I've been going around as a writer, but started getting drawn into Concept Art and 3D modeling. I'm currently finishing my studies as a 3D artist and will then be let loose on the world. Beware!

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SinKing May 20 2014, 5:59pm says:

What happend with the last update? The game got so dark it isn't funny any more. It doesn't make it more realistic, just less playable. Please reconsider.

+3 votes   mod: No More Room in Hell
SinKing May 20 2014, 5:43am says:

Incredible improvement, much more believable and convincing looks and lighting. Did you add a new skybox, too?

Excellent progress man, congratulations!

+2 votes   media: NO RETURN Development Images
SinKing May 20 2014, 4:46am replied:

Of course we are going to fake the gravity transitions. Basically, you will never see the inside of these connecting pipes, they will take you from the zero-g to the 1g sections through a cutscene; it's an adventure game, after all.

It's the same with the rotation of the station, while you are in the center, the ring revolves around the station, but while you are in the ring, the station center and skybox rotate. This way the player is always in a static level.

Yeah, the 2001 Space station was about the first on my list, but this one is much, much smaller, as it is a small research station. I'm looking at ISS images for the interiors, but I guess I will compromise between realism and computer game realism. I just don't want things to look too sci-fi and futuristic.

+1 vote   media: Ouroborus_Station
SinKing May 19 2014, 4:22pm says:

And blood is so hard to clean off floors! On the bright side: at least they aren't all over the white carpet.

+3 votes   media: Killing Floor 2
SinKing May 19 2014, 4:22pm says:

Gibs, Gibs everywhere. The road could use some depth. Aren't eh normal maps working?

+1 vote   media: Killing Floor 2
SinKing May 19 2014, 4:20pm says:

Putain! C'est en Paris? ^^

Doesn't look like London to me.

+4 votes   media: Killing Floor 2
SinKing May 19 2014, 4:15pm says:

Hear, hear! Is this still developed by the original creator of Killing Floor, Alex Quick?

+1 vote   game: Killing Floor 2
SinKing May 19 2014, 6:37am replied:

Not sure I can imagine how that would look. The thing is, the small round piece on top of the left crew module already is an airlock and the station can have another one on its main body. For the story (this is for an adventure game) the station doesn't need to be larger; this is in fact a re-design from a much larger station blockout, I had made before.

I redesigned it completely, because I wasn't happy with square tiles and artificial gravity that is somehow magically generated. I want this to really work and be fun for the player. Even though there are only a couple of rooms for him to explore.

What I'm thinking is more: how to make it visually more interesting. I'm more about cosmetic improvements at this time. Thanks for commenting!

+1 vote   media: Ouroborus_Station
SinKing May 18 2014, 12:53pm says:

I take it you made new terrain with U4? Looks good. It also blends much better than before.

+1 vote   media: Night Streets Comparison (UDK vs. UE4)
SinKing May 18 2014, 12:52pm replied:

Smart man! I didn't see that when I first read the news, but I came back here to write exactly the same thing. EPIC is gonna sell a shitload of subscriptions this way and they don't even have to make a game.

+1 vote   article: Unreal Tournament - Announcement
SinKing May 18 2014, 11:35am replied:

That would be interesting, as I am also developing with U4 and could perhaps become helpful in some other ways, too. Plus, I could check out unpackaged stuff, if that is easier (I haven't checked the pubishing procedure in U4 yet. Don't know how difficult it is to bake a project, compared to UDK)

I sent you my contact details in a PM. Thanks for the kind words!

+1 vote   article: Dev Update #7 - May '14: Unreal 4 Migration Progress!
SinKing May 18 2014, 11:17am says:

Perhaps I should call it the Stapler gun then. No wait, that already exits.

Personally, the stapler picture reminds me of Alien. Let's hear what Alien reminds you of!

+1 vote   media: Ily_30_Mag
SinKing May 18 2014, 10:32am says:

Awesome ;)

+1 vote   media: TerraTech screenshot
SinKing May 17 2014, 9:47pm says:

How did you make those lovely arrows? Much nicer than my handpainted arrows in storyboards (I try avoiding those now).

+1 vote   media: First Strike Storyboards
SinKing May 17 2014, 9:46pm says:

So they are gonna use this as backgrounds for greenscreen? If so, how do they get the actors to reflect on the floor? I guess one way would be to do it exactly like with fake reflections - just mirror the actors and have them walk upside down.

+1 vote   media: Imperial Hangar
SinKing May 17 2014, 9:43pm replied:

If you wanted it really badly, you could make a semi transparent floor and mirror the scene on the other side ^^

Of course if wouldn't be great for the framerate, but still cheaper than creating a material that reflects everything in realtime. IDK about BF2142'S engine, why wouldn't it be able to reflect objects? Cubemaps are old technology and to my understanding most engines (even older ones) can use them. If there are no reflections in BF2142, it was probably for optimization purpose.

