I've been going around as a writer, but started getting drawn into Concept Art and 3D modeling. I'm currently finishing my studies as a 3D artist and will then be let loose on the world. Beware!

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SinKing Oct 20 2007, 10:09am says:

stunning prizes. really makes one want to participate.

+1 vote     article: Two Alienware A51 PCs to WIN
SinKing Oct 19 2007, 10:38am says:

Can't you devs release a new installer with all the required patches? There is this new community patch and everything, which have to be installed seperately, so it'd be really all be easier in one installer.

+2 votes     mod: Killing Floor
SinKing Oct 16 2007, 3:17am says:

Your making good progress. Seems like you learned a lot of DoomED lately, since your levels are so great and use a couple of trigger functions lately. Interesting style, vaguely remings me of Myst, taking place in a Sci-Fi universe...or in your mind?

Keep it up, seems very good work, especially since this is all Doom3 and mods are rare (at least on Moddb).

+1 vote     article: Mind - Third media release
SinKing Oct 10 2007, 10:47am says:

ah, ****, was hoping this was a tutorial for UnrealED, or RoboED, since Unreal ain't available yet...

+1 vote     article: 5 Hours with LED by Masklin
SinKing Oct 10 2007, 3:17am says:

first realistic looking garbage bag in gaming history!

+1 vote     media: CryEngine2 Urban 1
SinKing Oct 3 2007, 4:10pm says:

hey! why can't I browse concepts on your homepage? I like this mod and I think its very well-produced. I'd like to have a look at the screenshots, if that's possible.

+1 vote     game: Nuclear Dawn
SinKing Oct 3 2007, 1:37pm says:

you're not the DJ - are you?

+1 vote     member: ViViD
SinKing Oct 3 2007, 3:18am says:

I noticed you posted on the "list y.f authors" forum. You mention there are few books with dragons in them, which are cool, so I'm wondering if you read "Elric of Melniboné", written by Michael Moorcock. Might interest you...

0 votes     member: Dragonlord
SinKing Oct 1 2007, 3:58am says:

"come to us" you said, but I dunno whatcha mean by that. Should I become a member of your site, or of your team, or come visit you? Can't do the teaming, cause I got my own peeps, but anything else I'll gladly do.
I believe this mod will look very good on the source engine, it has a look of its own and it would surely match the Swat Cats look!

+1 vote     mod: Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron
SinKing Sep 30 2007, 3:26am says:

Please verify your e-mail adress with me: eljefemartin@web.de

Or send it to my PM on Moddb.
Thank you!


+1 vote     member: NicholasSinger
SinKing Sep 29 2007, 2:22am says:

okay, cool model - but didn't that jet transform, too? I just remember it had some special abilities.
Then there are grappling hooks, lot of special moves and so on, which make Swat Cats a very hard thing to remake as a game. I'm wishing you lots of luck with it! It was a cool series, worth to be turned into mod.

+1 vote     article: TurboKat is here!
SinKing Sep 20 2007, 11:02am says:

Is this really done in Max? It looks like sketchup to me. Typical of sketchup are the black outlines and the blocky shapes. Also, the textures look a lot like it. If this was done in Max then probably by someone, who has tried sketchup or even used it for a while.

+1 vote     article: Announcing The Martian War
SinKing Sep 19 2007, 12:10pm says:

Hey Joe, I'm sure you forgot about it and never even read my script "MECHOverride", but it'd be great if I had some way to advertise for it, so I can attract more people to the team.
Even though I spent weeks looking, there are just few people who have the patience and time to understand what I am doing. I think you do understand, so let me just sum it up once more:

f i r s t machinima entirely built from scratch and using custom models, story and sound.
f i r st e v e r digital rotoscope film worldwide.
f i r s t realtime, no-budget film with the appeal of establishing a new genre: EngineFilms

There is lots more to say about our project. Unfortunately only some concepts exist up to now and I'm having serious problems with finding good artists and do everything by myself. Any boost for my project would be appreciated and could open new paths for modding. I'm thinking interactive cinema as a future issue.
If you have questions, please get in touch with me. It's not that I'm desperate I'm highly motivated about the project, but work is piling up and I can see no end to it. I'd even give my position as mod leader to someone more experienced just to see it all happen.
This film isn't about my selfish need for self-realisation, it's all about my love for films and about finding a new way to present a story. That new way of presenting may lead to a new way of storytelling, which I consider my life's quest: to tell an yet untold story.
Regards, Martin

+2 votes     member: JoeX111
SinKing Sep 17 2007, 3:32am says:

Yeah, get a native English Speaker or at least someone who takes time to check his writing. The text is badly written and full of mistakes, which could easily be avoided by a cunning PR man.

+1 vote     article: GAMOVER Update: KSK Missile bearing Fast Attack Craft
SinKing Sep 15 2007, 5:35am says:

can you call it planetgate or something else and avoid infringement on the name, or is it that all stargate mods get closed down due to use of sg material solely?

Looks good, I own ArmA and get a little tired of the old missions and game. Didn't know this was in development, but looks cool!!

+2 votes     article: New StarGate Development
SinKing Sep 12 2007, 10:39am says:

Yay! -It's up. I almost completely forgot about this little wash-up I made without really giving it a good document structure or anything. These were just ideas I wrote down in a single writing session and found good enough to share. I'm thinking about making a more complete "tutorial" in honor of our newest beloved modding site: gamecore.grblftlxxx

See you there!

+1 vote     article: Character and Story - Archetypes Combined
SinKing Sep 5 2007, 10:37am says:

I like this look, but i love the new one's features. Don't make it blue or change the color schemes however, or it will look like that awful addondb...

