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Snake_RR Jun 6 2009, 5:07am says:

Three new Metal Gears were unveiled at this year's E3:

- [Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker] - PlayStation Portable

Peace Walker will be a canonical title (main story) and will be directed and produced by Hideo Kojima himself (the Kojima Productions team that worked in MGS4 will be working on this title as well).

The game will be set in Costa Rica in 1974, ten years after MGS3 / four years after Portable Ops. The game's central character will be Big Boss as he will lead his Mercenary Army: 'Militaires Sans Frontières' (Soldiers Without Borders) to fight an unknown military force which invaded Costa Rica (which asked for Big Boss's aid to repel the offensive).

Big Boss's mercenary army, 'Militaires Sans Frontières', will eventually set the foundations for Outer Heaven.
This title is designated as the "Missing Link" in the Metal Gear series (to possibly "unite" the MGS3/Portable Ops settings with the ones from MG1 and possibly cementing the path to a Metal Gear/Metal Gear 2 remake as I suspect that Kojima may be planning).

One of the most curious things which was shown in Peace Walker's trailer is that four Big Bosses appeared fighting alongside (online campaign-based Coop mode might be included), a glimpse of what may be the new Metal Gear (machine) is also shown in the trailer.

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Snake_RR Jun 6 2009, 4:23am replied:

We currently don't have a release date.

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Snake_RR Jun 2 2009, 8:29pm replied:

Thanks mate, hopefully this issue might be taken care of by the end of tomorrow.

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Snake_RR Jun 2 2009, 7:13pm replied:

Too true :s
Just when we're least expecting it.

I'm taking care of this issue as I speak, gonna be a pain to reupload every pic though.

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Snake_RR May 30 2009, 10:01am says:

Extra info was "obtained", it looks like what appeared to be Raiden on the previous pics is not exactly "Raiden" at all, check these images:

Speculation and theories are being made all around fan sites, it looks like Kojima is confusing everyone as usual :)
Here's the timer site btw:

Can't wait for the next E3 for a possible trailer release.

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Snake_RR May 30 2009, 9:47am says:

Nice! Excellent work Shi!

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Snake_RR May 27 2009, 2:08am says:


Information and images from the Famitsu article were leaked, here's one of'em in which an older Raiden is featured (Raiden will most likely appear when the current timer hits zero):

Details about the new Metal Gear are too numerous to post here, check the following articles for the translated information:

I bet the next E3 will be definitely interesting.

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Snake_RR May 26 2009, 9:24pm says:

Big Boss?!?!?!

Ok, a few moments ago I was checking the timer which was about to end and just as I suspected, as soon as it hit 0 a brand new one started right away, the current timer is showing a heavily rainy background but the most interesting thing was an image of what seems to be Big Boss (check the link for the screencap image).

On his beret appears a skull symbol with "Militaires Sans Frontieres" (literally: "Military Without Borders").

It's definitely gonna be something BIG!

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Snake_RR May 23 2009, 2:22pm says:

It looks like it's gonna be a big announcement, the timer on the flash animation on the teaser site I mentioned on my previous post restarted and is now showing extra characters such as 'E' or '3', this started many rumors such as Kojima Production's possible announcement of a new Metal Gear title in the next E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) which is scheduled for June 2 - 4.

The Japanese Famitsu PSP + PS3 magazine will supposedly cover this and according to Gamespot:

Gamespot wrote:7-11's Japanese online storefront says upcoming Famitsu PSP + PS3 cover story will be new installment in Kojima's heralded franchise.

Whatever it is, it's gotta be big, check the Gamespot's article which was released a couple of days ago:

You can check the teaser site and the current timer here:

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Snake_RR May 23 2009, 1:21pm replied:

I'm not sure at the moment, initially our plan was to release three unique Mega Updates (of which two were presented), but since they take a longer time to create and we want to update more regularly we decided to start with the "Mini Updates" (such as the last one).

In addition we decided to extend the number of Mega Updates (beyond the Third Mega Update) and make them our major and larger updates from now on (while the smaller mini updates will be frequently released in smaller time intervals).

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Snake_RR May 22 2009, 6:32am replied:

Optics will also influence the hit ratio, for example, a soldier with an ACOG will have a higher hit ratio at longer ranges.

Weapon attachments such as UGL's (Underslung Grenade Launchers) or shotguns will depend on the soldier Class (UGLs will be primarily used by Grenadiers for instance).

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Snake_RR May 22 2009, 6:25am replied:

This specific model was one of the first slat armor prototypes (many vehicles will be able of receiving this upgrade other than Strykers, an important example are the MRAPs - Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles).

Currently these are to be equipped on the updated Strykers.
It's also important to note that there are different and varied levels of slat armor - if a vehicle is regularly conducting patrols on a less "problematic" zone it may carry less armor (which is normally concentrated in the vehicle areas which are more likely to be hit), and, if a Stryker is deployed on a zone where frequent reports of RPG's have been made then it's natural to receive a larger slat to cover more areas of the vehicle.

The zoom in this render was also close to the Stryker so it appears the slat is larger than usual, in game though, it looks differently.

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Snake_RR May 22 2009, 5:10am replied:

Basically yes, the attachments will be "randomized" so a soldier can have a weapon with an ACOG and another soldier with an Aimpoint for instance (these logics are already working in game btw).

