I've been going around as a writer, but started getting drawn into Concept Art and 3D modeling. I'm currently finishing my studies as a 3D artist and will then be let loose on the world. Beware!

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SinKing Jul 14 2007, 2:16am says:

its still not old enough to look bad. I'm still surprised about how good Mafia looked at the time and this mod doesn't look bad either. Doesn't it take terribly long to change an entire city? How far done are you? I'm in a holiday right now, so I can't check the download.

+1 vote     mod: Cantrell city
SinKing Jul 14 2007, 2:13am says:

Sounds like the next dystopia, which is a good thing if you like it.

+1 vote     mod: Avalon
SinKing Jul 10 2007, 4:15pm says:

it's a darn good model Tkaza. All the stuff you model and texture is top-class in my view.You just got a cool style!
I know human models don't come easy and with your stuff its like watching a personal evolution. Your work gets better and better all the time and we all can see that. Wasn't trying to bash your model, its maybe only a thing of the perspective after all.

Regards, SinKing

+1 vote     member: TKAzA
SinKing Jul 10 2007, 10:14am says:

yes maybe the head is in the same place, but it looks slimmer than the cs:s faces and the helmet seems higher than usually. Therefore the head seems somewhat stretched giving it a bored and sad expression. Sorry, but I can't live with errors ;-).

+1 vote     member: TKAzA
SinKing Jul 5 2007, 11:06am says:

I just come to say thanks for bringing us a good game. I haven't played Emp in a while, but when the new patch is released I will be on it once more. In fact I go play a round now...

+1 vote     mod: Empires
SinKing Jul 3 2007, 10:38am says:

yo jesterman, crawl out from under your mushroom and give me a hug. I finished writing the script for MechOverride and I' d like to show it to you.

Regards, SinKing

+2 votes     member: Thestjester
SinKing Jul 2 2007, 4:30pm says:

hey! cool - thanks for keeping us updated!

+1 vote     mod: Insurgency
SinKing Jul 2 2007, 3:28pm says:

for me neither, but its 9:27 Pm where I live. When is the mod released in Europe due to that time you say? 6AM - I just hope that isn't 12pm here.

+1 vote     mod: Insurgency
SinKing Jul 2 2007, 3:10pm says:

so when is that in moddb time? It's 2:10 now on moddb

+1 vote     mod: Insurgency
SinKing Jul 2 2007, 2:50pm says:

I'm wetting my pants in expectation. It's really terrible to sit here and know I can't stay up forever. Got to make coffee...lots of coffee.

+1 vote     mod: Insurgency
SinKing Jul 2 2007, 1:56pm says:

use a download manager

+1 vote     mod: Insurgency
SinKing Jul 2 2007, 1:53pm says:

wrong classic319, so wrong. You don't have to read the post it tells you the game is almost released.

While I wait,
eat my shorts,
I get thirsty...

+1 vote     mod: Insurgency
SinKing Jul 2 2007, 1:19pm says:

don't forget the edit, pls. I rely on finding information on this page, as everything else seems to be way behind out current updates.
Thanks for keeping us informed!

+1 vote     mod: Insurgency
SinKing Jul 2 2007, 10:51am says:

OMG - people are going crazy over this, robbing themselves off their sleep. You gotta answer the cravfe for Insurgency before somebody drops dead of hunger or thirst. Act now! Explain later...

+1 vote     mod: Insurgency
SinKing Jul 2 2007, 1:48pm says:

...eat my shorts

+1 vote     mod: Insurgency
SinKing Jul 2 2007, 4:34am says:

I ain't got a clue about how this game is going to work, but you sure keep guessing interesting. Starting from the title down to the looks and gameplay, this mod has all the things that keep me anticipating something great. I'm thinking that the next round of HL2 mods to be released seems a lot more promising than what was released earlier.

+1 vote     mod: 1985
SinKing Jul 1 2007, 2:05pm says:

Oh the joy! This is already a classic! I'll download the next beta and get to play again.