+1 vote   media: Shuttle Landing
SinKing May 17 2014, 9:33pm replied:

None of the things I encountered were game-breaking or even diminishing the fun. This is a very cool concept with tons of potential. The few things I observed should not keep anyone from trying TerraTech. It's really cute too.

+2 votes   game: TerraTech
SinKing May 17 2014, 6:02pm says:

Wow, I should be a gametester ^^. First I chose the 1920x1200 resolution + "fabulous" settings and got some gamma messup; this is my screen's native resolution though. The game was overbright, so I quit. Restarted in lower settings + resolution and it worked fine.

Except I somehow managed not to trigger the regular game and instructions and just drove around for a while, shooting at plants. I was wondering what to do and restarted again and then everything worked normal. I don't know where the error was, it wasn't anything big, but somehow I managed to screw with your game ^^

And then it was fun, but whenever I pick up the stuff, another car comes to annoy me. So I hung around the same spot, fighting 3 cars in a row and quit. It's pretty cool though, I can see how the game is fun and can get a lot of expansions to keep it fun for years. Unity driving physics aint so bad either, but sometimes I missed a feeling of weight. I want to be able to ram into a guy and not only shoot him. If my car is heavier than his, it should do some damage.

+3 votes   game: TerraTech
SinKing May 16 2014, 9:16am replied:

What do you mean? This is realtime again, in Unreal Engine 4. I didn't make any special material, just the Diff, Norm, Spec + 2 constant nodes that deal with metallic and roughness settings.

I thought about some variation for colors too. Might do that someday, because it could completely restyle the weapon. Imagine Camo on this. Would look weird, so it's worth tryin' out ^^

The clean texture you are refering to was just the unfinished version of this one. If I remove the top layer with the design elements it is all still under there. Textures are 2K for the diffuse, 1k for everything else.

+1 vote   media: Ilyagi MC30 final texture!
SinKing May 16 2014, 8:53am replied:


Did I convince you, or was that planned anyway?

+1 vote   media: NO RETURN Slight Graphics Update
SinKing May 16 2014, 8:50am replied:

I find this engine can compare to Unity and the workflow looks more hands on and practical than anything Crytek ever did. If I compare to Unreal 4 that's only because the engine is my daily bread. And U4 is simply amazing, yet still unfinished itself (e.g. Slate) . And there are hundreds of people working at Epic, while Dragonlord does it by himself. Imagine what 100 Dragonlords could create ^^

I also sent him some assets to see what the dirty materials would look like and how they compare. What would really make my day, is a modular material editor, such as Unreal uses or what I use in Maya. It's just so much more practical making shaders that way.

+1 vote   article: World Editor Preview Video
SinKing May 15 2014, 8:30pm replied:

I thank you, and remembered to hit "track this game", which I forgot during my first visit.

+3 votes   article: Dev Diary: Designing TerraTech's vehicle building blocks
SinKing May 15 2014, 4:22pm says:

Beautiful and smart work here, good article!

Can you tell me which vehicles that are in the moodboard images? The one that looks like the Beetle on monsterwheels and the van on those offroad wheels both look awesome. Is that an S1203 Van perhaps? I'm always looking for cool stuff to model like that.

+3 votes   article: Dev Diary: Designing TerraTech's vehicle building blocks
SinKing May 15 2014, 3:10pm replied:

... he says on the one picture where the textures don't match up ^^

Thanks man! I guess someday I'll move that yellow/black stripe down a notch, so the back edges line up. It's fine on the other side. It's a quick change, but the normal map needs the same treatment, and I'm alreadybusy elsewhere. Once you get to the point where the technical side is no problem any more, you just want to model more and more ^^

+1 vote   media: Ilyagi MC30 final texture!
SinKing May 15 2014, 3:06pm says:

When is this coming to the standalone? I always liked the train map in the old FOF, but this looks even more varied.

+1 vote   media: Featuring 2 new maps in version 3.9
SinKing May 15 2014, 9:32am says:

What happened to "we know our rights and would never release something we don't know we have the rights to!". That was (in my own words) the bold statement when Mass Destruction was still coming out with Duke Nukem. Bombshell can be a support character, but as a heroine she will be tough to sell. I know I don't want her.

As much as I want to support Interceptor, I think they disappointed more people than just me by caving in to Gearbox (again). Oh also: **** Gearbox! Seriously, how many games are they gonna bring down without offering anything of their own!

+4 votes   media: Introducing Bombshell
SinKing May 15 2014, 6:36am says:

Excellent idea there. All stolen from Valve lol, but EPIC is doing things well enough to stand on their own. I think for the common player it is too difficult to work with the editor, unless there will be a simplified version for UT.

