I've been going around as a writer, but started getting drawn into Concept Art and 3D modeling. I'm currently finishing my studies as a 3D artist and will then be let loose on the world. Beware!

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SinKing Aug 1 2007, 3:21pm says:

Nice visual style - MYSTerious looking staircase...
I like the outdoor setting. The buildings look excellent and the scene is very believable. Nice mapping! Keep it up,! Doom3 mods are rare gems and I'm happy to see some more released.

+1 vote     article: Mind - Second media release
SinKing Jun 19 2007, 3:32pm says:

Jesus Chris, I want that PC!!! Want it now!

;-) SinKing

+1 vote     poll: My home computer is
SinKing Jun 16 2007, 3:51pm says:

Congrats on your mod man. Another great mod from you finished in what seems to be too little time for just one man! All hail to the coder!

;-) SinKing

+1 vote     mod: Commander Doom
SinKing Jun 16 2007, 5:02am says:

Neat peices of art! Did a good job with the color scheme in this pictures, but on this one you can clearly see a post 1945 landscape. This is a modern landscape with modern houses. Should have selected a different village or another landscape, free of buildings like in the second shot. Nonetheless, pretty pictures!

+1 vote     media: BF110
SinKing Jun 15 2007, 5:35am says:

Looks awesome?
That looks devine!

+1 vote     media: ins_alaskari
SinKing Jul 10 2007, 2:11am says:

head is too high, guy looks drunk, but okay.His shoulders look somewhat high, too.

+2 votes     media: Colonial Force 1
SinKing Jun 5 2007, 10:43am says:

So this is a Second Life clone, or what? Is it offline and if so - how do people share content? I don't really see how this can appeal to kids, unless it is an open community offline game, which everybody can join to impress his friends (with ingame content created by the user).
A good idea is to keep it simple enough for a variety of uses. If this turns out as an editor, which allows you to create any kind of content, it is the greatest thing I know. If it is just a Second Life clone, I don't really know what to do with it, because 2nd life is the most boring thing I have seen in ages.

+1 vote     article: Platinum Arts Sandbox Beta 1.0 Release!
SinKing Oct 12 2007, 3:17am says:

stunning game - odd I never hear about it.

+1 vote     game: Sins of a Solar Empire
SinKing Jun 19 2007, 2:42pm says:

Funny how peole have the same questions all along. I used to come here first and ask the same questions, too. After having seen your website and after having read about all the possibilities of Infinity, I became a fan of your project. It is everything I can imagine and it is made by people who just share a dream, without even knowing each other.

All the best to you guys and your own, standalone development. Hope it will be ours soon, too!


+1 vote     game: Infinity: The Quest for Earth
SinKing May 28 2007, 3:05am says:

did you use MAKEHUMAN in any phase of the development of the human model. Don't get me wrong - looks great and clothes indicate you didn't use it. However. I thought the program could relieve a modeler of a lot of work, so don't be afraid to let us know how you made it (down to the clothes, pls).
Looking great 1985 should be a cool mod!

+1 vote     article: O Group...
SinKing May 26 2007, 7:43am says:

Yes! This seems like the first decent POTC game. It is good you emphasize on the fact that this is not like the terrible original game, but a total conversion of it in terms of actually making a playable game outta the **** they sold as the first POTC game.
I wanna try this very much, as I am an avid fan of sea fights and even more - of tea clippers and big sailing ships. Will be great to give it a run.

+1 vote     article: Live the movie! Pirates of the Caribbean on Mod DB
SinKing May 22 2007, 11:11am says:

You all got pussies on your profile? Why?
Myles had a white dog, but it looked like a pussy to me.
The problem is, I can't display moving pussies very well on my PC, so I like a still pussy. A lot of pussies suck my ram, but in the end I won't feel satisfied with what I get.
...talking about pussies makes me forget why I have come here. I just wonder - will you tell me when you got the text implemented in our website? I can of course just check it, but you would tell me? NOW, wouldn't you?

