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sithpal Mar 11 2015 replied:

Cool GDI mission idea lol

Starts off learning of Nod Plans for an Orbital Base that would allow them to strike the surface with Kinetic Strikes or Energy Weapons as well as drop troops for drop troop reasons.

GDI must slow their progress and uses sabotage to slow down the Nod Economy and materials going through to the base.

During the mission it turns out that a prototype is in a deteriorating orbit so as the mission goes on it blasts with its weapon now and then, and drops in soldiers around the map on a timer that gets shorter and shorter as the base moves closer.

Nod is further along than thought with the Advanced Version going up soon on a massive rocket.

Finally Nod sets the prototype to collide with the GDI base and GDI must infiltrate a Relay Netowrk for orbiting sats and hack the Prototypes computers and reprogram the computer to crash into the Nod Base and rocket.

Causing the station to come crashing down causing a massive explosion detonating reactors and setting off tiberium compleatly Obliterating the land around and below the base as well as the base, plans, and every Nod Scientist and Engineer that was working on it.

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sithpal Mar 11 2015 replied:

I kinda like that the words are facing the planet like its warning them on the surface.

But its not, its for the commanders who are seeing the big picture to see lol.

+2 votes   media: Siege Warning Effect
sithpal Mar 11 2015 says:

gah this just appeared in my updates today! my updates try to hide this from me lol. Great Job :)

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sithpal Mar 9 2015 replied:

i can see them as being a bit to toyish. but if a high powered energy weapon made a pew pew sound but did better damage to a ship that did less of a pew pew sound then you would use the pew pew.

you know like if guns in our universe fired with a loud pew instead of a bang. but it would be more effective than just using a bow an arrow or throwing a rock.

my point is yes better sounds would be better and less silly sound. but sound is sound and you cant change how something sounds lol.

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sithpal Mar 9 2015 replied:

its a metaphor lol

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sithpal Mar 9 2015 replied:

thats sad... and doesnt make any sense...

hey you asked. yes.

hey you didnt. no.

thats such a horrible thing for bioware to do... i wouldnt have expected them to be a group that sinks to such low levels.

and how can they have done that with out giving credit? it seems like it was pretty obvious and no need to say everything here comes from mass effect. unless they where saying they made it all them self and came up with the ideas themselfs then the whole thing makes alot more sense.

if it looks like mass effect, sounds like mass effect, is named like mass effect, person creating isnt saying its just all from their head, then credit has been givin. or it should be counted as givin.

now since the mod is gone and removed we cant look back over stuff to find where posts where made and what exactly was said.

hopefully they had a good reason to stoop low. as said they are great with their community. but if the reason was just you didnt ask thats stuping very low and it would have been great for a strat game adopting mass effect to not be space only. i would love to have seen the walking tanks lol.

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sithpal Mar 9 2015 replied:

wise ***? hope that wasnt insulting lol

+2 votes   media: UI Upgrades
sithpal Mar 3 2015 says:

cools :D

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sithpal Mar 3 2015 replied:

your welcome. i havnt done this stuff but i could see it being a pain to focus/splitfocus on developing, modeling, animating, sounds, effects, ect. plus regular work, kickstarter, advertising.

so that parts hell lol. but after word starts to spread less can be spent on advertising. and when kickstarters over less time can be spent there. then more focus on game creation and work. which is still a pain but its alot less of a pain.

but in the end so long as it all works out the game will get spoken about. money will come in. people will enjoy it. and it will all have been worth it in the end.

i cant model or most of that stuff lol. i can modify data values. and i have rpg maker vx ace but i get flustered trying to make anything on it and it never goes well for me lol.

but the point is it will be worth it in the end. and even before that you will have the people saying wow and cool and even then it will be worth it to make the people happy :D

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sithpal Mar 2 2015 replied:

remaining? they where all nice lol. i wasnt saying they should be a main concern i was saying that maybe op liked it more because it was more detailed sounding and not just some lil generic description.

hope it gets better. well ik it will lol. dont over work :)

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sithpal Mar 2 2015 replied:

i wasnt trying to ask anything. i got a down vote? bummer.

the op said it fed his hype fire for some reason so I was theorizing, and saying the picture was cool, that the detailed ingame sounding information was cooler and more Hype worthy than just describing whats in the picture as someone out of the game. It makes it more intresting when its written down or described as ingame.

like how Rise of the Reds does those fake news reports sometimes when talking about the new stuff in the mod. its more intresting to see them as fake news reports than to just read "this is what the picture is, this is what the unit does, isnt that cool."

sorry for your long day :( your doing great though :)

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sithpal Mar 2 2015 replied:

maybe because little tidbits of slightly detailed information is alot cooler than

"hey look just a couple of cap ships near a asteroid field going around patrolling."

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sithpal Feb 28 2015 replied:

im not talking about the steam version im talking about Homeworld 2 and the other games, idk if they have any mods.

regular old homeworld 2. as said most people will probably switch to the steam version so little point to keep creating the mod for both the steam version and the originals considering they have diffrences and it will be easier to keep one running instead of both.

atleast the mod isnt dead though.

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sithpal Feb 28 2015 replied:

no steam workshop is the only way to publish mods for homeworld remasterd. homeworld 1, cata & 2 mods can still be published elsewhere and used on those games.

as said its just easier to switch to the newer version instead of supporting the older one/s considering the diffrence between new and old and im guessing the newer ones are maybe easier to work with idk.