This is a great idea, because it will let us mod the UT we want to see. After all, some of the best features in UT are derived from some of its mods. And its mutators were fun in the past, so this is like 1000x that.

+1 vote   article: Unreal Tournament - Announcement
SinKing May 14 2014, 10:59am says:

Looking good. I did like the flying bears from back a while though. They just made me chuckle every time.

+2 votes   game: Brutal Nature
SinKing May 14 2014, 10:22am says:

Wasn't5 it cool they gave Unreal 4 for free to all us guys, who had bought UDK? I still can't believe I am subscribed until the end of 2015, just for my support of UDK. You'd be fools not to upgrade engines, seing all the ease and power Unreal 4 adds to making games. I congratulate you on the switch!

Also, this house has nice attention to detail! These rocks look like they make sense there, but you could probably do with 20-25% fewer rocks; it would still look good, perhaps better. And those woodplanks on the roof look very thick+heavy. Wouldn't that bend the roof slightly, due to weight? But honestly...who would remodel that? It looks alright as it is and I'm always criticising things that don't matter much when it comes to gameplay. Nobody goes around inspecting environments, during a fight.

+1 vote   article: Dev Update #7 - May '14: Unreal 4 Migration Progress!
SinKing May 14 2014, 7:52am replied:

I like this! I really like the dynamic lighting in e.g. Cryengine. I can work with simpler meshes than in Unreal Engine, where every mesh has to be closed/convex, as not to confuse the lightmapper.

I think the problem I see may be more with your current materials and textures than with the lighting itself. These very clean and straight textures just have a slightly artificial look to it. So, the lighting is probably great from what I've read here, just some assets that really show it off aren't there. Maybe I can supply you with the gun model I recently made (because it has a nice materiality+textures) and you could see how it renders in your editor. I just recently put it in U4 and it looks great and just like I wanted. The materials are definitely one thing I liked about UDK and like even better about U4. But your engine is just so cool and it is made by you, which I still find absolutely impressive!

+1 vote   article: World Editor Preview Video
SinKing Oct 21 2014, 5:35am says:

You have a private leak -^? Wild stuff!
Looking good guys.

+1 vote   media: Leaked OverDose Early Alpha Gameplay Sort Of Stuff
SinKing Sep 4 2014, 12:13am says:

Makes me miss real acades, actually. It looks so awesome and we've had similar stuff in my town in the 90's. Just not as leet as yours :)

+1 vote   article: Now Available on Steam - Anarchy Arcade
SinKing Aug 17 2014, 3:58pm replied:

Dude, I had that problem and finally got my provider to send me a technician. It seems like these fast connections run on several "strands" (lines), so if some of them are severed, it keeps shutting off. Technician fixed it completely and I cursed myself for not getting it done earlier. If you have a similar problem, get it fixed now! You'll be happy, too.

+2 votes   article: The Gate II has been released!
SinKing Aug 16 2014, 11:20am replied:

Yeah, his stuff has "character" that's what I really like about it the most. It's almost like Matt's dudes are ready to whisper out the story of their life at you.

Will there be new animations at some point too?

+4 votes   media: [Beta 1.08] New Blood
SinKing Aug 13 2014, 9:11pm says:

CrazyMatt is still at it? I liked his work for insurgency and think he's great.

+5 votes   media: [Beta 1.08] New Blood
SinKing Aug 12 2014, 6:43pm says:

Very Gangsta with the pistols ^^

I wonder where he takes those pistols from, since I thought they were coming from 2 holsters around his chest. But the way these pistols are crossed after drawing them, seems odd. I mean, it looks kinda cool, but there is really no way to pull them out like that. How does that look from 3rd person/other players?

+1 vote   media: CSO Series Weapons Test
SinKing Jun 16 2014, 9:09am replied:

"****" and "Fresh" seem to have similar Glyphs in Chinese. I've seen stuff like "**** Vegetables" on photos of Chinese supermarket signs.

As to the exploding - no idea ^^

+1 vote   media: Funny Chinese mistranslations
SinKing Jun 16 2014, 8:09am says:

I know how he planned this! He took a coffecup ("to-go"), a squished, rolled up towel and stood them together.

Then his artful eye found that something is missing and he flipped a christal bowl and put it on top of the cup. Done! That's art-chitecture.

+1 vote   media: Smile or just smile.
SinKing May 31 2014, 11:35pm says:

Do I have to pick up its poo? Because, you know, judging from the size I'm gonna need a bigger inventory for poobags ;)

+1 vote   media: Dog Type 1
SinKing May 13 2014, 3:29pm replied:

Yeah, there is no use implementing things which don't work yet, but will be no problem in the future.

