I've been going around as a writer, but started getting drawn into Concept Art and 3D modeling. I'm currently finishing my studies as a 3D artist and will then be let loose on the world. Beware!

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SinKing Jan 30 2009, 6:26am says:

I wonder what kind of demo-vid that is with the custom models and just a pistol on Unreal 3?
Very dark, early gameplay demo of ...something ;)?

+2 votes   member: myles
SinKing Jun 13 2008, 3:18am says:

Hah! I liked your comment on Tac Ops. It's really a waste of time and talent to make another of these games. Plus, guns and walking felt light and awkward in the previous iteration and aiming sucked...

I'm quite interested in seing and hearing some more about the Deep? You know I started a thread about a mod called "treasure hunt", which had partially the same ideas?
However, the project I am most interested in doing now, is our Film MechOverride. We have some problems with the Unreal Skeletons. For your mod, will you use custom skeletons and animations, only?

+1 vote   member: AJ_Quick
SinKing Sep 11 2006, 10:50am says:

They got a new website and design and its better than the old one though it has no more nice screen on startup.

Check the link:

I don't know why I am the first to post this here, but maybe its a sign they are busy doing some final touches to the demo. I hope that's what it means, because I seriously need to play that game. I deinstalled every other game from my HD, telling myself that I gotta do some work until the BSG - Mod comes out and I can dedicate my time to this beauty without haveing a bad conscience about it.
Anyway, come to the new forums, it needs more people! BSG wants YOU!

Also watch the "resistance" miniseries - if you can't watch it on the Sci-Fi Mainsite search 4 it on Youtube. M'kay?

+1 vote   game: Beyond the Red Line
SinKing Jun 12 2008, 10:22am says:

It's been a while since I came round here to see your mod - and man it has changed! This is great and makes my heart light with joy, because I was missing update on some other really promising mods. I wonder, why you didn't make it to the frontpage on ModdB, yet.

Good luck and high regards for what you have accomplished so far. We are also working on an Unreal Mod(Film), using realistic player models and we are having a hard time fitting them to Unreal's uber-sized skeletons.

+1 vote   game: Project Stealth
SinKing Jun 9 2008, 1:58am says:

A counter strike clone for Unreal...well at least this one has history. Played it on UT2004 and it's a pretty shiny, well produced, random game. Fun for some hours, but nothing special...

-1 votes   article: June Media Release!
SinKing Jun 8 2008, 3:55am says:

I don't use 80% of Moddb's features. Either, I don't know about them, don't understand them, or don't find them...

+2 votes   poll: Do you read any of the ModDB Staff blogs?
SinKing Jun 7 2008, 6:26pm says:

All your weapons and the particle effects look really good and feel strong in the right way. I love some of the frags I have seen in the video and that's what a cool FPs is all about - awesome frags.
The new maps look good, but I would prefer to see these guns used in more wide-spaced environments, or capture the base scenarios. Anyway, looks like you put a lot of thought on weapon balance and got a great mod finished!

+3 votes   article: Gunreal Beta Progress
SinKing Jun 7 2008, 2:46am says:

One of the few mods to take advantage of Doom Physics! It looks very interesting and quite polished.
I personally just don't like being on fire, while running around, so that might be a downside, to me. Do you have any cut scenes? Are you guided, by some kind of story-frame, or is this all hack and slash and run and gun?

Nice mod, bit strange tailer, but overall a good impression!

+1 vote   article: Ruiner Trailer Online & June Status Report
SinKing Jun 6 2008, 4:27pm says:

I'm writer on this mod and I assure you we are in no way ripping off "The Hidden", which I personally find is a great multiplayer mod.
Our Mod is a Single-Player game, so it has a lot more than a short background story to it.
You will experience several hours of interactive, open game play, during which you encounter numerous interesting characters and get involved in a bigger scheme of events, which involve the reasons for Subject 311's creation.

