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me? i'm fan of arma and battlefield series, but tend more to bf because i don't like camping style of gameplay, i prefer rush. i guess, it's because i've got rushin' soul. hehe. i don't like nazis, so if you don't like them also, we can become friends. we don't tolerate gays in russia, so if you also don't like homosexuals, we can become even more than just friends... brüder im geiste. also, all my messages lack of capital letters (if no spellcheck correction) for some reason, no matter what language I use. pls, no offence

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3rdShockArmy Sep 3 2015 says:

Hey, brother. Sorry for being so direct, but since I read your description, that's the only way I can call you. Plus, you're Russian, so it's kinda mandatory for me. Thanks for the request. :)

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nasorog Creator
nasorog Sep 3 2015 replied:

welcome here, брат:)

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3rdShockArmy Sep 4 2015 replied:

Спасибо, брат.

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OminousSpudd Aug 23 2015 says:

The rats are abandoning ship:
I suppose Porky will run after starting the offensive.

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nasorog Creator
nasorog Aug 24 2015 replied:


actually, it was clear from the beginning. Yatsenuk has Canadian citizenship. porky is jew, he will flee in Israel. previous president of usraine, Yanukovich, lives now in Russia. only nazi ukies shall stay in ruins for the rest of their miserable lives.

orange_tomato, in case you read this, ЛОХ-ЭТО СУДЬБА

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OminousSpudd Aug 21 2015 says:

Time to double down brother. Looks like the Orcs are going for one last hurrah:

What they're claiming:
90000 men
450 tanks
2500 BMP/BTR
5 Tochka-U launch systems
230 MLRS
1050 artillery pieces and mortars
3500 assorted AT weapons

... and speculation of an offensive within the next few weeks, instigated by a "false-flag".
Godspeed to Novorussia, they're going to need it.

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nasorog Creator
nasorog Aug 21 2015 replied:

that's still some serious firepower, despite lack of any aviation. but as you already noted, that's gonna be their last hurrah anyway. Novorossiya's fighters, especially battalions Sparta (leader Motorolla) and Somali (leader Givi) are very experienced now with months of never-ending combats, and they are not gonna go quietly.

whatever step Kiev junta takes, it's lose/lose situation. if they not gonna attack DPR/LPR, they risk to be overthrown by strained dogs from right sector and azov. if they attack, they either lose their army, remnant of which gonna turn back on kiev, or they overwhelm DPR/LPR defenses, which will end the existence of usraine. how so? usraine will got itself Chechnya, with some defeated rebels stay in forests, sticking to guerrilla tactics, occasionally attacking governmental forces, while usraine will have to fully rebuild destroyed infrastructure of the east, same as Russia did once, but that gonna be lethal for usraine economy which is still afloat only because loans from IMF.

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OminousSpudd Aug 22 2015 replied:

Of course, they need the war to keep the population distracted from the rest of the country falling apart in every way.

After six absolutely dismal mobilisations and with their troops saying things like this: their war effort really isn't going to come to much. I seriously doubt the capabilities of their armour too, their T-80s are sounding down right dreadful, listen to them after the first three; Doubt they're even true T-80BVs, just cobbled together, barely running T-80B wrecks they've hastily pulled out of Ukie "storage" (aka, left in the open air to rot for 15 years) and "upgraded" to T-80BV. The biggest unknown is how much Poland and other ex-Soviet-now-NATO states have assisted. Poland was giving them T-72M1s (but giving T-72M1 (Monkey-1) is like giving T-34 to fight on a modern battlefield as you probably know xD ) so not too worrying. But still, a tank is a tank. Don't know enough on what Novo are fielding, they've been keeping fairly quiet. I heard claims of 100,000 strong fighting force on NAF side, but most are speculating closer to 90,000. Still, one side is fighting for their homes and family, the other side doesn't even know what it is fighting for, that alone will cost them the offensive.

Last one though, they'll have nothing left by the end of this. Then what's left of Ukraine (or the 404 country as it is now being called) will disappear into a backwater cesspit with nothing of worth to give. Incredible, from the An-225 and some of Russia's mightiest creations, to nothing but a cast off wreck of the West's. There's a moral to this story, I think the world would do well to take note of.

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nasorog Creator
nasorog Aug 23 2015 replied:

T80 is a nice sturdy vehicle, I believe the only tank with gas turbine engine which came from aviation. from my past days I still remember the starting sound of T80U engine, high-pitched roar, heard from anywhere in the camp. absolutely agree with you, those ones on video easily could be painted T80b out of "conservation" (storage process you mention). ukies shouldn't bet on tanks tho, because those they send before ended whether being wreckage on approaches to Donetsk, or were looted and became part of Novorossian armed forces.

speaking about men force, don't forget that usrainian army is conscripted by the most part, and of those 90000 strong men force only so-called "national guard", azov, and couple more nazi battalions are really devoted to extermination of Donbass people.

usraine is failed state, that's no doubt. 23 years of independence, and they weren't able to build anything themselves, but managed to ruin rich Soviet heritage. now they chose to go nationalistic way, accepted nazi collaborators as national heroes. that one-way ticket.

RIP usraina, 1991-2014

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Kim the elite boy
Kim the elite boy Jul 13 2015 says:

Putin likes Mother Russia. ^^

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nasorog Creator
nasorog Jul 13 2015 replied:

indeed. ^^

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Kim the elite boy
Kim the elite boy Jul 15 2015 replied:

And a great speech here. =)

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nasorog Creator
nasorog Jul 16 2015 replied:

truly great speech, and quite accurate English subtitles, btw

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