+1 vote     poll: The v4 beta is just around the corner. Are you:
SinKing Sep 5 2007, 9:27am says:

four years - ******* hell. That timespan either kills a mod or makes it real big and great. The fact that you have not released anything (playable) yet, makes me think you want to release a rather polished, bug-free beta. That's great to see and I'm sure it will be great to experience. Also, I love you for getting vehicles in this mod. This way its not onyl the gameplay, which is unique, its also the vehicles, because very few mods for HL2 actually have anything drivable (let alone flyable) in them.

Happy fourth anniversary! And keep the good stuff flowing on Moddb! I'm exited now, so give us updates whenever you feel like it. It will be much appreciated and keep your mod on the list of many watchers.

+1 vote     article: 4 years !
SinKing Sep 5 2007, 9:21am says:

Lol - JCV is an imaginary brand, or nor? I only know JVC.

I always liked your mapping, this one looks very clean and polished by now. Something about the car in the third picture is wrong, however. It seems to hover and it casts an entirely square shadow, which looks more like a brick's than a car's. Good work on getting this far. Can't wait to play this and see how people get along with the element of coop play and snatching the railgun.

+1 vote     article: Off Limits Playtesting
SinKing Sep 5 2007, 10:34am says:

C'mon - admit it. You didn't even see it was a knockoff! Only now, I have opened your eyes and you are trying to widen your argumentation, but fail so miserably.
What kinda brands should one invent without running into a comical attitude? I can't think of any serious brand name anyone can make up that doesn't need reference to some already existing brand to be put in context. Just inventing new brands will make people go "What the hell does this mean" and they will abandon the mod and die ONLY BECAUSE OF YOU!!!
Joking, of course. Don't take it so hard, I like to mess with strangers.

+1 vote     article: Off Limits Playtesting
SinKing Aug 29 2007, 10:04am says:

Wow this is looking great! Will it all play outdoors, or are some of the towers open for action going on inside (on a single map). This looks really cool, but somehow I remember the skyscrapers where bigger or more massive, or both. Is this WIP and are you gonna rescale parts of it? The city is kind of too tiny imo.

Nice map - it's a real eye catcher already!

+1 vote     article: Aug 07 Update - The City of the Ancients!
SinKing Aug 28 2007, 9:51am says:

Thank you all for sharing your experience with new modders. I learn a great lot from looking at how other people struggle with their mods, because the part where we have doubts and get stuck occasionally happens to everyone, I think. It is really important to take the time off, like everybody says, but sometimes you have to be the motor and drive everything into the right direction without hesiating for even a second.
Mod making just isn't simple, nor is it quick. It is satisfying to me to see the project grow and take its final shape, however. Don't want to miss that on my mod. Getting it finished...

+1 vote     article: Making a successful modification
SinKing Aug 26 2007, 1:09am says:

Yeah Cap - I have been confusing depht-of-field and motion blur! Actually this is done alright - I just didn't get the meaning at first.
My question is, in which situation this blurring will occur, because it is a very rare, phyical phenomena (which happens when the surrounding moves faster than your eyes).
DOF on the other hand is an artistic notion, which was already used in old games, like "Outcast". DOF is what I was referring to, the motion blur is something different. It will probably make sense in some situations, but I could do without it.

+1 vote     article: Terrain engine and motion blur
SinKing Aug 25 2007, 8:44am says:

@ FBrebion - well than it ain't done right in any game, no matter what kind it is.
Blur always occurs with the object/s you can't focus on, while the background is hardly affected. This blur however affects every kind of particle in the same way, blurring the background the same like the foreground.

This gives the impression of a flat 2D-surrounding. Almost any depht is lost.
Okay- since it will only be snippets during movement, I guess it don't matter, but this is computer blur then not real-life blur.

+1 vote     article: Terrain engine and motion blur
SinKing Aug 25 2007, 4:33am says:

the blur is kinda strange. It should be more blurred in the foreground and less blurry in the faraway parts of the landscape, but this is an overall blur, which looks like you got oil on a camera objective.

Nice pictures though, terrain looking better than ever!

+1 vote     article: Terrain engine and motion blur
SinKing Aug 23 2007, 1:54am says:

Sounds ravishing! I think everbody will want to participate in this.

+2 votes     article: Mod DB v4 Closed BETA
SinKing Aug 22 2007, 9:59am says:

ya got a gud look for your mod and you did a good job on the maps. It's good to see some mapwork and most of it fits in with your character designs.

+2 votes     article: Dream Casters' Duel Week 50 - Maps!
SinKing Aug 22 2007, 3:11am says:

Good! Big guns are needed for this game, but you are going to have to get some special-powered weapons, or this will be like playing Counter Strike with Mech.
A cool thing about Mechs is that they have so many places for guns and turrets on the body they don't need to rely on rifles, only. Fighting could really look awesome if the Mech had some sort of automated attack, which fires all the secondary weapons, while you yourself are dealing with the precise damage inflicting and strike the opponent down with a rifle.

Looking good, except the RPG, which looks a little too plain and simplistic to hit my taste just yet.

+1 vote     article: Mech Warfare Co-op News
SinKing Aug 21 2007, 8:54am says:

That is a spectacular model, good job on everything! I'm really exited about the one new map for the Tyrannosaurus! Let me guess - it will contain a jeepride and a T-Rex Chase and a miraculous escape through a fence...(?)

Looking forward to this, good thing you are hard at work again. Love the progress!


+1 vote     article: Updated T-rex
SinKing Aug 20 2007, 11:34am says:

Yeah, I sniggered at your little video. A one man strike force, eh?

Good find Jacksen0!

+1 vote     article: The Killing Fields
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