Just a guy who loves Assassins, The Yogscast, Jordan Maron, and Videogames. And yes, i had to capitalize Videogames, just because they are so flipping awesome :3

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wow, i havn't potsted anyhing on here in a long time! but as i am currently typing this i just bought SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow :D it was half off just for me, YAY! I have wanted to buy it for a long time but i have been trying to save my money to get my GTX 770, which i should get by the end of the school year. BWAHAHAHA I CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY SIMCITY NAOW. I have had SimCity itself for a while.

So, everybody have a good day! a good week! and a good time! happy Saturday! :D

P.S. My sister's birthday is coming up! it is on Monday :)

YAY I have sucsesfully Pre-Ordered all the games that i wanted, while also buying other games throught the process!

-Main Games to Pre-Order
-Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
-Battlefield 4
-Need For Speed: Rivals
-Games Accedentaly Bought Throughout Le Process
-Worms: Clan Wars

That was quite a bit of money, and I also don't have a job so that took longer than if I did have one. But I think it was all worth it, besides the fact that AC4 and BF4 are probaly gunna lag like bitches on my Xbox 360 since they are designed for the technology and capabilities of the PS4 and Xbox One :/

I have gotten addicted to a Minecraft game on a server called Wars. My life as vanished before my eyes. The way it works is that you have 4 races, Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs. I allways go with Elves. You have 3 classes you can be, Warior, Archer, and Recon. There is a small fort infront of your teams spawn and a large castle in the middle. To win you need to take over all the bases. The way to take a fort/base is that you need to get to the middle, where the flag is, and stand close to it with no enemies near. A timer will slowly rise to 50 and when it reaches 50 you take over the fort/base! This is very hard because each base/fort is right infront of the spawn of each team. A match can last for hours but it is extreamly fun. you can try it out if you want at play.realmc.net

I love how my money works, I appear to have very little around, but when I want to buy a game, I suddenly have the money to afford it! :D When all these new games came out for the end of this year and next year, I pre-ored THEM ALL. Including but not limited to - Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Battlefield 4 - Need For Speed: Rivals - Watch Dogs - Forza Motorsport 5 - and I am probaly going to die from getting this one but... - The Evil Within - etc. I went crazy with buying games and pre-ordering them .-. that cost me soooooo much money :s



YAY Minecrat 1.6 is out now! Here is the changelog for you

The Horse Update!
Important: In order to get this update, you need the new
“Minecraft Launcher". Download it here: Minecraft.net and replace the old launcher.
Changes in 1.6:

+ Added Horses
+ Added Donkeys, Mules
+ Added Horse Armor
+ Added Leads
+ Added Carpets
+ Added Hardened Clay, Stained Clay
+ Added Block of Coal
+ Added Name Tags (item)
+ Added Hay Bales
* Texture packs are now “resource packs" that also can hold sound etc
* Food meter is now drained when healed by full food meter
* You can’t destroy blocks with a sword in creative mode
- Removed Herobrine

Yeah and the website's server is being overloaded with people trying to get the new launcher! O_O

As you all know, I love the Yogscast, and recently they played a new game called Star Made. This game is like Minecraft except what you do is build spaceships and fly around in space and such. The only problem is in multiplayer there is no protection for anything so people can just take of blocks from your ship, even while you are driving it -.- And all my friends have beengone latley so i am stuck on Singleplayer. Now that isn't all bad, being alone in space and all, but for some reason I havn't managed to find any Pirates...? :(

If you guys want to check out this game I am talking about, here is the link for the website

-Xbox One
Costs $499
You can't borrow or lend games to your friends
You must have internet connection at least ever 24 hours
It comes with a camera that is on allways, even when the Xbox is off
The camera is so good that it can tell who you are and your emotions in pitch darkness
They agreeed to use the cameras for the government if they wanted
You need to pay extra (Xbox Gold) to use things like Netflix

-PlayStaion 4
Costs $399
You can borrow or lend games to your friends
You don't need internet connection
No creepy camera
You dont need to pay extra to use things like Netflix
The new triggers are more trigger like, like the Xbox 360's controller

hmmmm... which one should I get? PROBALY THE PS4, the only problem for me is I hate the way the PlayStation controllers are :/

*****EDIT: Microsoft has decided not have the internet connection thing and DRM


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I think I am addicted to the phrase "YOLO". Why? Because I have said it today more than any word I have ever said in my whole life. I have also done some interesting things after saying YOLO, like when I started breaking boards in my Engineering Design class :P I also said that and then just pulled a keychain lace out of someones pocket and they didn't even notice XD

I am so addicted to Prison Architect :D And it just recently updated to Alpha 9! Laundry rooms and cleaning rooms were added and you can make your prisoners clean and cook for you now, which saves money. Also visitation centers were added. I also discovered why my rooms were not working! Because when you build a fence around the whole map, it thinks the whole map is one room! So you just have to make a gap somewhere and the rooms work again. I played the game for like 45 hours after two days of owning the game.......

P.S. Did you know I like Prison Architect? I do, in case you didn't know :3