29 year old "girl" from western germany *;D - biggest hobby: photoshootings (I'm an amateur photo model), being outside in the sun, ! Quantum Physics (will be PhD for quantum physics in next life!), collecting High Heels, sleeping, relaxing with friends, reading books, watching documentary, sometimes some movies and when I have the time I like to play ego-shooter. Loving STalker Series over everything, *SoC is the best (with the best mods by the way) *CoP is also great just like CS. Played SoC complete Mod twice also played Priboi Story overhaul then I played Stalkersoup for a longer time and RMA 1.1.5 mod was also awesome, also L.E.G.E.N.D.A.R.Y Mod I played for a time, but now we have Lost Alpha, so thats where the zone takes me now for the next years ! also great stuff -> Metro 2033 and Last Light. I love both ! and I love the Doom series *;D - Wolfenstein - The New Order I played recently ! GREAT GAME ! ANd good way to kill time until the second patch for Lost ALpha arrives *;D

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha

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Photo Realistic Zone 2.1

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Eventhough he didn't releasedhis shaders yet *;D I am willing to give a little review....

AWESOME TEXTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Playing it with L.e.g.e.d.a.r.y. Mod at the moment. I love tehse textures. absolutely great work !!! Beautiful, photorealistic... the name says it all. everybody has to use these textures !!!!!!!!

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