I've been going around as a writer, but started getting drawn into Concept Art and 3D modeling. I'm currently finishing my studies as a 3D artist and will then be let loose on the world. Beware!

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SinKing Aug 29 2007, 10:04am says:

Wow this is looking great! Will it all play outdoors, or are some of the towers open for action going on inside (on a single map). This looks really cool, but somehow I remember the skyscrapers where bigger or more massive, or both. Is this WIP and are you gonna rescale parts of it? The city is kind of too tiny imo.

Nice map - it's a real eye catcher already!

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SinKing Aug 28 2007, 9:51am says:

Thank you all for sharing your experience with new modders. I learn a great lot from looking at how other people struggle with their mods, because the part where we have doubts and get stuck occasionally happens to everyone, I think. It is really important to take the time off, like everybody says, but sometimes you have to be the motor and drive everything into the right direction without hesiating for even a second.
Mod making just isn't simple, nor is it quick. It is satisfying to me to see the project grow and take its final shape, however. Don't want to miss that on my mod. Getting it finished...

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SinKing Aug 26 2007, 1:09am says:

Yeah Cap - I have been confusing depht-of-field and motion blur! Actually this is done alright - I just didn't get the meaning at first.
My question is, in which situation this blurring will occur, because it is a very rare, phyical phenomena (which happens when the surrounding moves faster than your eyes).
DOF on the other hand is an artistic notion, which was already used in old games, like "Outcast". DOF is what I was referring to, the motion blur is something different. It will probably make sense in some situations, but I could do without it.

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SinKing Aug 25 2007, 8:44am says:

@ FBrebion - well than it ain't done right in any game, no matter what kind it is.
Blur always occurs with the object/s you can't focus on, while the background is hardly affected. This blur however affects every kind of particle in the same way, blurring the background the same like the foreground.

This gives the impression of a flat 2D-surrounding. Almost any depht is lost.
Okay- since it will only be snippets during movement, I guess it don't matter, but this is computer blur then not real-life blur.

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SinKing Aug 25 2007, 4:33am says:

the blur is kinda strange. It should be more blurred in the foreground and less blurry in the faraway parts of the landscape, but this is an overall blur, which looks like you got oil on a camera objective.

Nice pictures though, terrain looking better than ever!

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SinKing Aug 23 2007, 1:54am says:

Sounds ravishing! I think everbody will want to participate in this.

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SinKing Aug 22 2007, 9:59am says:

ya got a gud look for your mod and you did a good job on the maps. It's good to see some mapwork and most of it fits in with your character designs.

+2 votes     article: Dream Casters' Duel Week 50 - Maps!
SinKing Aug 22 2007, 3:11am says:

Good! Big guns are needed for this game, but you are going to have to get some special-powered weapons, or this will be like playing Counter Strike with Mech.
A cool thing about Mechs is that they have so many places for guns and turrets on the body they don't need to rely on rifles, only. Fighting could really look awesome if the Mech had some sort of automated attack, which fires all the secondary weapons, while you yourself are dealing with the precise damage inflicting and strike the opponent down with a rifle.

Looking good, except the RPG, which looks a little too plain and simplistic to hit my taste just yet.

+1 vote     article: Mech Warfare Co-op News
SinKing Aug 21 2007, 8:54am says:

That is a spectacular model, good job on everything! I'm really exited about the one new map for the Tyrannosaurus! Let me guess - it will contain a jeepride and a T-Rex Chase and a miraculous escape through a fence...(?)

Looking forward to this, good thing you are hard at work again. Love the progress!


+1 vote     article: Updated T-rex
SinKing Aug 20 2007, 11:34am says:

Yeah, I sniggered at your little video. A one man strike force, eh?

Good find Jacksen0!

+1 vote     article: The Killing Fields
SinKing Aug 20 2007, 7:25am says:

Wow - you made some great progress! Why not make an update on Moddb, too?

+1 vote     game: Beyond the Red Line
SinKing Aug 20 2007, 4:38am says:

you got a nice rack, errr - computer I mean...

+1 vote     member: Gin
SinKing Aug 19 2007, 5:50am says:

Hi Upstart!

Would you be interested in concepting and modeling with and for us? I just had my main concept artist bail out of the team for some obscure reason, so I do need help - and it'll be interesting work, a lot of challenges and a big production.
We are doing something special and highly detailed, perhaps you'll join us! I have to go now, but I'd gladly talk to you more later and on msn or via PM. So see me sometime soon! This is our profile on Moddb:


+1 vote     member: Upstart
SinKing Aug 19 2007, 4:52am says:

Hell!!! How can this mod/game be possible at all? I don't understand how you manage to blow me away all the time and with every other news roundup.
This is a significant improvement over older shots and videos about the terrain. It looks much more realistic and has more depht than the older shots did. I wonder how far the part of flying around on planets goes. You will be able to build bases there, won't you? And outposts, so you can claim the planet for yourself...