A few things about lighting and AO you mentioned. 1)In real life, shadows are always fading out towards the edge and get darker towards the shadow origin. You can see, e.g. how a table leg throws a sharp and opaque shadow at its origin and then fades more and more with the remaining color. Soft Shadows are expensive, however it seems you have them in areas that are enclosed by shadow, but you don't have that towards the edge (of the shadow).

You are saying the values represent sRGB luminance, however your scene is rendered in Realtime (with Physical Based Lighting? I guess), which uses linear values, i.e. 32 bit images. So which image lights this scene and what bitdepth does it have?

Maybe this is too specific, so don't feel obliged to answer. I'm just wondering if some of the features could be made to look even better. I mean - no offense - it is a great looking engine with lots of tools and features, but the lighting is not yet convincing me. How would you go about adding a lightmapper though, if it is all in realtime? And why would you. My head is gonna explode and so will this comment. In 5...4...3..2...1..

+1 vote   article: World Editor Preview Video
SinKing Dec 11 2013, 9:00am says:

T(H)anks for voting?!

+3 votes   article: Thanks for Voting!
SinKing Oct 15 2013, 11:00am says:

Yeah, I have seen his stuff, but most of it is very old and not exactly working with UDK (like all his shortcuts for UDK ^^) However, the modeling etc. tips are all still pretty good.

It has just been a pain learning all about the lightmaps and modularity for buildings. UDK did some pretty ****** stuff during lightmapping. What I know now is that it is best to have as few pieces of possbile when building something modular. It also makes sense to plan and build the whole thing first and then start with UVs and making materials.

+1 vote   media: NY_style_old_skyscraper
SinKing Oct 8 2013, 9:34am says:

It's strange - now I have these problems with Mega a friend of mine had. It just doesn't finish its downloads. After I do get it finished, the data is corrupt. I also tried the download to file option via my Mega Account.

Both types aren't working, so it'd be nice if you upload the demo to Moddb or some other site, so we have an alternative download.

+1 vote   article: a classical survival DEMO´n
SinKing Oct 5 2013, 9:35am says:

Strange - I only thought about this mod two days ago. And now there is an update! A sign of god, clearly! Time to frag some carebears.

+2 votes   article: Bisounours Party 5 is out now!
SinKing Sep 27 2013, 2:58pm says:

I'd go along the lines you went with Pirates of the Carribean: give us lots of freedom on seas and quite a few options on land. I really liked having my own island/villages and being able to expand my business as well as plundering/damaging my enemy. The whole running a business aspect is interesting to me. If it is pirate business or rum and spice trade isn't that important to me.

That makes me think, since the game is multiplayer, there could be clans or factions, so you would automatically have standoff situations, just because some chose pirates and others merchants. Add the different nations with their shaky alliances and you get something massive. Like GTA on seas - complete with multiplayer. A sandbox game.

+2 votes   article: Hearts of Oak: Survey Results
SinKing Sep 10 2013, 6:36am says:

So are you gonna stream the map, or is it all loaded? I guess streaming is the only option, right? But then you need a checkpoint system, which could be done with the camps you build. It's an interesting concept. I play a lot of Dayz, but the zombies aren't nearly menacing enough and survival is far too easy. The only fear there is getting shot by another guy.

+1 vote   article: Spetember 9th 2013 'NO RETURN' News
SinKing Jul 30 2013, 6:43am says:

Epic trailer :)!

8 years well spent, I'd say. Thank you for hanging in there!

+5 votes   article: Project Reality: BF2 v1.0 Preload and Trailer
SinKing Jul 27 2013, 6:39pm says:

Huh? where does this tile? I see two walls, two doors (mirrored) and pillars and the floor. If the units are that large you can just position them on the 0,0,0 in your editor and go for a Power of 2 size. Maya and UDK grid are the same 2cm=1 UU, so it snaps perfectly.

If the units are smaller than what I said, e.g. if the wall is made from 3 tiles that would be awesome. Because whenever I try that I get a slight shadow from the lightmap bake on the edge of an open mesh. I really need to figure out why that happens. I snap the lightmap Uv to the grid and it's big enough...should work.

+3 votes   article: Character Customisation in Bushido: Build your own Samurai
SinKing Jul 21 2013, 7:28pm says:

Intersting! I apreciate the explanation. So I take it you made a Ltd or something of the kind for your studio?

Idk, I keep thinking about these things and I believe it would help so much to take a project into a serious direction to actually feel like everyone belongs to the same company. I'm just a little anxious to get it all started.

+1 vote   article: Our Kickstarter Is Coming!
SinKing May 22 2013, 7:44pm says:

Is she starting to cast a fire spell or what's that in her hand?

+1 vote   media: Well, I am sorry for posting tons at once, but...
SinKing Apr 1 2013, 5:02pm says:

I thought this might actually be some idea that wasn't done yet. Since we've seen everything else in Star Wars mods, I actually considered it a plausible idea.

