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Solid-Head Apr 16 2015 says:

Small typo in the demonstration.jpeg....youR daughter :P

Other than that it look very interesting! Can we expect a trailer soon?

+2 votes   news: Rewind hitting Steam, giving you free stuff and more
Solid-Head Feb 28 2015 replied:

Backstory pls? I'm intrigue

+1 vote   mod: Resident evil: Mansion
Solid-Head Feb 18 2015 says:

This is seriously great! I've been waiting on someone to do that for years! Nice job!
I love the new area you've add, it really fit the atmosphere perfectly.

I didn't find any weapon or enemies though...Is there supposed to be any at this point ?

Anyway please keep working on this, everything's great so far

+3 votes   mod: Resident evil: Mansion
Solid-Head Feb 4 2015 replied:

Nice work on that engine! Would love to see what your engine can do and support!

For your next video...I would like to see your character movements systems. You know see how you run, jump, crouch or prone. That's often, for me, one of the main weak point of most FPS these days.

Anyway I wish good luck with your project mate, will follow this

+1 vote   news: Development Update 3
Solid-Head Feb 3 2015 says:

Did I mention last time that it was stunning? If so I'm saying it again! Great job mate.

Have you try the latest GZdoom build? Maybe they address some of your issues you're having right now.

+2 votes   news: Development in GZDoom - What's new this 2015
Solid-Head Feb 3 2015 says:

Wow very impressive...even more considering that you use a custom build engine(Did you make it in house?).

Look very good so far!

Can we expect an ARMA-like game or are you planning something more?

+3 votes   news: Development Update 3
Solid-Head Jan 7 2015 replied:

Sadly, even me, that's the first thing that came in my mind. It is a DayZ clone...pretty much like LoL is a DotA clone too!
It doesn't mean that this is a bad game at all! You should never stop to that when you're rating a game. I know how hard it is to create a game(Thank god we have unity now :D)..and even more today since there's so many!! You can't always came up with something totally new.

I'm actually looking for a kind of game like that. A quick DayZ-like with not necessary huge graphic details and over-complicated inventory management involve would work for me pretty well, I would like it.

From the look good.It doesn't seem very smooth but as of right now I can't really tell since I haven't try it. My only real complaint is the running animation. It look funny lol XD. Would work great for undead-like creature though.

Remember...Always work more on what we are seeing all the time. Cut corner on what the player can't see ;) .

Cheers mate... Good luck

+4 votes   news: Survius Multiplayer Test
Solid-Head Dec 2 2014 says:

It look stunning sir!
The quality is definitely there and those textures look amazing. I must also say that I love the zombie sprite, it look so terrifying!

Hope to see this in motion soon! I'm really looking forward this

+2 votes   news: [Announce] Source port migration and further development
Solid-Head Nov 7 2014 says:

Awesome tools from an awesome guy for a awesome game! What else can you ask for?

+5 votes   mod: Daggerfall Tools for Unity
Solid-Head Oct 21 2014 says:

The first picture is mind blowing! Hope to see some of that in motion soon

+2 votes   news: Epidemic - New Layout Design
Solid-Head Oct 20 2014 says:

screenshots look so great, I thought it was Unreal engine 4 lol...

Waiting for more updates :P !

+1 vote   news: New weekly report No. 2
Solid-Head Oct 18 2014 says:

I'm still eagerly waiting for this man ! Keep up the good work!!

You should contact this guy about his mod; sneaky doom

He's a real gentleman and his A.I. is cool as hell...may help you alot actually on that part of gameplay

+2 votes   mod: Metal Gear : Doom
Solid-Head Oct 13 2014 says:

1) Live as brave men; and if fortune is adverse, front its blows with brave hearts.

2) I'll be Superman with lasers eyes, frost breath and stuff.

3) I'll even play with brightness town down and with HUGE headphone in a abandoned hospital in the city of Detroit.

+4 votes   news: Game Competition (Outlast)
Solid-Head Aug 30 2014 says:

Nice update here ! So far so good...I love the way building get launch from your ship and crash on the battlefield...

Next update I'd love to see some more buildings and their purpose

just a quick question thought...Is the ship in the air is actually a unit that can be destroy? And will it have any battle ability ? Like missile barrage, forcefield and stuff

Keep up the good work :)

+1 vote   news: Week 10 - 15 : Resources and buildable structures
Solid-Head Jul 31 2014 says:

Hey there!!

Just loggin to tell you that I've test your levels and they are AMAZING!
AA standart quality for me

Keep up the work! Its nice to see that the sonic modding community is still there and alive...You should be proud guys!.

I will test your level further, see if there's any bugs (haven't found one so far :)

+1 vote   news: STH2006 Project Demo 3 Released
Solid-Head Jul 23 2014 says:

Oh lawd ! I should have read the front page first lol The story sound pretty interesting

The idea of territories is very interesting too! I'd love to see how you will expand on the ''map will only exist once'' idea.