Eat Cheese,

+1 vote     member: Sallycin
SinKing May 22 2007, 11:05am says:

hmm, if you already use them anyway, why not use them right? You can easily draw better shapes with these pens, especially your metal surfaces would look more like metal and less like...grey?
The fat outline is for a graffity like style. The fat outlines were first used by artists like A. Mucha or V. Horta in art nouveau. I like your style, too. It works well enough for all you want to show. So nevermind my comment, I'm just trying to help making become better. I won't succeed, but you can look at Mucha's work in any case. Got nothing to do with anything I wrote here, but it's breathtaking art.

+1 vote     article: Shiver Me Timbers!
SinKing May 21 2007, 10:59am says:

The best engine in the world is not yet comlete, but I guess playing with BlitzED can't do no harm. If you feel like sharing your experience you can write a tuturial about the next generation of UnrealED. I see a lot of mods working with Roboblitz's ED, but I don't think that makes a whole lot of sense other for tryout.
Why did you chose to start production on this early editor version and not wait for the real thing to come? Just for the experience? Or...

+1 vote     article: ProjectX announced
SinKing May 20 2007, 5:22pm says:

You have to be bold and say: This game will be release this fall...then you postpone it DNF-style and you will amass millions of fans. Women will want you for your fame and women will want you for your money. And women will want you.
You draw really nice now. Maybe you should think about investing in some artist pens, which have a nive ink flow and make your drawings a tick cooler. Od course that's a question of balance and pay and you gotta invest for those buddies. I always love your updates!


+1 vote     article: Shiver Me Timbers!
SinKing May 23 2007, 2:14am says:

Yes, love it. Good model ingame, looks as bulky and heavy as it should.

+1 vote     article: Re-Inforcements have Arrived
SinKing May 20 2007, 3:45am says:

Actually that model is a whole lot nice than the concept. Shows again that concepts don't have to be too impressive to work for modelers. I guess the modeler concepted this himself, so he already had an (exact) impression of what he wants to do.
There is a mod already that's true, but you haev an entirely different style then my mouth party and if I may say so: that's good for me. I like it!
(nice textures!)

+1 vote     article: Project: Caveman
SinKing May 19 2007, 4:26am says:

Silo seems awesome. I like your approach to modelling, whichis much more artistic than what most people understand from it. Modeling has to be an intuitive process you are given the right tools for. With the very complex tools you often get confused and demotivated, even though there are many ways to learn how to use them quickly, too.
Fact is, I only need a quarter of what 3DMax can do, Silo is cheap and looks promising. I'll download the beta and give it a try.
Do you care to exchange details on our projects? Our team is making a (modded) Machinima on Unreal Engine 3. It might come handy to stay in touch and talk through some problems we'll eventually meet and have to overcome.
Funny how many programs there are for modeling and how your choice of the program determines much of what kind of modeler you'll become.


+1 vote     member: Lavidimus
SinKing May 19 2007, 3:15am says:

Hmm, isn't the F-18 a little too baby-blue? I know they got a tint of blue in the color, but its usually more greyish and only the reflection of the sky makes it looks so blue. The cockpit on the other side, seems to light to me. I'd tone it down a little to make it less christal clear.
This map could really become a beauty. Perhaps you can post a scrennshot of central Odessa with the next upgrade.
Cograts to the #100 Update on Moddb and for your great mod! If I weren't convinced Battlefield can't stink against ArmA, I'd probably be playing your mod all the time.

Good Job!

+1 vote     article: POE:2 News #101
SinKing May 19 2007, 3:09am says:

I don't wanna know how you did it, but you must be modern wizzards to give an old engine so much shine. It also looks like your game is really gripping and interesting. This is the greatest project for HL I have seen and in many ways this mod surpasses the features and look of a loto f HL2 mods.
I have to play it!
What's your next project? Are you commercial programmers?


+1 vote     article: First ingame video
SinKing May 19 2007, 2:57am says:

Was surprised you left a comment on my profile! You deserve every kind of praise for the mod you are making. I don't won BF2, so I ain't gonna play it, aber wenn, würd' ich nur euren Mod zocken!