+7 votes   article: April update - check out our new pilot! [APRIL FOOLS!]
SinKing Nov 25 2012, 4:54pm says:

Why doesn't he ever fight the rats, is he too chicken ^^ ?

Good work, though the fight mechanims feel a little too much like simulation. It's looking a bit clumsy, which breaks the immersion with the rest of the good looking game. Of course that may be the tradeoff worth making, if the rest of the game is done interestingly.

+2 votes   media: Developers Diary #2- Fight and AI
SinKing Oct 10 2012, 2:49pm says:

...btw - the lighting error in this model were produced due to the import settings. I later followed this tutorial and got clean results (see update of asset):


+2 votes   media: med_oven
SinKing Oct 4 2012, 7:14am says:

Fantastic looking concepts - and all just pen and paper. Impressive!

+1 vote   media: Alliance harvester concept
SinKing Sep 16 2012, 6:21am says:

Wow! That's great for you, congratulations! Greenlight is starting to get on the right track. Can you describe a little bit how this will change/help your development? Will it help financing the development, too?

+3 votes   article: Kenshi is now Greenlighted!
SinKing Sep 14 2012, 3:58am says:

If you wanna give us a treat, post normal and diffuse maps and a wireframe, too. This is what makes these updates intersting - to see into the true development.

+1 vote   media: Renders/Screenshots
SinKing Sep 13 2012, 4:31am says:

-4 votes? People who voted don't seem to recognise sarcasm, until it is delivered with the biased narrator's voice. I always liked the narrators arrogance, but looking down on the feeble minded is best enjoyed in small doses.

-1 votes   article: The Stanley Parable: HD Remix is now on Greenlight!
SinKing Aug 14 2012, 8:37am says:

I like the name of the map. Like what you did with the city sign. I didn't get player progression entirely on this map. Seems like there are no things/switches that you need to do, in order to progress. Yet, looks good! Questions will be answered during playthrough anyway:)

+1 vote   article: ZPS 2.3 Update Live!
SinKing Jul 21 2012, 7:26pm says:

Interesting. Why doesn't the engine have physics? Does it cost too much cpu power to calculate everything if it's not hardcoded? I think this is amazing to hear, since GTA always felt like random things happen. That's something I always felt and surprises me to hear is nowhere near physically accurate.

So interaction between any objects that may appear physical is just a hardcoded set of variables? Shouldn'that mean you can exactly repeat something in the same way, if you don't deviate from how you did it the first time?

Also, good video, interesting project :)

+2 votes   article: new gameplay video
SinKing Jun 25 2012, 2:08pm says:

I reinstalled OG after almost a year of not trying any builds and I pressed "v" when checking out the button mapping. Had to laugh so hard and kept pressing it. What the hell is that button for ^^? These spikes of humor that show even in minute aspects of the game design make it so enjoyable for me.

+2 votes   article: New Overgrowth a183 video devlog
SinKing Jun 23 2012, 8:04am says:

In games there is rarely character development - which is the essence of most good (movie) screenplays. Story is not about explaining it all. It's about grounding the mood with a believable background.

I think to make most of the game as a physics simulation is extremely ambitious and a great idea. However, I wouldn't propose doing it with this game, but something else - maybe a funner game. The problem is the feature instantly makes me think of Team America or Thunderbirds. String Puppets may be the way for Pharaos to work their goons, but they don't appear scary at all; rather funny and disoriented.

I'd also suggest thinking about mobile/browser market. As much as I liked CURSE for HL2, I can't yet see the same coherence in this new game. Visually it can't hold a candle to the prior version and the new grittyness isn't represented well through the choice of textures and lighting. It all looks a bit flat and not rich and diverse like the original Curse. Maybe that's just all because it is early on, but if I were you, I'd question some parts of the design and hire an artist to work over some of your existing designs.

I know this post is long and maybe a bit unjust criticism, but don't take it that way. You have come this far and are that talented with so many things. It's cool you are trying this drection, but the game's concept is a bit unclear to me. It tries to do a lot of things, but a lot of it is hard to grasp. Imagine I told you I was making a game with a nameless motorcycle ghost hunter, who goes back to slay string puppets in Egypt - with a ball. That does sound like it's comedy. A little bit like Brütal Legend. Yet it is trying something different. And that's why you need character and a story, if you want to go down the deep and dark alley wihtout being generic.

+1 vote   article: Curse : Episode I.
SinKing Jun 11 2012, 4:17am says:

Is that the famed Beast renderer at work? One thing about Unity is that it really fosters originality, because devs don't aim at making it as real a possible, but rather look for artistic solutions. So the games often look more original than their sophisticated counterparts (e.g. Trine), albeit not as beautiful.

