:51pm replied:

Cool. I was just wondering if I was going to get to use the Penetrator to perforate the Replica army (and stick my unfortunate victims to objects with the projectiles), and of course blow them to bits with that MD-50 Gauss cannon or whatever it is named that has the huge clip, twin rotating barrels, and the ability to blow Replicas and anything near them apart with a single shot.

+2 votes   mod: Unit 648: First Encounter
SpardaSon21 Aug 11 2010, 2:43am says:

Are you going to include any of the weapons from F.E.A.R. in this mod to go with the Replicas, or the weapon list be purely modern weapons?

+1 vote   mod: Unit 648: First Encounter
SpardaSon21 Jul 26 2010, 6:05pm says:

I've downloaded your Payne Effects 2 mod from Levels 4 You, and I think it is awesome. That and Vampire Slayer 1.0 are the only two Max Payne 2 mods I play right now, especially since EoS is ridiculously over the top in a not-fun and laggy way. I'm really looking forwards to what you've added in this new version. Anyways, I have two questions.

1. What is the name of the song in the main menu in PE2?

2. Will that be the main menu song in PE3 as well?

+1 vote   mod: Payne Effects 3
SpardaSon21 Jul 20 2010, 2:43pm replied:

Shouldn't the horns be coming out from his forehead or hairline instead of all the way back there like they're cat ears?

+1 vote   media: concept
SpardaSon21 Jul 16 2010, 7:01pm says:

Looks like the maker borrowed the designs for those railguns from the Tau. They still look good though.

+1 vote   media: GDI Titans with Railguns
SpardaSon21 Jun 22 2010, 5:27pm replied:

Yes, they're very devout and puritanical, and also dark and quite penitent, which is why I'm confused as to why this tank is a somewhat dark shade of lavender.

(Yes, that's been bugging me for a while, and I only realized what it was just now.)

+1 vote   media: The Leman Russ, take 2
SpardaSon21 Jun 14 2010, 8:00pm says:

You guys need to find a better texturer. The color seems real bland and flat, and there's way too much bump-mapping going on for a tank made out of flat sheets of metal plating. The skulls on the turret also need to be fixed so they look like they were painted on with professional pride rather than slapped on by someone who just wanted something that looked like a skull.

+1 vote   media: The Leman Russ, take 2
SpardaSon21 Jun 5 2010, 1:38pm says:

You aren't going to use the FS2 mainhall?

+1 vote   media: menu screens
SpardaSon21 Jun 1 2010, 8:50pm says:

Why are you using Hornets instead of Tornadoes?

+1 vote   media: more FS powa
SpardaSon21 Jun 1 2010, 2:34am says:

It's a turret, as in you build it at your planets with construction frigates.

EDIT: Ninja'd by CanadaMan.

+3 votes   media: Heavy Needler Turret
SpardaSon21 May 31 2010, 4:43pm replied:

So assault fighters and interceptors then? Time for me to spam Erinyes and Ares fighters then.

+1 vote   media: Freespace:Fleet Command
SpardaSon21 May 31 2010, 4:40pm says:

If you really want to show off Shivan POWA, you need at least eighty Sathanes in a single screenshot, if your computer can handle eighty Sathanes juggernauts capital ships of course.

+1 vote   media: Shivan POWA
SpardaSon21 May 30 2010, 12:04am replied:

Nice to know; I'll be sure to test this mod out then.

+3 votes   mod: BrewLAN
SpardaSon21 May 29 2010, 2:42pm says:

I've always liked the long-range death the Trebuchet can bring. What fighters and bombers get this baby, and will it be as devastating against subsystems and bombers as it is in FS2?

+1 vote   media: Freespace:Fleet Command
SpardaSon21 May 28 2010, 8:31pm says:

Do we need to install the .scd file, and if so, will it affect the base game or any other mods we might have installed (BlackOpsUnleashed and Sorian's AI in my case)?

+2 votes   mod: BrewLAN
SpardaSon21 May 20 2010, 12:33am replied:

Well, I was just wondering. The name isn't bad or anything, I just happen to associate metal boxes called Rhinos with a certain mad villain in power armor and his incoherent screaming.

+1 vote   media: Concepts for Russian and European Union vehicles
SpardaSon21 May 19 2010, 7:35pm replied:

And lasers don't produce a lot of heat? Trust me, a coilgun setup like this will produce far less heat than anti-aircraft lasers.

+1 vote   media: Gauss Avenger
SpardaSon21 May 19 2010, 7:33pm says:

Did you have to name a metal box "Rhino"?

+1 vote   media: Concepts for Russian and European Union vehicles
SpardaSon21 May 10 2010, 1:54pm replied:

Oh, I didn't realize Hoho was the one with control since you're the one busy posting comments.

+1 vote   mod: Freespace 2 Mod Project
SpardaSon21 May 6 2010, 3:26pm says:

No offense midnightjoker, but would it be possible for you to post a News or Features article so we can have easy access to any progress made on this mod, as well as what features this mod will have?

+1 vote   mod: Freespace 2 Mod Project
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