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The Game - Amnesia Custom Story

Mod review

"A hide and seek match, you'll never forget."
Bravo. *claps hands*
Although it did lack story plot a little bit, it didn't bug me considering the mysteriousness of the current events. The puzzles weren't very hard, but I liked how it was progressing. I enjoy finding items in corridors, not knowing what they're for, then discovering what to use them on.
The map, it was beautiful. Well made, its up to par with the actual amnesia game. The atmosphere was wonderful, I was quite scared. I had to continue, i wanted to know who the darkness was, why i was here, and who else was in "The game". I wanted to beat it. I cannot wait for part 2, thank you for making this amazing map.
You sir, have earned a 9.5/10 *Can only rate 9
Thank you in advance,


In da house - Chapter One

Mod review

-1 for lack of story
-1 for lack of creepy atmosphere
-1 for lack of length
-1 for lack of detail

A better story plot would be nice, but i ended up wandering halls not knowing why or what i was looking for. I was being spoiled with items i didn't need, and some things were out of place, looking like they were just thrown. After finding a key, not being sure what it was for, i finally found a door, and beat the game. It was disappointing for only 1 monster encounter and lack of creepy atmosphere, but its good if you look around alot and collect items, i hardly used the lantern at all.
Thank you for making this map so i found it and played it, i thank you for your time.
You sir, have earned a 4/10
Thank you


The Attic

Mod review may contain spoilers - 1 agree - 1 disagree

Thank you sir, for creating this wonderful custom. Despite how short the parts were, I enjoyed it regardless. In the first part, at the beginning, i was feeling a sense of boredom by the simple -find key for the door- task. But then, I felt myself becoming immersed in the map. I was asking many questions to myself about the story plot, and finding the answers, which is a good feeling. A some points, where there was no noise but footsteps, the smashing of doors got to me, I almost leaped out of my chair once *chuckle* The sense of fear overcame me once and a while, I enjoy a good scare, but not cheesy pop ups of naked bodies flying at you, this horror was satisfying and well placed. Once i found the potion, I was a bit confused on what happened after though.
This brings me to chapter 2, as soon as i stepped into that village the sense of fear overcame me again. Finding myself rummaging through houses was becoming a repetitive task, but there was something of use in each house. After finding nothing but a note, oil, health, and sanity potions, i came across the town hall. I had to find a key at the end of a pathway. After being chased by two monsters, some boxes down the path exploded out and made a large noise that freaked me out to the point of falling out of my chair. I came back up laughing. After finding the key and entering the town hall, I've got a feeling I've never had before playing amnesia: happiness. The music, the brightly lit room, even despite the corpse and finding out your mother was murdered, i still felt happy. Bravo sir, for creating that wonderful atmosphere. After exiting the room, exploring the underground and sewers, and getting the hell away from there, and seeing the credits, i found myself clapping my hands.
I cannot wait for chapter 3, i congratulate you sir, for creating a map better than the actual game itself. Excellent story and puzzles, 10/10, good job sir, i cannot wait to find more content from you, congratulations.

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