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0 comments by soundwave145 on Sep 5th, 2012

Since the dawn of our race (Humans) The smarter variation of us have always been asking questions, One of the most popular ones is "why are we here?" Despite hundreds of years to sort the whole thing out, We as a species are about as close to the answer as a horned toad is to having silky smooth skin.

On that subject, I would like to throw my own two coins into the ring of philosophical debate, right here and now so that in the future, My old, crippled self and look back and question what the hell I was thinking. I believe we are here, Just so life isn't terribly boring to the other person, We are all here to keep each other company, to invent new things, technology, stories, and Mods. We keep searching for something that is a simple concept. We exist to live and live to exist, What are the chances you were born anyway? I find it immensely improbable that any of us got here, to live in this giant blue,green planet anyway.

In closing remarks, Be a good person, read a book or fan-fiction every once in a while, Look up at the sky at night and Most of all, enjoy yourself while you still can.


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