A yeah, I like to map especially for Warsow, my favourite game. I also make textures and looking forward to make my first game and my website. Blablabla too bored

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Slums 2

Mod review

So, we are back again with some new slum action!

I played this mod already about a year ago, when its original version was released.
It was good to play, but one thing I didn't like back there, was that it didn't look very slumlike.

And now they improved it, so let's take a look.
The gameplay is as good as before, you face mostly combines and zombies, which are periodically switching their appearance.
The only problem is, that there are some highlights missing. The mod is not bad at gameplay, but except a few scenes (antlion surprise) all the fights are pretty the same.
Anyway, graphically that mod glances. Everything is very polished, you face some great detail work and the new textures also make a good job.

I give it a fair 7, the mod is nothing special, but very polished and should make you busy and happy for a good amount of time.


HMS Defiance

Mod review

Half Life 2D

Game review - 1 agrees

ahh, well, a small game for some half life nerds, like I am one.

nothing amazing, but a short funny time with a few moments which make you smile, play this for some nostalgic moments