Will there be some kind of intergalactic court in Infinity, which deals mainly with the ownership and property rights of people, who have their own planets? Or will things like these all come into existance in the game? It would be so cool to start out with nothing, rush into a huge chaos - like a civil war - and then see how the stronger forces put down the other armies and instal a system to bring justice to the galaxy.

I hope your engine is able to deal out more than pretty GFX, but seing the lot of care you put into this great, great mod, I'm sure it will be able to do almost anything.
Looking forward to this in 2008 and I'll also have ready one uber-computer to be able to play it on highest settings!

+1 vote     article: New terrain engine
SinKing Aug 18 2007, 9:58am says:

...indedd - that sounds fantastic. Having the jeep sounds like lots of fun to start with. Finally a T-Rex will be interesting to see ingame, too.
What I'm afraid of is the AI for raptors didn't change. The big problem was always with the AI, not with the textures for me. Raptors were easy to spot on some maps and didn't pose a problem to shoot. I

t would be cool, if the groups could react dynamically upon each other, so they would show some predator patterns, instead of growling around in some corner and jumping at you, when you pass a trigger location. That was really boring, even though it already looked good and the maps were at least interesting to look at.
You could check out Killing Floor and see how they got AI to work with players. Its impossible to play KF without getting a shiver down your back, because you just realised zombies have gotten behind you and your only escape is to shoot a way through.
It is always this feeling of being able to get away with it that lets me come back to Killing Floor and try things a different way. I'm sure writing that AI wasn't easy, but its the only game I know that manages to give you a feeling of tension and fun at the same time. If you could manage something like it for your AI, now that would be great. Not that they all behave the same way, like zombies, but that they don't just come at you waiting to be shot...I'm really curious about the next release, now!

See what good publicity can do for you? I'm gonna spread the word - hope you have lots of people joining. Please make an announcement on the mainpage when you're done with it! Thanks for reply, SK.

+1 vote     mod: Jurassic Rage
SinKing Aug 18 2007, 9:48am says:

you got some really great guns in the game. I like the flare gun and the bolter and I also like the amount of different pistols to play with and the difference they make. Also this is the best bullet time, I have seen in a long while. Looks really good.
The trailer is quite old now, I hope you get some custom sounds for the villains, because they kinda sound odd with the random zombie voice/squeal. Good mod, on my list already. Just checkin' it out again...

+1 vote     mod: Get a Life
SinKing Aug 18 2007, 9:32am says:

I really like the mood of your mod! It always looks very much like the adventure games I enjoyed so much, before FPS took over. Looks a little like the first part of the longest journey, but I'm probably just saying that cause of the snow.
What I'm wondering about is why you always post the same two images with your news announcements. Why don't you show some other pictures? Is it, because the quality of the maps is getting better and better all the time?

It seems like you reached the limit for beautiful graphics on that engine and I'm looking forward to playing the game soon. I also tried to donate 5 bucks to your paypal, only to found out that my account got suspended. I'm kinda worried what's going on, but I hope to send you this huge amount of cash later ;-).

Good game! Great you could hang on to it until perfection/gold!

+1 vote     article: Until I'm Gone: Info¬≥
SinKing Sep 12 2007, 10:02am says:

Hi San- J, I read your post about dissociative allocation of diverging realities. You might want to read the Valis Trilogy written by P.K. ****. It's not like everybody has these visions. It's just some people and they will never find out the reason why they occur.
So read the book and enjoy the life - yours!

+2 votes     member: San-J
SinKing Aug 13 2007, 1:48am says:

oh yeah, cool! You are using the original topography of the island.
Madagascar is unique and its good you are picking the parts where it really shows.

+1 vote     media: Mana Mountains
SinKing Aug 12 2007, 3:02am says:

Hello Translight,

I have received word on your interest to learn more about the Machinima we are creating. Unfortunately no art has been produced yet, but many things are in the works at the moment and you will see some change to our website and some pieces of art in the course of the week.

Check our profile on Moddb: Moddb.com

And our website, with MECHOverride being the first project: Gaiamedia.de
(some info is outdated. We will produce on Unreal 3 now)

There is lots more to know, so if you are curious, send me a message and I will reply. The textures we need aren't necessarily very detailed, but they have to enhance the rotoscope-vision and fit in our mood and story. If you'd like to read the script, I could let you have a link to it. It has a pretty surprising ending.

