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Sketch23 Jan 18 2010 says:

mumble > teamspeak + ventrillo

+2 votes   poll: What program do you use for team meetings?
Sketch23 Dec 24 2009 says:

these guys work on valve time. expect to see it... at some point in time

+8 votes   mod: Black Mesa
Sketch23 Aug 6 2009 says:

what a troll why is this here?

+4 votes   mod: Auto-Tune (Team Fortress 2)
Sketch23 Jul 20 2009 replied:

thanks for this I never new a pokemon mmo existed. TBH this one here looks so much nicer but I might give PWO a go to see what its like!

+1 vote   news: PokeWorld Online PokeCast #2
Sketch23 Jul 15 2009 says:

This looks good. All it needs is Coving and an Artex ceiling! rubix cube?

+1 vote   news: 1985 Bedroom Test Demo for CSS/PVK II
Sketch23 Jul 14 2009 says:


+1 vote   news: Initial Sky Editor (HD Video)
Sketch23 Jul 7 2009 says:

Great visual style. Also get decent framerates. Plays very smooth.

needs autobalance.

Would be nice to be able to see my bullets flying because they leave the gun and then impact with no visual indication in between. Maybe its just me but i can never tell if bullets are impacting. doesnt feel all that solid when i fire.

I was expecting a rock paper scissors kind of situation support kills assault, assault kills Recon, Recon Kills Support. Seems this is ruined by class stacking. Lots of players just stack one class and rape. Either using speed, grenades or Health as the advantage. If a whole enemy team chooses Support then you will not have enough ammo to kill them all lol! Maybe some sort of class restrictions to make players choose 'equal' amounts of each class. That way each class will be forced to use all their abilities to outsmart and out manover the enemy.

I have been having Great fun on this. When its played properly it works great and feels balanced, With the battle often ending in 1vs1 or 1vs2 situations.

There seem to be alot of american 15 year old Griefers/Retards playing it. Reminds me of CSS in that respect.

+1 vote   news: NEOTOKYO┬░ Released!
Sketch23 Jul 6 2009 says:

this is epic great teamplay. balanced and also has great maps to benefit each of these classes in different places.

BRILLIANT GAME best mod since Counter Strike. Best balanced since Natural Selection. Biggest Bollocks since Chuck Norris!

+1 vote   news: NEOTOKYO┬░ Released!
Sketch23 Jun 16 2009 says:

is there a nude witch mod yet? ...she reminds me of my gf :P

+4 votes   news: Theories on nude mods
Sketch23 Jun 15 2009 replied:

no i'm prety sure portal can be multi core too

+1 vote   news: Road to the future 06/15/2009
Sketch23 Jun 9 2009 says:

yea art is cool kinda bf heroes/tf2 meet and make a ut3 baby

+1 vote   news: Progress Update!
Sketch23 Jun 9 2009 says:

what happened to the pencil outlines on this one? is it an older pic?

+1 vote   media: Goku throw
Sketch23 Jun 9 2009 says:

yea they need to ring the housing agency for sure.... unless the road is on council property. that might explain the difference in upkeep !

+1 vote   news: Grey Sky 0.2.5 Released
Sketch23 Jun 7 2009 says:

the genitalia monster.... i assume that is whats under the helmet?
walking thighs on stilts great concept

+1 vote   media: Runner Concept
Sketch23 Jun 5 2009 replied:

yea it didnt really get me hooked. it felt so awkward that i had to control the length of the rope and when to let go and grab all at the same time. i have never struggled to grasp a games mechanics like i did this one. learning curve too steep to keep newbies entertained

+1 vote   news: Smashball release on Steam, June 11!
Sketch23 Jun 4 2009 says:

why don't ppl just de-compile the l4d 2 maps and release the content for l4d since its the same sdk should be easy. quickest pirate ever by the sounds of it