+1 vote     article: Pirates Vikings, and Knights II - Announcing Beta II
SinKing Jul 1 2007, 3:51am says:

Really? I thought Iron Grip has quite a community already and quite a lot of people play it, but I have been away a long time. I haven't been installing the several updates, because I was waiting for a big release. This might be a good time to give it a try once again.

+1 vote     article: Iron Grip 1.33 Released
SinKing Jul 1 2007, 3:32am says:

was really a good decision to merge the two enterprise teams into the Temporal Cold War team. Your updates are startnig to interest me, even though I initially thought to remake the weak TCW in favour of TNG, was a fault. Now I'm beginning to think it may actually be more interesting than a TNG mod, since alot of the stuff is so pretty to look at.
When are you going t give us a glimpse of the gameplay? This mod is hot - especially since I can't tell its the Steam Engine behind this.

+1 vote     article: Media Update 14
SinKing Jul 9 2007, 6:18am says:

Hey man,

I'm leader of a team producing a machinima on the Doom3 Engine (or Tech4??). I could really use some more ressources on the game. Is there anything comparable to Moddb for Doom3 modders? Most of the modding sites feature only other games and I'm really looking for a place the Doom3 community meets at.

If you are interested in a mapper position on our team, I'd be glad to talk to you about it, too. We still have some vacncies in mapping and animation.

Thanks in advance,

+2 votes     member: Neurological
SinKing Jun 29 2007, 8:47am says:

another feature? can it transform into a giant robot and smash puny humans on the fly?
It's a nice supplier, although it would be really nicer, if you could actually see some weapons in there (or on the inside texture)

+1 vote     media: Russian Arms Supplier
SinKing Jun 29 2007, 8:43am says:

excellent answer and I finally understood what you mean by "module system". I wasn't quite able to understand the concept before. Keep your style and have good luck and success with it!

+1 vote     article: Light and Magic for all budget classes
SinKing Jun 29 2007, 4:03am says:

I'm always watching your updates with interest. One step follows the next one precisely and in cold logic, enhancing the engine and multiplying its power each time. Quite impressive!
Will the Draggine one day support normal maps as well? I wonder where this project is going to. Is it possible to compare the final built to any other engine you had in mind while creating the project? Really curious about this. It might give "standalone modding" (I still find that expresion somewhat contradictive) a whole new stand!

Thanks again for coding this treasure chest!

+1 vote     article: Light and Magic for all budget classes
SinKing Jun 29 2007, 3:44am says:

you are being watched by SinKing

+1 vote     mod: Get a Life
SinKing Jun 29 2007, 3:41am says:

It's getting better and better. I can really see and improvement over the past updates - even though I enjoyed those, too. It looks like your mod can be able to draw us into his atmosphere, but you will need to keep up prop modeling 40's style. I hope this will ultimately become a really cool experience of the time it draws its inspiration from.

+1 vote     article: Dead End - 3 in 1
SinKing Jul 8 2007, 3:27pm says:

seems awesome, gonna dl and try ;-)

+1 vote     article: Celestial Impact Public Beta
SinKing Jun 28 2007, 5:50pm says:

I just realised I said exactly the same things once before. I'm really sorry, don't know why I forgot! Your mod is looking cool and its only a matter of time an we'll see some of it in game.

+1 vote     article: June Update!
SinKing Jun 28 2007, 5:48pm says:

sweet picture! you could make souvenir cards out of these!

+1 vote     media: Polikarpov I-16
SinKing Jun 28 2007, 1:42am says:

It's only a Z-Brush render, isn't it? Look alot better than ingame models these guys. I just wonder how they look ingame - have you tried putting them in BlitzED already? I'm really curious how your magnificent look will translate into the later game and I will be really dissappointed if it doesn't look as good as the renders! All the renders so far however are of amazing quality.

+1 vote     media: New Kennedy
SinKing Jun 28 2007, 1:38am says:

You really have a great character artist and some overall great artists on the team. I'm sure you will deliver a mod, which may look as good as a pro-product. I just hope for you Unreal Engine 3 will be available somewhen soon, as Epic already have convieniently removed the "07" from the title and is unlikely to deliver this year. You got a lot of pretty things done already, but lets see them ingame, when that becomes possible (next year)!

+1 vote     article: June Update!
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