A yeah, I like to map especially for Warsow, my favourite game. I also make textures and looking forward to make my first game and my website. Blablabla too bored

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Aliens vs. Predator

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Smokin' Guns

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Aye, amazing wester game.
Even thought the graphics are undoubtly from the last centuries, the gameplay itself is top-notch and can compete with any multiplayer title out there.
The weapons are amazing in both terms, design and technique, the levels are very well designed and remember to a lot of famous western movies.
And last but not least, the soundtrack gives you that one high-noon feel you missed since they stopped to produce western movies.
Also you can adjust the game with a lot of options, a great plus!

A must for each western fan!



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The quake fusion engine can conquer with a lot of common engines these days...and beat them.
The engine includes great improvements in lighting, it also includes dynamic lighting.
Other great things are defractions and refractions, per-pixel lighting (!), relief mapping and more.
The only problem is that the engine has problems with big polycounts, but hey, which engine doesn't have this?



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Mod review

Hmm, played it, but I have to say, I didn't enjoy it that much.
The enemies were just hell of annoying, due to that scream they made I didn't hear many of the story, they are awful to pass by, as you are mostly walking in tight hallways, it happened pretty often to me that an enemy just pushed me into an edge and I wasn't able to escape at all.
They were especially annoying in the part where you have to jump at such rotating things upwards to a tv which you had to destroy, most of the rotating objects got stuck and I got ever killed because I was neither able to see my enemies, as they were directly under the object I was standing at but they could still hit me, nor were I able to keep in movement as I had to wait for ages until one of the next objects passed by. Also that white flashes were so eyecancer, especially in the last part, I constantly got those flashes, totally annoying while jumping -.-
Also it is really bad that the story is told while playing or beeing in fights, due to problems I already discribed above and as English isn't my first language, I did really hard to listen to the nice voice acts while playing, undertitles where needed.

6/10 but only due to the not so bad music, the horrible good voice acting and the last part which looked quite nice (the rest looked pretty much all the same)


Unexpected Conclusion

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HMS Defiance

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