+1 vote   mod: Subject 311
SinKing Jun 6 2008, 10:11am says:

I want a video!

Your mod profile is only complete (to me) when you have a pretty trailer in place.

Looks good, not rushed at all; even though that seems to be what you are saying. I still think it's better to have a game out than to keep bug fixing, until nobody wants to play it any more. Thumbs up!

+2 votes   article: Bloodstone - Release Version
SinKing Jun 3 2008, 4:26pm says:

This is such a brilliant game! I can't come back here and state that often enough!

+2 votes   mod: Empires
SinKing Jun 3 2008, 4:22pm says:

Nice to see a mod evolve to it's final version and becoming a classic!

+1 vote   article: Eternal Silence Beta 3.0 Preview
SinKing Jun 2 2008, 5:59pm says:

Nice update and great props! I just think the "Amsterdamn" houses would look better, if they weren't all exactly lined up on the same grid. Even though it may be like this in reality, I would like to see some of them moved up or back a bit to give it an impression of space.

+2 votes   article: 28 MONTHS LATER UPDATE - JUNE 08
SinKing May 29 2008, 4:42am says:

Very nice review. It does a fair job of putting the game into the right light. It also seemed like Hack and Slash to me before and since I didn't bother to download Steam yet, I didn't give it a try.

Seems like a cool game, somewhere along the lines of Battle Grounds and Team Fortress. I truly wish I would play as great as the trailer shows, but I guess that can't be hoped for. Anyway, will try the download now and see for myself. All thanks to the reviewer!

+2 votes   article: Age of Chivalry v1.1 Review
SinKing May 22 2008, 9:28am says:

Incredible, if you can create material setups like this, I don't want to know what your kismet sequences look like. It's really sweet to learn using Unreal ED from nice people, who take the time to break up something complicated into small enough chunks.


+2 votes   article: TF2 Shading in UT3
SinKing May 22 2008, 8:47am says:


I wonder why people, who have such technical skills don't manage to create something I haven't seen in a million places before. Good work, bad art.

+1 vote   media: Warlord
SinKing May 21 2008, 10:26am says:

Isn't this kinda superfluous for people who run their own server? I can see some benefit for people, who don't use FTP or Wiki to organize their project. I definitely think this helping beginners, who want to set up a first organizational structure for their project. As far as I understand every project has to get a homepage of their own anyway, so you'll probably have to make a decision, whether you want to document things on Moddb, or on your own server. Interaction between my server and my Moddb profile would be nice, but how that would work is probably difficult to imagine...

+2 votes   article: Community forums for you
SinKing May 15 2008, 3:01am says:

Can you clarify, if this mod still being developed for Unreal? I have heard several rumors you switched to Crysis and never really saw a confirmation that you still plan to work with Unreal.

In-game shots would be nice.

+1 vote   mod: Talon 1-5
SinKing May 13 2008, 9:38am says:

you guys at Janus Syndicate really have an incredibly good hand for editing. If you ever want a serious story written for you, gimme a call.

+1 vote   game: Team Fortress 2
SinKing May 11 2008, 4:16pm says:

release a vid, pls. nice job!

+3 votes   mod: Gundam Universe
SinKing May 8 2008, 3:16am says:

these development shots look very sweet. I hope to see some of the good mods for Crysis can become reality.

+1 vote   article: Exodus Bi-Weekly Update #5
SinKing Apr 29 2008, 11:09am says:

First map is almost finished. Female and Male character model have been imported and tested with the rotoscope shader. Images will be in our first official release, end of May.

Hopefully we'll be able to show some early wip with the shader in live action.

+1 vote   mod: MechOverride
SinKing Apr 29 2008, 2:41am says:

Hooray - you have a long history with Unreal and you made your mod shine with UT2004. I liked TO2 a lot. Even though it's somehow just a Counter Strike clone, you managed to keep your own touch and feel to it. Some of the many cool weapons really mad the difference to me.

I hope you find a better aiming system, gunning felt kinda recoilless in your old game (at least the versions I played).


