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Posted by Skymaid on Mar 16th, 2013

At least, I have some time after I finished most of my exams (I get and exam almost every week! lucky for me I'm the geek type and love to study...)

Today, I'm going to talk about one of the most original games I've ever seen, as a creation of the always awesome Tim Schafer:


On this game, we'll find ourselves in a Summer Camp that is really special, cuz is a camp for kids with mental habilities as telepathy, telekinesys, invisibility... there, the kids are taught to control them and use them for greatest good, become Psychonauts! The first day, it will appear a very special kid, that has a super mental power that can even stops the teachers, who are trained and experienced Psychonauts, to even read his mind.

His name is: Razputin.

My name is... Razputin... but everyone calls me... Raz."

Optimistic, skillful and with a mental habilities that are rated as 'one in a million', Raz has scaped from his family Circus to become a psychonaut, but as he needs permission from his parents, he must wait two days for his father to come and take him back home, that means for him less time to become a trained agent! While waiting, he will use his skills as an acrobat and his sharp mind to train his powers in the mental disciplines, showing that even with a young age he is truly awesome and can surpass the exams with insuperable califications. However, Raz will find himself drag into an evil plot to take over the world (honest: evil guys doesn't have any better ideas than conquer the world? original, I told you... ok, sarcasm mode: off), where he will have to fight for his psychic brain and the brains of all his new friends.

Some other chars:

Sasha Nein

Raz: "Isn't this mind a little... empty?... I mean..."
Sasha: "I keep everything under strict control."

Known around the world, super agent Sasha Nein. Serious, a little cold and with a stric logic mind, man of science that studies the mysteries of the human psyche. He has learned to keep his thoughs under strict control, a thing that he considers very important for a mind; but sometimes he has comments that makes you think if he really has said that, he is a gentleman in the end and cares for everyone. He hasn't realized that he is a celebrity, specially for kids like Raz, who reads the magazine "Real Psychic Stories"'; his special field on mental powers is the Psy Blast.

Milla Vodello

"Follow the rythm, darling"

International secret agent and famous actress, she is know as the mental minx. Brassilian instructor of Levitation, Milla loves parties and children, she adores to work with them and is always keeping an eye for their safety. On contrast with her companion and friend Sasha, Milla is cheerful and fun-loving, charming and so sweet with everyone. She is qualified as the best levitator in the whole world. Her mind is a colorful dance party where every children loves to dance and learn from her..

Morceau "Morry" Oleander

"I'm gonna turn all of you in real men! Even the females!"

Military trainer that is always present in all camps. This short man believes that kids must train their brain like if it was a muscle instead of an organ and tries by all means to train the children to become war machines. He teachs basic training, his mind is like a battlefield with explossions and more stuff that could perfectly appears on a Call of Duty. You can already tell his personality traits: grumpy, loudy, "get into my mind and give me twenty..."

Ford Cruller

Honest: he wears bunny slippers!!

This old man directs the camp with good hand, knows all the shortcuts even; you can find him in the kitchen and at the same time can be on the lake, cleaning the canoes. A disguisse master, he is a mistery for most of the game.

Lili Zanotto

"Take a photo, it will last longer..."

Lili has passed the camp's psychic trials and in all her years she has never seen anything exciting or interesting, until Raz arrived. Totally a character, she is very cinical and will try to aid Raz in all the problems when they get started at camp.

Special point: The Curse

Even with all his mental powers and acrobatics skills, Raz is unable to be near of deep water, cuz of an ancient curse on his family: The Hand of Galochio.
Long time ago, a family from a rival circus, called the Galochio, cursed Raz's family, with a curse that says that all of them and their descendants will die in the water, drowned. Everytime Raz gets close to deep water, a watery hand will appear and try to catch and drown him. This only happens on deep water, like the lake one; on a one metter river it doesn't happens. It will never appears it he just stays in water that cannot surpass his waistline.

Animation in game is really awesome, every mind you explore is a whole new world, addapted to every person as they see the world, find the problem and the solution inside their minds. We will have to gain new psychic powers for Raz and learn hot to use them in every situation.


Like it veeery much!

If ye had the chance, give it a try!

Kisses to every one! And stay healthy.

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