I am a computing enthusiast having graduated college in the fall of 07. Now working as a professional programmer I work on my personal projects in the evenings and on the weekends. I have been a part of a handful of mod teams, the most noteworthy was BS productions back in the late 90s. I worked a short time for the now defunct Grimware and shortly there after dropped all mod and game work for school. I then started work on 2 mods, greased with lovin, a mod that I had to drop because of engine instabilities in xp. I also started Gundam Annihilation which is now Gundam RTS, this project is my baby and I spend much of my time doing that. Lately I started a small side project with a few guys called towerdefense. Both Gundam and towerdefense are currently being worked on and I hope you will enjoy watching their progress.

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1.26 release details
Gundam RTS

1.26 release details

Nov 23, 2010 Gundam RTS Article 3 comments

Notes on the 1.26 release of gundam RTS. This release has been over a year in the making and takes gundam to a whole NEW level of visual quality.

Gundam 1.2 release post!
Gundam RTS

Gundam 1.2 release post!

Apr 1, 2009 Gundam RTS Article 8 comments

With sooo much info, I don't see how this would fit in a normal news post without cluttering the front page. So here are all the release notes!

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