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Snake_RR Mar 23 2009, 6:55pm replied:
Quote:Any info on where,why or how a gun jams will be welcome,for any firearm.

A jam occurs after a vital weapon part suffers a malfunction.

Malfunctions have many reasons (various possible factors), some of the main malfunction factors include:

- Mechanical Problems - After a weapon is fired, residues like spent powder particles or dust/sand accumulate inside the weapon, the firing mechanism is affected by these and other mechanical problems, a soldier should regularly clean the weapon and check it in order to decrease the possibility of mechanical probs;
- Environmental Conditions - "Delicate" weapons tend to jam faster on harsh environments, an example includes the first versions of the M16 which saw action in Vietnam, such M16's were notoriously problematic due to reliability issues. The environment affects the weapon on many levels, from water to dust or sand, the battlefield environment is a major factor one should take in consideration;
- Overheating - This is a common factor to increase the probability of weapon jamming, after prolonged firing sessions and consequent weapon overheating, some weapons tend to jam faster (the M4 is an example);
- Ammo and Magazine Quality - Poor quality ammo or defective magazines tend to increase the probability of weapon related problems (misfire, jamming and even catastrophic weapon failure).

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Snake_RR Mar 23 2009, 5:33pm replied:

In my case I like'em both :)

If I was to choose one to serve as a primary weapon, I would choose the P90 (I would definitely choose the MP7 as a secondary / backup weapon).

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Snake_RR Mar 22 2009, 12:19pm replied:


Definitely, every Main Battle Tank in the mod will be able to be equipped with an APS (both Soft and Hard Kill APS variants will appear).
These Active Protection Systems will be able to increase the defensive effectiveness of tanks and other land vehicles as heavier AT weapons are deployed (players will need to unlock such defensive systems though).

Your APS suggestion for the Leopard (the AMAP-ADS) sounds extremely interesting (the Leopard 2A6 will have other variants, just like the M1A2 haves a 'TUSK' equipped version).

Quote:for more infos PLEASE watch this video:

www(dot)youtube(dot) com/watch?v=H8KLISCMDrk

Excellent video.

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Snake_RR Mar 22 2009, 11:38am replied:

Many thanks :)

Quote:anytime this is coming out soon

Not at the moment, even though we are preparing a demo version we don't have a specific release date.

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Snake_RR Mar 22 2009, 11:22am replied:

Certainly, if you would like me to give a reliability analysis of a certain weapon just let me know.

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Snake_RR Mar 22 2009, 11:13am replied:

It really depends on preference, both weapons have their own advantages, the MP7 for instance, is extremely compact and can be easily carried on a gun holster (thanks to it's collapsible stock), the latest MP7A1 variant can accept a wide array of attachments due to various Picatinny rails).

The P90 is a bit larger but still compact, each magazine holds 50 rounds as a standard (opposed to the standard MP7 20 round mags and even the enlarged 40 round magazines) and since the P90's magazine is placed on top of the weapon, it doesn't get in the way when a soldier is crawling or firing the weapon from a prone position. The bullpup design gives the P90 an interesting advantage in range (the bullpup layout gives the P90 the possibility to have a longer barrel on a compact weapon body, a longer barrel means a flatter projectile trajectory / extra muzzle velocity / range and sometimes extra stopping power).

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Snake_RR Mar 13 2009, 9:27pm replied:

Poly count?
I'm not sure but it's not much (these models are perfect for ZH, the camouflaged models are very balanced as well).

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Snake_RR Mar 11 2009, 6:13pm replied:

No prob Guppy, welcome back ^^

I'll inform Marc to send you pics via PM or mail when he gets the chance.
You might also wanna join the rest of the crew on the forums:

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Snake_RR Mar 8 2009, 1:15pm says:

Exceptional weapon and one of my personal weapons of choice.

Quote:Is it even possible to buy a g36?

The closest G36 clone for civilian purchase is the SL8 (check the two newly uploaded images).

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Snake_RR Mar 8 2009, 1:03pm replied:

Indeed, some of the pics were taken from that site (at least my F2000 pics were).

World Guns is an excellent site, I'm a regular visitor (been watching it since it was established in the later 90's (1999).

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Snake_RR Mar 7 2009, 6:27pm says:

I just added a couple of pics from the sexy F2000 assault rifle.

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Snake_RR Mar 7 2009, 6:20pm replied:

Thanks bro ^^

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Snake_RR Mar 7 2009, 6:08pm replied:

Basically yes, we will also use a damage/accuracy randomizing logic so battles are less "formulaic" (e.g. a tank hits another tank with different damage depending on certain factors such as impact point and randomization itself).

When a plane launches countermeasures it may evade the incoming missile... or not.
A sniper may take out an enemy soldier with one shot... or not.

Basically it will be quite variable (an unit won't do the same damage all the time).

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Snake_RR Mar 4 2009, 4:31am replied:

There will be several deployment methods, air transportation and deployment is just a part of a much larger system. Certain game modes will have different ways of unit deployment (such as the Naval Mode, which will have it's own unit deployment logic).