I think you got an interesting development going on. The last time I played a comparable game was on my C64 I think. Some kind of Robinson game.
The only thing I'd change is the size of the foreground black blobs. They often seem too flat, instead of giving the picture depth. Instead make two blobs with slightly lighter shading on the one and size them both down a bit. It will still look like intended, but won't be flat looking.
Overall I admire the teams that can put an original artstyle at the base of their production, because they make the best progress and produce the most original looks. Your project is one of those, for sure! Watching!

+2 votes   article: Under the Ocean - Alpha Updates
SinKing Jun 5 2012, 8:58am says:

I think it's Knight Industries, not Knight's. Looks cool .

+1 vote   article: Goliath All Scripting 100% Done
SinKing Apr 26 2012, 4:34am says:

Warning! to some this post may contain spoilers, but very mild ones.

the game is brilliant in this form. In the old mod you could bunnyhop all over the place and some friend of mine thought that was the best thing about it. People really need to listen and get into the mood and this works great with the imagery provided.

I always find it peculiar how people say "ohh these maps are so realistic" when they talk about the game. The cave and even the exteriors bare a strong sense of surrealism to me. The island situation gives it the encapsulated feel and the voice does the rest. I think that's the main success of Dear Esther. It makes you takes a surreal situation for real and learn that you were wrong, as the story unfolds.

+3 votes   article: Dear Esther Released on Desura
SinKing Apr 18 2012, 3:01am says:

I love this mod. Chinatown is my favorite map, but Isolated could be good, if it was possible to determine where which zone is. Spray some letters on the wall and ground...

+2 votes   article: NMRiH Beta 1.04 Download Live!
SinKing Apr 1 2012, 8:47am says:

Lensflares are a bit odd, don't you think? It's something I connect more with sci-fi, since the eye doesn't produce flares of any kind. Seems like a few odd thing are in the mix here, but I'm not informed enough to say more. Looks good.

+1 vote   article: Blackreef Pirates - Multiplayer pirate FPS? (with video)
SinKing Feb 7 2012, 5:17am says:

I had been wondering how he made these concepts, until I reached "they are made in 3D". What an awesome job!And how much work for the artist to model, texture, skin, just so the modeller can take it to the next level; maybe too much work to begin with, but the results speak for themselves.

I recognize some of the parts I see in the weapons, the grip of the pistol looks familiar,etc. So did he first start collecting pieces of real guns and make a collague or where do these guns come from ^^

Great job, very unique and if you get characters to match this stlye, it will be most intersting to see where the universe of this game goes.

+3 votes   article: Mist of Stagnation: 8 Weeks of Updates - Week 4
SinKing Jan 25 2012, 6:09am says:

ahh, my mistake sry issued you one negative karma point. Will make it up to you :)


lots of my stuff can be seen here, too. Often revised a little:http://www.cgpad.info/forum/bo-sketchbook-t2218p2.html

+1 vote   media: 2_new
SinKing Jan 9 2012, 12:44am says:

I'm always amazed at how modern the German tanks look compared to those cute babies. But the Sherman had one benefit - there were many of them.

0 votes   media: M3A1 M4A1
SinKing Oct 24 2011, 10:01am says:

yeah, there is a distance texture for the terrain, which is the same size as the heightmap - in my case 2048x2048 Pixel. You can make texturemaps up to 16k for Cryengine.

+1 vote   media: ingame_detail
SinKing Aug 26 2011, 10:06am says:

Good luck! Screenshots are looking good, and I think the lighting is pretty realistic. They have a special look to them, too. Night is dark and lights can be beacons in the darkness. As long as not every scene looks like this, and if I can see what I need to to progress, it's fine.

+3 votes   article: Kwaidan - A Story to Start It All
SinKing Aug 6 2011, 5:10am says:

Did you somehow stitch these together or changed FOV to make these 360° pics? They are really good!

+1 vote   media: Open Beta 1.6 release media
SinKing May 23 2011, 4:16pm says:

Good Lord, it's like 3 ships :)
At the beginning of the video the hissing sails sound like an evil chuckle.

+1 vote   media: Black Pearl Battle
SinKing May 1 2011, 2:24am says:

Why do I think "French" game when I see this? Are you French? I guess it's because the style of your character reminds me of Franquin. Ok, Franko-Belgium, then. Are you a Franko-Belgian team ;)?

+2 votes   article: Lucas
SinKing Mar 14 2011, 6:28am says:

The bad artists imitate, the great artists steal ;)

Nice going, love Doom 3 mods. Some really crack stuff found in D3 mods.

+1 vote   media: Sand-Box/Tutorial
SinKing Mar 1 2011, 9:02am says:

I'm missing a kick to the nuts as finisher ;)

+2 votes   article: BreakingTheRules announcement
SinKing Jan 18 2011, 2:15am says:

It'd really be interesting to learn more about IsoTX business model. I wonder, how they make money on their games. Somehow they must, or else there wouldn't be so many games produced in so little time.