We currently have iron sights, Aimpoints, EOTechs, ACOGs, ELCANs, etc. randomly used by infantry.

Aside from optics there will be tons of other attachments as well (bipods, large capacity mags, lasers, tactical flashlights, etc.).

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Snake_RR May 22 2009, 4:57am replied:

The main defensive weapon currently in use by the US Military (by vehicle crews for example) is basically compact M16 derivatives (specially the M4 carbine) or M9's which gradually replaced the old school M3A1 Grease Gun.

We recently chose a certain PDW for the US Military, we'll present it on a future weapon update :)

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Snake_RR May 22 2009, 4:22am replied:

Absolutely, The Art of War will have a healthy infantry selection (plus an unique "Class System" which will allow for the player to have various sub-classes within a class).

About the XM8, the Weapon Poll has ended (you can see it's thread here ).

The XM8 was the chosen weapon and the HK416 finished in second, expect future updates on this subject ^^

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Snake_RR May 22 2009, 4:10am replied:

Main Battle Tanks such as the M1 Abrams are the current day heavy tank successors (MBT's in this case were made to be very flexible, and to respond to many of the battlefield necessities).

The main MBT calibers are 120mm (Western origins) and 125mm (of Soviet origins) though it's thought there'll be an increase in caliber in the near future due to tank armor advancements (then again there's also the concept of replacing MBT's with lighter vehicles or anti tank missile-equipped vehicles).

Interest in vehicles such as the Stryker MGS ("Tank Destroyers") has been increasing exponentially lately.

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Snake_RR May 22 2009, 3:52am replied:

It will :)

The smoke grenade launchers can deploy a defensive cloud of smoke to visibly camouflage the nearby units, in addition, the smoke may also randomly block thermal imaging, there's a chance an incoming heat-seeking missile may lose the lock and miss).

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Snake_RR May 22 2009, 3:39am replied:

Yup, the AC-130U Spooky to be more specific.

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Snake_RR May 22 2009, 3:38am replied:

The F-35 will be included as well (F-35B).

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Snake_RR May 21 2009, 6:10pm says:

Many thanks for the great support everyone!

The team is currently working on the next Mini Update (we might have a couple of exclusive mini updates before the TMU - Third Mega Update).

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Snake_RR May 21 2009, 3:07pm replied:

We're still not completely sure at the moment (we'll have to calculate the "weight" the destroyed vehicles will have in game and analyze the game's lag tolerance), but destroyed vehicles will remain in the map for a while at least.

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Snake_RR May 21 2009, 3:01pm replied:

The team also discussed it, we considered making a desert camo but since the vast majority of the Strykers generally have a green pattern we eventually chose to keep green as their standard color to keep realism.

There will be a sort of small skin "variants" depending on the weather conditions though, desert Strykers, for example, will look more "sandy".

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Snake_RR May 21 2009, 2:45pm replied:

Nope, once stealth aircraft are landed they'll be vulnerable (stealth in this case applies while the planes are in the air).

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Snake_RR May 21 2009, 2:36pm says:

Many thanks for the great support y'all!

PathfinderGI wrote:I do hope you guys dont have those weird fake looking weapons sticking out of the buildings in ZH.

Definitely not, hopefully we'll be able to watch the soldiers themselves (currently experimental).

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Snake_RR May 20 2009, 8:19am says:

Quote:Mas ultimamente não tenho muito tempo para isso, pois estou estudando para tentar entrar em uma escola boa

Boa Sorte!

Vc também é um fan de Metal Gear, correcto?
É possível que amanhã seja anunciado um novo título (o Metal Gear Solid 5 se calhar?), veja o meu novo comentário no Grupo de Fans de Metal Gear.

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Snake_RR May 20 2009, 8:11am says:


Kojima Productions started a new teaser site ( ), this site features a Flash Animation that is expected to end at 6 p.m. PDT tomorrow (May 21).

Most importantly we can see what it looks like a '5' or an 'S' (MGS 5 hint perhaps?).

Could it be that they'll announce a new Metal Gear tomorrow???

Check the article on GameSpot for extra info:

Whatever it is, it may be BIG.

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Snake_RR May 20 2009, 7:37am replied:

Hehe, things can only get hotter and hotter from now on!

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Snake_RR May 20 2009, 7:22am says:

Quote:but dont think that means i'm goin anywhere. i've still been watchin the forums just haven't found the time to post. TAOW still is and always will be my absolute favorite mod. keep up the great work snake, say hi to marc, james, tusker and all the crew for me. TAOW 4EVER

Many thanks mate! Will do :)

Quote:that's mad guys. as if this isnt the TMU!!! :P

Lol, to tell you the truth this Mini Update itself is not the one which I've been specifically mentioning in the forums lately (we currently have two independent Mini Updates practically ready to be released at any time when their last components are ready).

Then comes the TMU, I suspect the Third Mega Update will be the biggest one so far, in fact, with the latest achievements we even decided to extend the "Mega Update Line" (we'll continue with the large Mega Updates and with the intermittent Mini Updates such as this one).

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Snake_RR May 20 2009, 7:02am says:

We pride ourselves of our high quality weed lol.

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Snake_RR May 19 2009, 3:11am says:

Sim, mas normalmente prefiro jogar offline (excepto com FPS's como o Call of Duty 4 que costumava jogar bastante online).

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