+1 vote     member: Hathcock
SinKing May 15 2007, 6:19pm says:

this is cool, ain't it? Nice things you show!

+1 vote     media: Blowing up towers with the Aesir
SinKing May 13 2007, 1:42am says:

Wow you must have put a hell of a lot of time into animation. Really looks great, but unfortunatly I don't own MP anjymore, so I can't try it out. Seems to me like it surpasses most commercial Matrix games. Nice!

+1 vote     mod: The Real World
SinKing May 12 2007, 2:36am says:

what I like about the black and white is the metaphor you can place within it. Black and White are contrasts they don't appear in the natural color scheme. If you are a painter you will know...

By using the black and white you indicate that everything we see is completely man made. There is no more space for nature in it, at least not on the ground levels. Its all artificial.
The question is: is there a place left for man in a world, which is completely build in black and white schemes?
By spilling red blood over the clinical atmosphere you show that men is the needle of imperfection within his custom made universe. We may one day (or already) create a way of life in which we are unable to exist and fade away.

+1 vote     mod: Pillars
SinKing May 12 2007, 2:20am says:

Excellent idea to keep the visuals momochrome. I think this was suggested by a moddb member, but maybe you wanted to go for that Sin-City Style from the start.
Is there a page where we can see the other projects presented during the universal course? Also what were the demands for the project? Even though it is an Alpha of a Total Conversion Mod, it doesn't seem to be much more than what most people accomplish with their mods. In theory we're all masters then and a university degree isn't worth a thing. As if I didn't know...I got one myself.

+1 vote     article: Uni Presentation
SinKing May 10 2007, 12:23am says:

This project has really caught my attention now. Some impressive dino models and a lot of ambition is what you got to show right already. I hope it will all be as great as I imiagine it. Welcome to Moddb and thanks for making this great mod on an ok engine. Certainly it will be nice to sit on a hill and watch dinosaurs down there chase each other. I hope it will feel alive and that the animals depend on each other and hunt each other like in a real circle of life.
This is the first Total Conversion for ArmA I know of and I already can tell its going to be a hell of a mod. Just keep up this impressive work and give us something to play with soon. Great! Carry on, please!


+1 vote     mod: Lost World Returns
SinKing May 7 2007, 11:46am says:

This is one of the most professionally led mod teams I know of. I don't know why they choose to make that incredibly boring game, but wherever they are going with it, they squeeze the last juice out of that Orange formerly known as the Unreal Engine 2. Visually this is one of the pinnacles of modding for me, but the environments and the gameplay never make me want to play TO:C for longer than a night or a half.

It's a good mod after all, just not made for me. Congrats on the latest release 1.6, eh, oO, :e, errr 1.7?!

+1 vote     article: TO:Crossfire 1.7 released !
SinKing Jul 24 2007, 7:21am says:

Hey Sallyman!

How long will it take to incorporate a feature into our website, so gaiamedia.de team members can become admin in the forums. Or is there a way to be admin atm? I didn't find it out.


+1 vote     member: Sallycin
SinKing May 6 2007, 11:14am says:

I waited so long and now I don't like it. It looks good and all, but I can't get used to the gameplay. I see potential, but right now PD is not the fast paced action-thrilled game I was expecting. I'll keep true to you and see what the future brings. You did a good job though - maybe I'm just having a bad gaming day,


+1 vote     article: Perfect Dark:Source Beta 1.0 is out!
SinKing May 5 2007, 6:16am says:

Oghhhh, I just came back to check on the release (again) and find out, it's been released "Saturday". Today is saturday and it r e a l l y has been released. But why is it a client reload - or isn't that the right file to download?
I'm gonna try and I wanna say thank you for keeping your humor and staying alive through much of the flaming. I think you guys deserve an award of some kind, but which award that'll be, I can only say after playing your (hopefully) masterpiece!

Thanks guys, PD is finally alive!


+1 vote     mod: Perfect Dark: Source
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