sup guys name is James people call me smallcombe or smally online, I’m from Australia I love modding its probably my biggest hobby :D some skills I have is 3D design and a bit of coding, I use 3Ds max to do all of my 3D work I have a cert 2 in 3D and study it at college :D program wise I know a bit about c#,HTML,Flash and gta script code. I’m currently working on a new total conversion mod for gta Vice city called GTA Raccoon City Stories links to my topic and moddb page is on my signature ;) Games I play at the moment when I’m not doing my 3D are mostly cod4 online if ya like to game add me on xfire: smallcombe :)

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smallcombe Jun 5 2012, 12:09am says:

guys there is a new download with pretty much full game included here - head there to find download,download game extract and play! been tested and works only thing is to save file size (and not to upload the full game) you will have to add the original sounds to the audio file from gta vice city then add the audio sounds from this package although you don't have to add sounds or change anything to play it if you don't want to. works stand alone!! this patch might not be needed now but seems to help some people so I'll leave it up for backup.

+2 votes   download: GTA Raccoon City Stories Patch 1
smallcombe Jun 2 2012, 9:21am says:

As for people saying why not just go back in time and warn and stop the outbreak well the vires could be is a mutated gene from a human infected with something common vires/disease like the chicken pox or the mumps. The cure becomes the main goal of the game.

Anyways just my 2 cents for the main story line which I reckon would work well and fit in why the safety camps are set up (because the apocalypse doesn’t happen overnight)

Jopper let me know if you need anything else as well, plus I notice the guard tower texture doesn’t seem to be fitting on the model properly (UVW cords messed up?) if you could just take a in game pic and send it to me if it is wrong I can fix it up, the model works fine for me in gta vice city.

+1 vote   media: Left 4 Theft Time Travelling Feature
smallcombe May 22 2012, 7:22am replied:

I believe his saying (in Chinese translated by google) "Grace very creative MOD expect ING" sounds like a complement but yes this is an ENGLISH speaking web site and if your native tongue is other than English please do use a translator before posting unless you got some fetish for negative karma like most trolls :P

+4 votes   mod: Dark
smallcombe Mar 10 2012, 2:17am says:


+1 vote   media: Pvt. Ronald Jenkins
smallcombe Feb 25 2012, 3:09am says:


+6 votes   media: sniper
smallcombe Feb 24 2012, 7:02pm says:

wow 5 stars man! sounds like you know what you doing, ideas sound great can't wait for the first release (desktop windows version) another idea maybe is a feature to set up gun torrents or activate torrents that come done from ceilings kinda like in half life 2. anyway great work so far!

+1 vote   article: The Dead Walk - Teaser Trailer 2 available!
smallcombe Feb 4 2012, 4:43am says:

is anyone else having probs with no sound? tested on Win XP works great windows 7 no sound :( owells, love playing this at work! thanks guys!!!

+1 vote   download: GoldenEye Doom2 Standalone Installer 09/09 Beta 3
smallcombe Feb 2 2012, 10:48pm says:

This is very well done! tracking.

+4 votes   game: Warcry
smallcombe Nov 4 2011, 4:02am says:

they just don't make games like this anymore. :(

+4 votes   media: Poster
smallcombe Oct 23 2011, 3:06am says:

Any plans for multilayer in the future binarycoder?

+1 vote   game: Viral
smallcombe Oct 22 2011, 12:31am replied:

sent pm.

+1 vote   member: smallcombe
smallcombe Dec 3 2010, 10:27am replied:

Hey mate, at this point I can tell you that you won’t be working as such with the military so in the storyline missions getting your hand on a tank of hunter probably won’t be up there but we also have free to roam game mode which we will defiantly have all sorts of goodies to ride around the city as you please, as for weps at the moment only custom weapons we have created is the bloody nail baseball bat but where always up for suggestions on what people would like to use against the zombies ;)
Also just uploaded a new game play vid just gotta wait for moddb to give it the thumbs up, stay tuned :)

+2 votes   mod: GTA: Raccoon City Stories
smallcombe Aug 22 2010, 11:19pm says:

:O siiicccckkkk!!! only if they had it like this in 28 days/weeks later :(

+1 vote   media: Nuclear Dawn Concept and In-Game shots
smallcombe Jun 6 2009, 4:59am says:

i'm working on the 3D model for this outfit.. should be done in a couple of days including the uvw texture :D

+1 vote   media: Concept Janitor Suit
smallcombe Jun 5 2012, 12:05am says:

guys there is a new download with pretty much full game included here - head there to find download,download game extract and play! been tested and works only thing is to save file size (and not to upload the full game) you will have to add the original sounds to the audio file form gta vice city then add the audio sounds from this package. although you don't have to add sounds or change anything to play it if you don't want to. works stand alone!!

