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SpardaSon21 Jun 23 2011, 6:45pm replied:

Do you mean the Vasari Starbase's entity file? That file is "StarbasePhase.entity".

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SpardaSon21 Jun 20 2011, 11:42am says:

The open space between the two prongs doesn't seem like it belongs in Mass Effect. I'd suggest stretching the central connector forwards so it fills up more space.

+1 vote     media: Alliance Heavy Cruiser Final
SpardaSon21 Jun 2 2011, 12:38pm replied:

You could alter the model so it looks like they have bionic limbs and body parts and give the Skitarri better DT, Strength, and Perception to reflect their augmented nature.

+3 votes     media: SKITARII-replacing gunrunners and caravan guards
SpardaSon21 May 19 2011, 12:21pm replied:

I think he's saying the Uziel will be a heavy mech for the Aeon, not that it is a Heavy 'Mech in BT. To the maker: great model and texture. I think it will look great for the Aeon.

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SpardaSon21 May 14 2011, 7:17pm replied:

That's fine. The Atlas would be cool, but it isn't anywhere near a "must-have". Your mod is pretty great regardless of BattleMech content.

+1 vote     media: MadCat model W.I.P
SpardaSon21 May 14 2011, 4:56pm says:

The Cybrans should probably get this. If you wouldn't mind making more BattleMechs, I would suggest the Atlas for the UEF:

+1 vote     media: MadCat model W.I.P
SpardaSon21 May 14 2011, 12:02pm says:

Missile packs and main cannon. The positions of the rest of the weapon choices don't seem believable. I wouldn't say no to a tank with a single coaxial autocannon and the missile packs though.

+1 vote     media: New earth tank concept
SpardaSon21 Apr 24 2011, 1:57pm says:

If the AI can use it, #2 would be the best. If the AI can't figure it out, you'll have to go with #3 and probably nerf those spinal weapons to not insta-kill stuff.

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SpardaSon21 Apr 24 2011, 12:34pm says:

If the UTF Apollo is the exact same vessel as the GTF Apollo, I would suggest changing that. Nothing kills a total conversion like having identical ships to vanilla FreeSpace.

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SpardaSon21 Apr 24 2011, 12:22pm replied:

Nope, you're right, this was used in Blue Planet: War in Heaven as the GTF Atalanta.

+1 vote     media: UTF Kvasir
SpardaSon21 Apr 23 2011, 2:31pm says:

Have you considered working with MatthTheGeek on his HW: Blue Planet mod?

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SpardaSon21 Mar 23 2011, 2:00pm says:

I'd go with option B, for something new and fresh for World in Conflict.

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SpardaSon21 Mar 11 2011, 7:44pm says:

Helge, you misspelled "tongue" every time you typed it up there.

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SpardaSon21 Feb 27 2011, 1:40pm replied:
Arbites are better armed and armored than the Imperial Guard. Carapace is standard gear when anticipating trouble, and shotguns and bolters are commonly-used weapons.

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SpardaSon21 Feb 24 2011, 11:19am replied:

The Ar'ka was a one-of-a-kind structure the Tau had in their stronghold in Soulstorm. It was a souped-up ion cannon that bombarded other provinces in the campaign metamap.

+1 vote     media: Remix Escalation: Ion Cannon V2
SpardaSon21 Jan 29 2011, 4:31pm says:

Any chance you could add a research that upgrades the Vulcans to Rapiers?

+1 vote     media: UEF Uhlan
SpardaSon21 Jan 23 2011, 7:13pm says:

C: Bottom Middle. It looks like it will be able to handle any mix of ground units that comes its way with a minimum of downtime between firing cycles.

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SpardaSon21 Dec 13 2010, 10:37pm says:

He must be Duke Nukem.

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SpardaSon21 Dec 10 2010, 11:41am replied:

It wouldn't be legal anyways. Games Workshop does not allow the mixing of their IP (Battlefleet Gothic, Warhammer 40,000) with any other IP.

+1 vote     media: 30 days to X-mas...
SpardaSon21 Dec 9 2010, 6:02pm says:

Are you going to keep the standard EaW hardpoint and damage system where a few bombers can ruin an entire Star Destroyer with only a few bombing runs?

+1 vote     mod: Pirates vs. Mandalorians
SpardaSon21 Nov 16 2010, 11:02pm says:

This is why you don't mess with a country that has most of its animals able to kill you with a harsh stare.

+36 votes     media: Australian Devastator Cannon
SpardaSon21 Nov 14 2010, 6:13pm replied:

The races are hardcoded, as well as their own unique methods of FTL travel, and the economy and empire are fairly hardcoded as well (yet still moddable via globals), however the ship sections and weapons are extremely moddable, including ship costs, HP, FTL speed, tactical speed, maneuverability and range. That includes the various Liir tactical advantages since they're coded in as part of the .shipsection files for their various engines section.
TL;DR: Yes, it is possible to do passable recreations of the Covenant and UNSC in SotS.

If you're going to bring the UNSC and Covenant to SotS, the best place to go for modding information and help is the Modding section at the Kerberos Productions forums at

+1 vote     article: Sincere apologies
SpardaSon21 Nov 14 2010, 5:14pm says:

A Halo mod for Sword of the Stars? Boy, that will be tricky to do considering SotS has six unique races. Would be awesome if you pull it off, though. I'm fairly familiar (read: a lot of poking around and random tinkering) with the data files SotS uses, so I could help you with coding for that game if you decided to mod for it.

+1 vote     article: Sincere apologies
SpardaSon21 Nov 5 2010, 11:30am says:

Spino, are you going to be using the results of this tournament to help balance the various factions?

+1 vote     media: G2 R1 - Battlestar v Starship Troopers
SpardaSon21 Oct 27 2010, 3:22pm says:

This one of course. It actually looks like a feasible tank compared to the other model.

+2 votes     media: Choose you Laser Crusader Tank
SpardaSon21 Oct 14 2010, 2:05pm says:

So now GDI has EMP Cannons, Dual Gauss Turrets, Firestorm Cannons, and Dual Vulcan Turrets for defensive options? Nod better get some good artillery to crack these GDI defenses.

+2 votes     media: GDI EMP Cannon
SpardaSon21 Sep 20 2010, 1:49pm says:

You should find a good proofreader/spellchecker for this mod since your English skills are quite poor.

+1 vote     mod: Dusk Wars
SpardaSon21 Sep 20 2010, 1:23am replied:

No fan service? Shame on you.

+1 vote     mod: Wings of Dawn
SpardaSon21 Sep 16 2010, 12:01pm replied:

No, Helge decided to keep the Juggernaut for some reason. He never said why.

+1 vote     media: GDI 'Juggernaught' Artillery Walker
SpardaSon21 Sep 15 2010, 11:48am replied:

Well, I suppose you're right about not lacking hardware, especially since the Titan and Wolverine will be in, correct?

+1 vote     media: GDI 'Lightarc' Artillery
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