See you! Hope you'll help!

+1 vote     member: Translight
SinKing Aug 11 2007, 4:45pm says:

this is so beyond good, it ain't measurable. The quality at which your concepts and models come along is breathtaking. When this comes to Unreal, a LOT of people will start to learn the essence of teamplay. Including me, of course!

Can't wait for this game to be ready.
Luv + Patience

+1 vote     article: Talon 1-5
SinKing Aug 9 2007, 4:31pm says:

what do you mean? You can see the tits - or what else do you want to see? Nipples?

+1 vote     article: OpenArena 0.7.1 patch released
SinKing Aug 9 2007, 1:51pm says:

Nice collages (or matte paintings), but what do these images have to do with Madagascar - even a future one? You do perhaps know that Madagascar has unique scenery and flora and fauna, so I hope you will show some of that, too.

Otherwise just pick Sansibar, there's nothing special there, so noone would expect you to reflect upon the islands unique topography. It would be cool to see some parts of Madagascar turn to computer life, though.

+1 vote     mod: The Copernicus Project
SinKing Aug 11 2007, 4:35am says:

#Thanks for replying EvilSmiley!

Yeah, coders are the backbone of every mod, so when you are waiting on their work that's something to badly delay any kind of project. I hope you'll find the help you need, otherwise you could try and PM Myles or Gibberstein, or SanJ512 who are excellent UT04 coders. Some of them might help out, though it depends really on how much code you are changing for the project and how quickly they can fox themselves into it.

I'm sorry for sounding so angry, but if you kept up a little better with the public, I wouldn't find it necessary to pose these questions. However, you could describe some of the features that make EVOIII fantastic, since you keep saying it will be fantastic with every release. Can you post a changelog, e.g.?

Well - at least you kept it alive for so many years and seem to still actually be producing something. That's worth a moddb award for persistency. I hope this next release will rock our world and prove all the crits wrong, since this game could be great. We'll wait and see...like usually.

+1 vote     mod: Jurassic Rage
SinKing Aug 7 2007, 10:36am says:

#Yeah Myles - all on Unreal 3 now, since they finally announced the release date.

+1 vote     mod: MechOverride
SinKing Aug 7 2007, 10:27am says:

Your mod is really cool, but I'd like to state that Sallycin is already webmaster on our project MechOverride. I don't know how much time he has left to start work with your site, but he'll be back from a holiday next week.
I don't want to interfere with your work, but I'd be really unhappy, if Sally joined your team and quit working with us entirely.

0 votes     member: fldash
SinKing Aug 7 2007, 9:45am says:

The fighting on Tatooine looks pretty cool, especially when it gets mad and the only thing you see are lazors in the air. Some serious barrage ther on both sides. Only thing I would crit, is the lack of accessible buildings - it aint real fun to hold a city when you can't barricade it. Since this is WIP I guess it will be mended, or there is some other solution, I am yet unaware of.

The spacefights really look gorgeous, especially the explosions and how the x-wing move about. Tie fighters look abit lame for what they represent, they seem much more agile in the movies. The only thing that bothers me there, is that I can't see the Ties on my TFT when they are firing from a distance. Perhaps the front of the Ties should light up for a second when they fire.

Cool mod, this one! Can't wait to see some footage of Kahshyyyk and the fighting below those giant trees.

+1 vote     article: Demo trailer
SinKing Sep 18 2007, 11:49am says:

So how many doom Coop are there? Only Open Coop and LMS? I really enjoyed LMS already in the previous versions, but this looks really cool! Unfortunately Doom3 is dead for me now and I won't reinstall it any more. Still, great work with the netcode and with bringing people together 'n having fun.

+1 vote     article: Doom 3 Mod Last Man Standing Co-op 4.0 Videos!
SinKing Aug 6 2007, 7:20am says:

@ Jackson117 - how about reading the FAQ's (above on this page). It says there are no plans for letting you play as dino. Also the team has made it clear in several interviews and posts that you won't be able to play as dino.

As it looks atm - you won't be able to play this mod at all. Could someone from the team please state if this mod is still active/currently inactive/dead?
You really don't have the best PR around and noone is gonna wait another four years for the release, so if you won't get it done this year, consider yourself dead by all means. What the hell are you doing all the time? Certainly not working on the mod...

+1 vote     mod: Jurassic Rage
SinKing Aug 5 2007, 7:23pm says:

when I come to take alook at Empires, I always expect the 1.08 patch to be released. I know you people are already playing it and if my forum account would still work, I'd be doing the same (for some reason it got lost during the last server/HP change).

I feel it will be released end of August at latest. Am I a medium, or what?

+1 vote     mod: Empires
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