+1 vote   download: GTA_RCS 0.5 Free Roam Mode
smallcombe Jun 3 2012, 11:52pm says:

oh for an idea you can have animated wall textures in this engine (although there is a limit on how many you can have my memory..) any ways in my game in the city level I had a animated wall road block light on and off texture so maybe you could have something trippy in this map with changing wall colours or something along those lines.

+1 vote   media: hallucinating 1
smallcombe Jun 3 2012, 11:43pm says:

"hallucinations" hey that's a cool idea kind of like in Max Payne with his drug over dosing. The wall,roof and ground texture design you have created works well with this engine.

+1 vote   media: hallucinating 1
smallcombe Jun 3 2012, 11:41pm says:

"High quality lighting using advanced shaders." bahahahaha nice sprite texture any ways but I would loose the light outline down the sides and just keep the yellowish light mark for the ground. good idea on texture use.

+2 votes   media: Lighting 1
smallcombe Jun 2 2012, 10:01pm says: +2 votes   media: NEW DOWNLOAD OUT NOW!!!
smallcombe Jun 2 2012, 12:52pm says:

Just added a news post including information on new download package just waiting auth, you can find new download here read me file included!

+2 votes   mod: GTA: Raccoon City Stories
smallcombe Jun 2 2012, 9:48am says:

haha sick!

+2 votes   media: Drunk-o-vision
smallcombe Jun 2 2012, 9:17am says:

Great update, as for the story something I was thinking during that video is:

player starts off after the zombie out break apocalypse like in version 1.0, during the storyline the player learns of a cure which was stocked before the full blown apocalypse which the military and bandits would love to get their hands on (not just to save their own but the power) so during the story line the player finds out/locates the time machine because he needs to go back in time to find the cure because in present time the cure has been looted/destroyed. player goes back in time when the outbreak happens because the outbreak cannot be stopped only controlled (by the cure) so when the player goes back in time there will be infected targeting the player and the rest of the peds in infected areas (which is why those camps are already set up) the player has to located the cure and go back to the present to give to the bandits or the soldiers whoever he is working for.

It’s kind of like the movie “I Am Legend” with will smith and his family been evacuated and the infected popping up around the city. It would be great gameplay you could set the peds to angry crazy stats and spawn infected peds to attack all other groups. The atmosphere should be more anarchy and chaos with ped drivers set to crazy causing drivers to speed and crash more often, not only set the zombie peds stats to attack all but also the gangs as well. Even set police to 1 star wanted when he goes back in time so the player is hassled by police in the confusion. You could write up a script which spawns normal peds wielding weapons similar to the zombie spawn engine which make it feels more crazy/looting wielding peds roaming the streets.

Of course this is just the main story line during these events like in version 1.0 you will have side missions and objectives to get to the final objective which is the cure.

Yer_Da said some good ideas for some mission’s in-between feeling the gap.

0 votes   media: Left 4 Theft Time Travelling Feature
smallcombe May 31 2012, 10:53pm says:

Now this is awesome!

+1 vote   media: Wolfram
smallcombe May 31 2012, 10:51pm says:

yeah this looks great but bring back the swastikas and other German WW2 era symbols. your killing Nazis for god sake, looking at swastikas on a Nazi wall isn't going to scar you for life. At least release a non euro version so you can keep the ZOG's happy.

looks great so far! looking forward to more updates :)

+1 vote   media: Wolfram: European version
smallcombe Apr 21 2012, 9:57am says:

hello binarynonsense, something odd happens with your game when I extract it I can't execute the .exe file then my Norton anti virus pops up and calls it sonar or something saying it s high level threat. now I don't think this is harmful software, I think Norton just been a bitch again like it always is but the only way to play this is to turn it off or uninstall it :/ anyone else having the same problem with there anti virus?

+2 votes   download: 'City' Project: 'Proof of Concept' Demo
smallcombe Mar 30 2012, 9:44pm says:

This is great! game play rocks easy to play and get the hang of. graphics are interesting cartoon theme which fits nice with the game. only thing I can say need improving is adding an attack animation and particle effect when the zombies attack. Can't wait to play more levels!!

+1 vote   game: Medieval Zombies
smallcombe Mar 26 2012, 2:12am replied:

pc version on psp vita? not sure what the home brews are like yet and if there are any but I'm sure people are working on it.

+1 vote   game: Conscript
smallcombe Mar 19 2012, 4:59am replied:

ok would you prefer "white guy wearing yellow clothes" instead?