Keep on progess :) !

+1 vote   news: Week 8 / 9 - Day to night cycle and weather system
Solid-Head Jul 21 2014 says:

Hey there!

Just passing by to say that it look really good so far! Really love the effects you've implemented, It give a nice mood to the arshe desert of mars.

I have 2 question :

1) Does it really rain on mars? what the hell happen X) ?

2) What kind of game are aiming at ? Competitive MP with Run and gun + vehicule, something of more story telling type or maybe something else?
I'm really curious about this because you have a awsome start project right here...I would not really like if it become a simple MP shooter-like with nothing something special to it.

Anyway keep up the good work...Its really good so far ;) Keep us updated!

+3 votes   news: Week 8 / 9 - Day to night cycle and weather system
Solid-Head Jul 16 2014 says:

Hey there
Never heard about that project, and I must say it look really awsome! I browse your forum to see some other picture and wow can't wait to test that out man, I'm a total fan of procedural graphic.

I'm really curious about what engine you use? The graphic seem really decent!

Anyway can't wait to see what kind of game it will be in the end...I think you have something really cool in your hand...Keep up the good work and keep us informed

+2 votes   news: Generating Traffic Patterns In A Procedural City
Solid-Head May 1 2014 says:

Hey guys! great really looking forward for some more updates here :P

Also...I have a question...Did you use Coppercube to create this? or you build it from scratch with Irrlicht? I'm really interested by procedural generation and yours is really well made

Anwyay Keep up the good work !!

+1 vote   news: EndTime at Home: Game video, city and pole generation
Solid-Head Nov 25 2013 says:

Nice update here mate...I like your new level design...quite simple and nice looking. Your maps are awsome for multiplayer coop and play really nice with mod addons like BD, Samsara or doom RL arsenal...I'm impatiently waiting for Thy Flesh Consumed linked :)

One thing tought...I get a texture error at the beginning of Hell keep...the floor and the wall actually...Is because of my doom IWAD or?

+1 vote   news: DOOM:ONE V0.3
Solid-Head Jul 18 2013 says:

Really awsome man...I love the way you make the transition between level...definitly need a server up on IDE...Really looking forward more updates...Have you post your work on Zandronum forum?

+2 votes   download: DOOM:ONE Release Beta
Solid-Head May 5 2012 says:

Really awsome!! Now we're gonna be able to make huge puzzles rooms...Does the lazer can damage??

Also nice boss...Look quite challenging...Are we gonna be able to edit the boss room or the boss itself?

+1 vote   news: Curses, Lasers & why not to upset ancient shadow demons
Solid-Head Mar 24 2012 replied:

Autodesk Maya

+1 vote   media: Animation work in progress
Solid-Head Mar 14 2012 says:

Awsome...will the multiplayer will be co-op like or mainly PvP?

+3 votes   news: Tomes of Mephistopheles: Multiplayer test #1
Solid-Head Mar 9 2012 says:

Looking very good!

Like a true good old dungeon crawler without the grid like mouvements!
Look very promising

Add a couples more feature and I'll buy it

+3 votes   news: Tomes of Mephistopheles new patch!
Solid-Head Sep 1 2011 says:

Wow Awsome! Been a fan of that genre since i was young...Its so true that this genre has been abandon by today main industries....its so sad

You probably know NetHack...kinda one of my favorite rogue game but god sake the graphic and gameplay were seem to have take care of that problem lol....Are your level have been generate via procedural algorithm? Or it is mainly a story with prerender dungeon and character?

+2 votes   game: Legend of Grimrock
Solid-Head Jun 16 2011 says:

I play the alpha...Very impressive concept + a pretty good atmosphere for such a game like this

My only should'nt add attribute...the orb are a nice concept, but you should add a third orb to the bar of the player so you could put alot of character variety...also new weapon would be nice...spear that shot forward, big axe or hammer...stuff like that

But anyway good luck with the project...i've enjoy it and will be looking forward your next alpha

+3 votes   game: Dungeon Deities
Solid-Head May 30 2011 says:

Wow look really great! Seem like a pretty unique game with awsome features

Do you need any help on the modeling or stuff? A great project like this is harsh to do alone

+2 votes   game: Kenshi
Solid-Head Apr 8 2011 replied:

What program do you use in your workflow....i know a bit about animation in Maya...i could use PS1 anim as a reference but still i need crash model

Anyway nice progress in your mod looking very nice...for now you could work a bit more the camera (try to get it fix and follow a trail like in the old crash)...and the jump gravity...its too slow in crysis

I'm reeeaallly looking forward your mod friend...that a nice work youve done there

+2 votes   news: New preview of Crash Bandicoot Return!
Solid-Head Mar 23 2011 says:

Man...what can i say, its pure awsomness to me lol! I'm following your engine since the beginning and i can say that you made quite far with it...its very impressive

Are you planning to put NPC/NPC interaction in 2.0 too?

+3 votes   news: Closing in on version 0.20
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