-2 votes   news: L4D Community on the rise
Sketch23 Jun 1 2009 replied:

oh wait april 1

+2 votes   news: Action Half-Life 2 Release!
Sketch23 Jun 1 2009 says:

erm what is it? there's no description or nothing an i never played the original as i was 9 and didn't have a computer :P

+2 votes   news: Action Half-Life 2 Release!
Sketch23 May 30 2009 says:

is it easier than it used to be? i just found it impossible to move about using the swing thing. felt clumpy and unnatural when i used it

+1 vote   news: Smashball release on Steam, June 11!
Sketch23 May 28 2009 says:

hl2 does hold your hand, but it doesn't drag you by it! this is what these blogs are saying. it gently moves you through the game and lets the player experience the best possible view of the game.

i can think of alot of games that lead the player about badly... Fear is one of them. everything thats scary in that game simply is a shock factor. most of it happens right in front of the player. and seems to be activated by trip-triggers in the hallways. hl2 has a lot of subtlety that the average player will often notice on a first play through. there have been countless fps games i have played where i am dragged around by blinking arrows and glowing objects that scream at me "go here", "pick this up dumbie" or even, the one i hate the most; "oi you; yea you the player! see this-----> :D <-------this is the object your looking for you thick amoeba. and its gonna be under a big flashing arrow and you will have another big flashing arrow guiding you there so you don't get lost or have fun OKAY! and don't worry if you are gonna try and go elsewhere because we will tell you your not going the right way!"
so really compared to a lot of games hl2 does pretty well on player freedom for an fps.

+4 votes   news: Guiding the Player's Eye
Sketch23 May 26 2009 says:

looks like plasma rifle

+1 vote   media: Marathon Infested Screenshots 5/25/09
Sketch23 May 22 2009 says:

these are great! love the guitar hero idea. and point and click rpg sounds cool too. i never knew all this could be done without code.
this mod has a lot of good ideas some new some reworked and some tried and tested, however i think to really make the most of them you will need a coder as the project goes on to make full use of these mini mods.

nice to see you using all these camera types though

+1 vote   news: The Hammer Mod Update 22/05/2009
Sketch23 May 19 2009 says:

found these menus weird to navigate in the alpha. didn't understand why clicking with the mouse does nothing. also would like to be able to scroll around with "wasd" instead of "arrows". makes sense since your hands are resting on them anyway.
loved the alpha.
would you be able to be part of a jump group or clan... so you are the newbie at the start of the game and someone has taken you under their wing and shows you the ropes... might help draw you into a story. i think "jet set radio future" comes to mind. this game style reminded me of that game for some reason. on that note ... grinding down rails or the sides of buildings would be great. and tricks in between might be pretty cool. especially might help if you take a bad rout and ther isn't much to score on for a while.
anyway thats just my experience. good luck with the beta

+1 vote   media: Aaaaa! Alpha Test Shots
Sketch23 May 19 2009 replied:

having character selection would be great... kinda street fighter style. would be awesome.... and have your stats displayed for each character. so that you can see which characters you have done best with. total fall distance, fastest time, biggest combo, most points, unlocks gained, unlocks used, secrets found!

+4 votes   news: The Secret Pizza and Love Life of an Alpha Tester
Sketch23 May 18 2009 says:

otters and badgers! can imagine a badger being a great brawler!

+2 votes   news: Why ninja rabbits?
Sketch23 May 15 2009 says:

awww i thought this was gonna be a really cool rpg/action game. especially when i saw the start of the video on the website. with the 3d spinning globe and level selection... but then it was just a lemmings game with bells whistles but not anything that really made me want to play it. the option of multiplayer lemmings doesnt appeal either.
please make me eat my words. it looks so nice... but i want to be able to roam that nice looking little world in my 3rd person 3d perspective and go on missions and fight bad guys.

+1 vote   media: Clones Poster - Featuring CloneMasters!
Sketch23 May 12 2009 replied:

dude wtf realistic! the sea is red!

-1 votes   media: POTW & Update
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