+3 votes   game: Gario Beta
smallcombe Mar 19 2012, 4:54am says:

OMG! Multiplayer + pc to psp player support? omg! omg! omg! infinite loop...

+1 vote   media: Jesus Christ how horrifying!
smallcombe Mar 15 2012, 4:09am says:

best pic of this game so far!

+1 vote   media: Error No Picture found
smallcombe Mar 10 2012, 2:15am says:

You stick a gun in your mouth and press the trigger.

+1 vote   article: qustopm
smallcombe Mar 10 2012, 2:13am says:


0 votes   game: Super Call of War Advanced Portable 3D
smallcombe Mar 1 2012, 5:28pm says:

This looks pretty awesome, original storyline and eye candy graphics too match! models and texture design are looking great. Can't wait to see some in game play screens and footage! keep up the great work. :)

+2 votes   game: Monster of Puppets
smallcombe Feb 26 2012, 12:45am replied:

Starship Troopers*

+3 votes   game: No Bugs Allowed
smallcombe Feb 26 2012, 12:21am says:

"The only good bug is a dead bug!" storm ship troopers

+3 votes   game: No Bugs Allowed
smallcombe Feb 18 2012, 7:19pm says:

looks great so far, tracking!

+1 vote   game: The Dead Walk
smallcombe Feb 13 2012, 1:57am replied:

because his a nut?

+1 vote   media: Wastelanders Male Concept
smallcombe Feb 13 2012, 1:52am replied:

Yeah his got a valid point hear.... :S

+1 vote   media: Issac Clarke Model (way to high poly)
smallcombe Jul 11 2012, 5:39am says:

button mash FTW!

+1 vote   media: Fighting
smallcombe Jan 23 2012, 2:50am says:

digging that rusty old looking car!

+1 vote   media: Backyard
smallcombe Dec 7 2010, 4:32am replied:

me too! :O

+2 votes   mod: GTA: Raccoon City Stories
smallcombe Mar 19 2010, 12:32am says:

haha i love this guy!!! and his got great aim too!!! very handy pitty he won't follow you onto the lift further up :( had to shoot the poor bugger for ammo.... :P

+3 votes   media: Another pic...
smallcombe Nov 4 2009, 7:39pm replied:

thanks mate, I know most people like playing as the humans killing zombies but I found for a change that playing as the zombie and sneaking up on AI then taking them out was pretty fun, what I am trying to say is your mod has a really great impact on the zombie roll playing and I hope the zombie roll doesn't disappear or no updates for it :P oh yeah what’s with the knife that stabs your self? I think it’s on the sniper class? anyways not sure what its for I guess its a work in progress just wanted to say nice animations for it good work!

+1 vote   mod: Operation Dead Dawn
smallcombe Nov 4 2009, 6:13am replied:

Wow just been playing the mod for about 2 hours so awesome! Its a great start and u did the right thing putting up a beta version at the very start so now people can play/test/solutions and come up with cool ideas....
I got some feed back for u:

I like how its dark but it doe’s get a bit annoying :P maybe have some dayish maps? or normal dark maps?
I like how zombies can break through and blow up destroyable things such as the fence and petrol tank, we need more things like these in the maps :P
Also I changed the game play song to a 28 days later theme song which makes it awesome but that’s just a personal choice.
PLEASE!!! Make the zombie night vision red! Its perfect now all u need to do is make the colour red then that would make been a zombie more full on :D
Make the rounds a lot smaller takes way to long to get through a round maybe making them 5 - 10 mins long not 30 :S
Also some more survivor models would be nice (as I like playing as the zombie more different people to kill would be nice :D )

Some bugs I picked up on was when a medic saved you when your lying on a dead zombie you auto pick the zombie weapon up so you start playing as a zombie :s did it to me a couple times.
Can’t climb ladders? Did u take this out some humans can't escape from bots? Sometimes zombie and survivors bots get together and just start running around each other in a huge group trying to knife each other.. I think that’s more of a bf2 glitch but :S

anyways hope there's some good feed back your looking for and can't wait for the next version :D GOOD LUCK! Tracking.

+1 vote   mod: Operation Dead Dawn
smallcombe Sep 13 2009, 10:21am says:

wow u made a game cover and stuck it on a dvd case, you pretty much have finsihed the game XD jk dude wish ya best fo luck

+1 vote   media: CTV Boxart
smallcombe Jun 18 2009, 2:45am says:

LOL! love ya trailer this looks like its comming along good, wish ya the best of luck for this mate, tracking ;)

+2 votes   mod: Zombie Killer
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