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sithpal Feb 28 2015 replied:

im sorry. i am lol. its just sad to see support leave the old game, the one i have, and moving onto the old game in the remasterd. so basicly like. its not a matter of being unable to its a matter of it being easyer to just switch to the newer game and supporting that one instead of staying on original and new game and supporting both considering the diffrences in them

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sithpal Feb 28 2015 replied:

yes but what about releases for regular homeworld 2? from what i can tell from this post there will be no more uploads to moddb at all even for regular HW2.

to bad its not like civilization, or sins of a solar empire. then could just download the file and put it in the folder it goes into.

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sithpal Feb 28 2015 replied:

steam workshop is not the only way to publish mods. your on moddb. a site for mods to be published...

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sithpal Feb 28 2015 says:

what? really? this is a... why cant the downloads be put on moddb anymore?

this is a site for mods. so i guess this is no longer a homeworld 2 mod it is a homeworld remasterd mod. idk if its possible but you need to change the game listing then...

this is one of the worst news of a mod that was still alive i ever heard... theres no reason why it has to be on the steam workshop only...

and if its still for homeworld 2 classic then theres defiantly no reason you cant keep putting the mod here especially since not everyone has the remasterd...

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sithpal Feb 27 2015 says:

i was just playing shockwave and while playing as gla against gla i learned 2 things.

1-I wish shockwave had the alternating vehicle skins for more varity in the same units lol.

2-When you fight on a desert style map with another gla faction it kinda looks like a post nuclear war rts lol

+1 vote   mod: Rise of the Reds
sithpal Feb 25 2015 says:

its been a very long time since i played and i normally only played complex. i installed this mod but i cant tell if its working right or not. i click on the desktop icon and it wouldnt start the game for me. is there any specific thing on the menu screen or something that would tell me its working?

+1 vote   mod: Tactical Fleet Simulator
sithpal Feb 24 2015 says:

ooo mind controling mushrooms lol

also the solid rock arms make me think of geodude lolol

+1 vote   news: Character Concepts
sithpal Feb 23 2015 says:

geez people left and right calling non canon....

starwars disney, expanded.

gearbox homeworld, cata

343 ship name, not original ship name

its just like why? why does it matter what happend in the expanded universe was canon or not? other than the ones that dealt with the main character there are a million other ways the other shouldnt have just been non canon its not like it screwd with what they where doing in the movies at all..

why is cataclysm not canon? in homeworld 2 they even mention a race in decline sorta harking back to cata being the races exodus from the galaxy to get away from the main force at play...

why change the ship name? theres no way at all that effects actual gameplay and it has a less than 1% effect on story...

i would understand if its something major but none of these changes for the most part delt with the characters in the main stories so theres no reason for them not to be canon...

-2 votes   media: Halberd-class Destroyer
sithpal Feb 22 2015 replied:

lol and they would all be flown in from off map. which is something that could be done but theres a line between realism, balance, and fun. although i would like the flown in from off map thing its cool lol but ill just enjoy the game as is and modify what i can lol

+1 vote   news: Rise of the Reds Blog Update 21
sithpal Feb 21 2015 replied:

ik its balance that was my point. the person said navy could not be balanced and yet air and tanks are balanced. when the mod is done you could always modify the ini to give it more a realistic spin. i do that to my favriot mods. like with shockwave ive taken the armor generals MBT and made it into a quickish burst fire tank. but then ill end up messing up one spot in the ini and have to reinstall the mod and start all over saddly.

i also like making radiation stay forever but its op because the ai doesnt know how to use medical vehicles

+2 votes   news: Rise of the Reds Blog Update 21
sithpal Feb 20 2015 replied:

not like it cant be balanced really. i mean jets in real life would be way op considering how crap they tend to be in game. in real life a raptor is faster and more stealthy than a Nighthawk and missiles tend to kill targets even if the target is people. instead of having a person get struck by a few missiles and live.

and tanks shouldnt be taken out by and people with regular rifles. and jets shouldnt be taken out easily by just one anti air units.

i like jets but most the time i cant use them becuase they tend to be wastes of money and a good soldiers life. the computer will just send anti air units and my defending planes will take damage and most the time ill lose one. they dont try to dodge missiles they just fly in a straight line until it hits them and they just cant avoid minigun fire which is majorly unbalanced. im pretty sure a jet with a missile can probably lock on and fire on an anti air unit from much farther away than a aa with machine guns can target and destroy.

point is navy could be done and balanced (as planes have been) would just be pain and is best left to some fan or until the mod done with ground and factions and the like.

also tanks shouldnt be destroyed by a couple guys with machine guns and the most effictive strategy when comming across soldiers shouldnt be run them over becuase our big cannon doesnt to anything to them.

sorry for the rant lol. great mod though i just have to tailor it for myself lol

+3 votes   news: Rise of the Reds Blog Update 21
sithpal Feb 20 2015 replied:

i had no idea lol. now i have a reason to reinstall sins. just wish i could get my activate mods part of the game to work right lol

+1 vote   media: Geth Cruiser In-game
sithpal Feb 20 2015 says:

this reminds me of the truck you start out in in Hard Truck Apocalypse lol

+1 vote   media: Ural Truck Variants
sithpal Feb 20 2015 replied:


+1 vote   media: Geth Cruiser In-game
sithpal Feb 18 2015 says:

it kinda reminds me of the Eat Them game... i think thats what it was called. where you made a giant robot or animal or cyborg creature monster thing out of the parts in the game.

more games need to do stuff like this. id love more rts games that have the build ur own unit thing a few old ones had lol

my favriot is the lava, rock, bug lookin legs above the anchors lol

+1 vote   news: Creature Customisation
sithpal Feb 13 2015 says:

its always fun to put ur own twist on ur favriot mods lol.

personally i like making radiation stay like radiation lol.

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