+1 vote   article: May Media Release
SinKing Apr 22 2008, 12:02pm says:

seems great. time for a reinstal...

+2 votes   download: SA-MP 0.2.2 R2 Client Installer
SinKing Apr 22 2008, 12:01pm says:

Hard to believe this is Cryengine (1). You got the environment a whole lot more realistic looking than in Far Cry.

+1 vote   download: Delta Sector Beta Demo v0.9
SinKing Apr 22 2008, 11:05am says:

Why the hell did you leave the frame count on? I was really impressed 'till I saw that.

+1 vote   media: Voodoo2
SinKing Apr 22 2008, 10:58am says:

the immortal mortar...excellent work!

+1 vote   media: M-1939 Mortar
SinKing Apr 22 2008, 10:58am says:

dead horse - very nice!

+1 vote   media: Images to go with the release
SinKing Apr 20 2008, 10:05pm says:

nice game, very addicting, though boring on the long run (though there are a lot of different enemies). It's the perfect little game for shootin' zombes for half an hour.

It's fricken hard on the higher levels, or maybe I'm not yet getting all the tricks. I like it, good job!

+2 votes   game: DeadHunt
SinKing Apr 20 2008, 4:28am says:

It's getting better with every update. If you get proper AI routines for your dinosaurs, this mod is going to be tons of fun, I can see!

+1 vote   mod: Lost World Returns
SinKing Apr 13 2008, 4:11am says:

About time for an update from you guys. I already forgot about R'nL, even though it used to be a mod, which I fillowed with great interest? Did you lose your Pr-guy, or what happened?

I would have liked to see some of the more innovative aspects of your game in these films, but have to agree that everyting looks supergood. There are few times in video games, I see a sewage canal that actually resembles one and isn't two meters wide and one high. Bad idea getting stuck in there...

+1 vote   article: Resistance and Liberation News: 4-12-08
SinKing Apr 8 2008, 10:43am says:

Stupid Mods for PS3! What the hell am I supposed to make a mod for, when I can't use my own sounds? How then can I get some atmosphere of my own into it!?
Right now this kinda modding is only a better mapping and maybe some coding for the visuals. Really disappointing! I was looking forward to porting our film to the PS3, as a mod, yet without customizable sounds, that'S impossible...

+4 votes   game: Unreal Tournament 3
SinKing Jan 7 2009, 4:21pm says:

The human walking cycle looks smashing and it's great to see the head moved by the motion, too.
I always watch this project and enjoy every update. What do you mean by: "it depends on how many people join this project, when it will be finished?"
I can't remember seeing many (if any) recruiting attemts by you. If you need some particular person, please let me know - I'm very good at finding them.
I am also German, so we could speak about it in our mother tongue ;)
Cheers! Great work man. I still don't get what the dragon is doing in this game, but I guess you have a plan!

+1 vote   game: Epsylon
SinKing Nov 19 2006, 11:11am says:

I'm downloading this mod for the second time in a year. I'm not too sure if I played the Special Edition before, but I think so and only once I encountered another human player. The thing is:

I just went to your forum and checked the latest messages and there are no messages from 2006. How can it be everything posted on the forums is so old, yet you claim the mod isn't dead?

I really want to try out if this time the game is better balanced and maybe has some human foes to challenge, because the last download was a disappointment due to stupid bots and noone playing. I don't believe this mod is so easily dead unless playing it really cannot be enjoyed and I have high hopes to find a great lot of fun in the "new" edition.

Maybe you'd want to make an announcement on your forums about the status of SK and how many people are playing it, maybe when is the best time for play. Because, considering the size of your download, it is unlikely anyone will bother to download this more often than two times unless people are playing it online.
Its a great-looking mod and it still seems to have a lot of potential and be ahead of its time. It would be a shame to see it fall to dust within a year after release...

Yours sincerely,

+2 votes   mod: The SoulKeeper
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