+3 votes   article: Iron Grip: Marauders Has Launched
SinKing Oct 20 2010, 5:31pm says:

no explanation whatsoever, huh? Good fun!

Video looks great it just seems a bit surprising when you die. I canot figure out the HUD. Maybe you can write a little "explanation" for it? Great to see you're still working. And this seem like a perfect match for Unity.

+1 vote   article: Lift News - 30
SinKing Oct 11 2010, 7:12am says:

Cool buildings - impressive workload! Congratz on the release!

+2 votes   article: SimMars Beta 3 released
SinKing Oct 6 2010, 2:33pm says:

There are different type of ammo, since Athena itself can be used as gunpowder. You will learn more about Athena Lore with new updates. Some of it is in the Athena Quickguid, which you can find under "Downloads".

+1 vote   media: M124 SMG
SinKing Oct 3 2010, 5:10pm says:

only aged 100 - you youngster!

+2 votes   member: solvalou
SinKing Sep 14 2010, 1:56pm says:

concept idea. nothing definitive. I'm just trying to come up with some original architecture for some of the maps.

+1 vote   media: temple of law
SinKing Sep 13 2010, 4:59am says:

Yeah Booman, I was thinking that, too. It shouldn't be too hard and would liven up the very dark left side of the picture. However, this is a production shot for a map of Athena, so I wanted it to be as clear as possible. I also produced a top shot of this picture (and more) for the mapper.

Perhaps I'll do that next. Since we can use vehicles and scripted scenes for AI, there could be some traffic going on. I think some cars would also help with the scale, finding out how large things are. Thanks for your c+c!

+1 vote   media: City_night
SinKing Sep 11 2010, 12:50pm says:

Well, you could turn around like you would in real life, but where's the fun in that? It would also make the game really short ;)

+1 vote   media: Zones Concept
SinKing Sep 2 2010, 2:05am says:

Yeah, this one was purely paint on canvas, no other sources involved. So is the next one (Los Muertos). What I'm trying to get used is using perspective lines. I should probably work on the contrast, but the effect of this painting is what often happened with old cameras an analog film. The particles on the film stopped being so light responsive and couldn't get those dark values any more. However, I realize that for a 1920's jungle painting, I'd better find a fitting vignette, possibly in 5-10% grey (and not black).

+1 vote   media: Jungle
SinKing Aug 31 2010, 6:29pm says:

A layer effects. I only use them for the contour which I put around most of my paintings (If I don't forget it, like here)

+1 vote   media: Athena Zones
SinKing Aug 31 2010, 6:07pm says:

Because they have roots, which go deep underground. In Spain you'll see a lot of dry ground and green trees. Also, this is a foliage test, not a biology lesson.

Looks great!

+4 votes   media: second test
SinKing Aug 30 2010, 11:29am says:

Great video! Underwater is a scary place.

+3 votes   article: Look ma, news!
SinKing Aug 21 2010, 4:04am says:

Days? To be fair it's been a couple of weeks now. I've been working on this concept for a couple of days alone ;)

Thanks for the kind words, Ill try to raise the bar even higher with future concepts.

+1 vote   media: Athena_Distillery
SinKing Aug 8 2010, 2:38pm says:

You employ shapes very well. I am often missing a forground in your images, which would give the paintings a sense of real depth and perspective.

+1 vote   media: Science Fiction
SinKing Jul 29 2010, 1:38am says:

I have to find time to play. Dammit, the list of mods I love is getting longer all the time - when am I supposed toplay them all ;)?

Great work, this is one of the great mods where you can win through skills and just have lots of chaotical fun.

+2 votes   article: Beta 3.0 released.
SinKing Jun 19 2010, 4:36am says:

Looks good. The overall Design of this game is more refined than that of some AAA titles. Nothing too original visually (in environments), but there is enough originality in the gameplay.

I'm a little bit concerned, because last time (2 weeks ago) I ran the game, I had some sound (loop) glitches, the wooden targets didn't load and the engine still stutters and feels somehow fragile to me, as if I could put a fist through every wall.

I hope a lot of things get optimized, because Natural Selection 2 draws more resources at the moment than e.g. Just Cause 2 does. Looking forward to the Alpha, though! I hope I'll be playing this map.

+1 vote   article: Design of ns2_tram
SinKing Jun 12 2010, 12:47pm says:

Another update to make us proud ;)
Nice work guys, nice work!

+1 vote   article: New Detail Texturing Added
SinKing Jun 6 2010, 4:57am says:

One thing I always miss in diving/swimming animation is the thrust forward after each set of movements. There is perpetual movement and there should be acceleration. Acceleration should be seen after every stroke and then speed would recline again.