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Snake_RR Mar 4 2009, 4:23am replied:

Check the PM (Private Message) I just sent you for extra info on it.

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Snake_RR Mar 1 2009, 7:05pm says:
Quote:jejej yeah. I'll try to go, but it won't be easy...

Good luck mate, the tickets usually dry up very quickly, specially when we are talking about bands such as Maiden.

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Snake_RR Mar 1 2009, 6:59pm replied:

Yup, we will use a certain logic in order to have many different soldiers (different skin colorations / tones, faces, gear, etc.).

Extra infantry models will be showed later on, these particular soldiers are the very first truly "complete" infantry models (since these dudes were complete, we decided to reveal'em to the public).

We estimate to have at least over one hundred different soldiers when we are 100% done with infantry (differenced by the patterns stated above), each infantry class will be obviously randomized as well (so you can have many possible soldiers in each class).

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Snake_RR Feb 27 2009, 6:04pm says:

Oye como vas?

Quote:heard you like maiden (and it prooved to be obvious regarding all the videos you have in here :P).

Absolutely \,,/ , I love metal, specially the the late 70's and, of course, the 80's scene (old school rules).

Quote:You know, they'll be paying a visit to my country in a few days/weeks.

I would love to be there, when Maiden does a live concert, it's always BIG.

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Snake_RR Feb 27 2009, 5:45pm says:
Quote:I finally got around to embedding Metal Gear Crisis for the MGS Fans group, enjoy the hilarity!

Nice! There's also a smaller parody of MGS4 (Guns of Awesome), which is gaining notoriety on youtube.

I think Egoraptor will continue with the MG Awesome series though (specially since he still continued with MGS1 on the second MG Awesome, which might mean he haves plans to make more Awesomes about the other main MGS titles).

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Snake_RR Feb 27 2009, 5:34pm replied:

Lol, thanks mate.

Expect more regular updates from now on (we have decided to start with "Mini Updates", smaller than the Mega Updates, but will keep ppl up to date with new info and news about the Project).

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Snake_RR Feb 27 2009, 5:16pm replied:

Always! \m/ XD

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Snake_RR Feb 23 2009, 11:14pm replied:

We'll probably have two types of defensive weapons:
- Handguns (the most common defensive sidearms);
- PDW's and possibly other compact Submachine Guns.

In the US case, the standard sidearm is the M9 (Beretta 92FS) pistol and as for the compact SMG/PDW, it wasn't still chosen though there are a lot of sexy candidates such as:

- MP5K / MP5K-PDW ( );
- Kriss Super V / TDI Vector ( );
- KAC PDW - tank crews ( );
- Magpul PDR ( ).

There's a great selection for the possible US PDW/SMG (the main weapon will still be the handgun, and these will probably have a smaller appearance "ratio" or will be standard for elite crewmen and pilots).

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Snake_RR Feb 23 2009, 10:47pm replied:

Think of this particular 105mm cannon as a medium tank gun by today's standards (the one which is used on the American M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank is 120mm).

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Snake_RR Feb 23 2009, 10:19pm replied:

Huge thanks, you're gonna love the other additions as well, we're including a lot of "experimental stuff" and logics :)

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Snake_RR Feb 23 2009, 10:16pm replied:

Thanks for the support ^^, welcome to our forums :D

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Snake_RR Feb 22 2009, 7:14pm replied:

The F-22 is like a femme fatale: beautiful, yet deadly :)

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Snake_RR Feb 22 2009, 6:47pm replied:

During the early stages of the mod the EU wasn't even going to be included, instead we would have various separate European factions (each with their own armament and units).

That concept was abandoned during the following step in which we decided to include the EU. We had some plans to include a system similar to the one you suggested (the player could choose the "sub factions" in game (based on certain large European countries and each one's respective Armed Forces).

However we eventually decided to group all those factions into one and and formed the unique EU faction.

The main reason we scraped the "sub faction" concept is because that would make the EU faction rather linear and more "singular", based on a specific nation/country instead of the whole Union (that would be against the "One for all, all for one" spirit we wished to include in it).

We eventually decided to create a very varied faction (with armament, units and vehicles from many European countries rather than one or two specific countries), also we didn't wish to focus on a single country, instead we wanted to give room for the others to appear.

Basically, the EU faction will be the most varied faction, with vehicles and units from many European countries.

Just like the other factions, the EU will have a special system which will allow players to customize their forces much further (can't reveal more details about it at this time, sorry ^^).

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Snake_RR Feb 22 2009, 6:21pm says:

Cheers James! ^^

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Snake_RR Feb 22 2009, 6:20pm says:

Oh, ma baby!!! XD

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Snake_RR Feb 20 2009, 5:20pm replied:

For the European Union they (pilots and crewmen) will most likely have MP7A1's (P90's will be used as personal defense weapons for some other European infantry).

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