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Mod review - 3 agree

The mod is sadly very, very short, and also throws you straight into the pit with too little introduction to slowly increasing horror scenes in ym opinion, which probably was because of how short it is in general.

The ambience is not bad, but could need a lot of work. Like hearing the crows at the beginning was nice, but it would have been even nicer to actually see some flying away.

The level design is okay, but sometimes looks very "wacky". At the beginning you feel like a giant from how the terrain is build up, and the cave don't feature much diversity.

The horror moments are okay, some extremely overused yet effective ones and some innovative ones.

The 'puzzles' were a disappointment, you can't really call pressing a button or removing a stone a puzzle imo.

Yet, with more episodes and a highly increased playlenght this might become something better.



Mod review may contain spoilers

Let's start with saying that this mod does have an excellent presentation and excells at visuals.

(spoilers ahead!)
The only problem is the partially horrible repititive gameplay.
While the start is rather okay, by finding that key to the door and the idea with the bloodloss is nice, it gets pretty fast rather absurd by mixing together an acid in the bathroom just to break the door, or to need to find a handle to open a window.
It gets worse though, by the obligatory key finding.
Please, people, searching keycards and stuff is okay, but not if you hide them in the most ridiculous ways.
Why didn't the author just put the key on the top of a skyscraper on mars city in the parallel universe of antimatter?!
The ending choice was okay I guess, the fight was just not realistic at all (first one dies with a headshot, the rest takes like 3 bullets in the head), but as the rest of the presentated well.

More focus on gameplay next time, dear mod author


Final Project

Mod review - 1 agrees - 1 disagrees

Well, finally finished that thing!
Before you read be sure that it might include some spoilers, I won't spoiler the most important parts but it is unavoidable to explain my rating without some tiny spoilers (no story spoilers, though).

The mod was a let-down. This doesn't mean anything, though, it was for me a let-down cause I expected something much bigger than spymaps amazing mod strider mountain.
The mod itself is more or less a playroom for the mappers creativity, instead of connecting all maps with a story and slowly increasing the pace of the gameplay, all maps could also be released as single player maps. The story itself is quite..interesting but in many parts it comes that there is too much of it at once or too less of it.

The gameplay is good as usual, although there are some major problems as well. One is the stealth part to the end, haven't we seen this one already once? Yes, and still the same problems, combine see you with a 230° degrees, they hear you sometimes and sometimes not, pretty random and the part where the troup is running and you have to hide, they often see you through the barrel or come back to kill you.
I say it once more now, you can't proper stealth without modding the whole game, combines are probably the most hard enemies to stealth by, it's just of no use there.
The idea with the solution is nice, but the symbol disturbes the flow.
Also the idea with the easy/hard ports at the start is good but it also kills the flow of the gameplay, and when people want to choose the difficulty, they set it in the options, choosing the difficulty at the start of each level is annoying as well.
The design of the maps although is pretty much perfect, they all look very good, maybe some lighting problems here and there with too dark rooms and such, but overall is very good.

Conclusion: if you have some time and want usual action and are no storydriven player, give it a try! Especially the end scene is worth it!



Mod review

Hmm, played it, but I have to say, I didn't enjoy it that much.
The enemies were just hell of annoying, due to that scream they made I didn't hear many of the story, they are awful to pass by, as you are mostly walking in tight hallways, it happened pretty often to me that an enemy just pushed me into an edge and I wasn't able to escape at all.
They were especially annoying in the part where you have to jump at such rotating things upwards to a tv which you had to destroy, most of the rotating objects got stuck and I got ever killed because I was neither able to see my enemies, as they were directly under the object I was standing at but they could still hit me, nor were I able to keep in movement as I had to wait for ages until one of the next objects passed by. Also that white flashes were so eyecancer, especially in the last part, I constantly got those flashes, totally annoying while jumping -.-
Also it is really bad that the story is told while playing or beeing in fights, due to problems I already discribed above and as English isn't my first language, I did really hard to listen to the nice voice acts while playing, undertitles where needed.

6/10 but only due to the not so bad music, the horrible good voice acting and the last part which looked quite nice (the rest looked pretty much all the same)