Everything does look good though. Without a singleplayer in development this game really makes fast progress. I think it's a wise choice to keep it as simple as you can. Lots to learn here!

One thing I always wonder about are upgrades. While, in theory, there is plenty of equipment available to the divers, all the sharks could get is improved health and abilities.

+1 vote   article: Vision Talk
SinKing Jun 6 2010, 4:46am says:

I just hope they didn't bake a real Playstation 3 into this...

+1 vote   media: Hanako Game Case Cake
SinKing May 19 2010, 4:53am says:

I like how claustrophobic things get in the corridors. This map looks like a real castle for once and not overblown like in most games.

Still thinking you should tone down on the lights. But great work!

+1 vote   article: Thievious Work In Progress Update 4
SinKing May 19 2010, 4:06am says:

that's great. now at least there can be a community for really modding this game. Do you think it will be able to make total conversions with the Path Engine, in the future?

I wonder how much more the tools are going to be developed. It would of course be great to get a hold of the map-editor Avalanche studio uses. However, I doubt that can be cound anywere or recreated. Modding the island itself should be fun enough, for a while.

+1 vote   article: Download the Just Cause 2 mod tools!
SinKing May 12 2010, 3:03am says:

Zombie Orca would be scary - but then again: what would it do, splash you with zombie water?

+1 vote   media: Brochure Side B
SinKing May 10 2010, 4:57am says:

What you got against line battles? It's a different kind of game and when you got a good commander they are quite fun. Of course there is much more strategy involved in those maps, than in the capture the flag ones. However, some people (like me) like that.

+2 votes   download: Line Battle Map Pack 1 for BG2 2.0
SinKing Apr 24 2010, 3:15am says:

Brummbär = Growling Bear

Brummbar= nothing

so what's it called?

+2 votes   article: German Engineering
SinKing Apr 22 2010, 12:37am says:

I watched Red Dawn lately. That is soooo 80's
If you can re-create some silly eighties things like ugly patterns on clothes and the mullet-hair (on civilians) you'll be really close to thoses days. Oh yeah and don't forget some cool stuff in the shops, which was hip at those days. There is no end to props!

+2 votes   media: Riot Shields and AKM ingame
SinKing Apr 17 2010, 4:35am says:

Man, real space battle will be boring - without all the explosions.

This is nice ;)

+1 vote   media: March Screenshots
SinKing Mar 1 2010, 2:26am says:

so what's he worried about - he's wearing shark-proof armor ;)

+4 votes   media: The Hunter
SinKing Jan 28 2010, 1:54am says:

Reminds me of Arma, except the fantastic outer space transition. Looking forward to info on that!
This would be the greatest engine for a Stargate kind of game, or an entirely new franchise of a future world at war (like a big Planetstorm game).
P.S.: on their website you can see the transition to outer space.

+1 vote   article: Outerra Engine Progress
SinKing Dec 12 2009, 4:54am says:

The "video" is four seconds long?! Couldn't you put up something longer?
It serves its point though you have to re-watch it to actually get the atmosphere.
Reminds me a little of erie Tim Burton stuff so that's good. What I didn't like are the flickering textures and the way she holds that guitar. If you test it, I bet you can't hold an electric guitar like that for more than 30 seconds.
A neutral pose before "attack" mode would be good. Perhaps she could even strum some songs and sing, if you pause the game or stop walking for a while...

+2 votes   article: Encore! December 09' Update
SinKing Dec 8 2009, 8:16am says:

I know all of that and I have played every version so far - for at least half an hour. However, not so much the keys assigned to them, but the game mechanics themselves turned me down. Also, I don't want to save every ten seconds out of fear of doing something wrong, or tapping the wrong combination.

-2 votes   article: Kreedz Climbing Beta4.2 Christmas Release
SinKing Nov 8 2009, 4:02am says:

Now that UDK has been released Hegi and his men can fly!

+1 vote   media: v3 pre release pics
SinKing Nov 8 2009, 3:59am says:

Ah how cool - I was just thinking about playing some Haunted today :)

+1 vote   article: The Haunted: 3.0 Pre Release!
SinKing Nov 2 2009, 5:08am says:

Incredibly cool looking mod with a unique atmosphere. Looks more appealing to me than Killing Floor.
Every time I think nothing else is going to come and uninstal Ut04, I have to reinstal the damn game for something like this! Hopefully there will be that many great mods for the new UT, too!

+1 vote   article: Out Of Hell RELEASED
SinKing Oct 25 2009, 2:48am says:

don't forget to shout "Pazaaaaak" when you win a round ;)

0 votes   article: Developer Diary #22
SinKing Oct 16 2009, 1:22am says:

If it doesn't crash while doing all of this then Cryengine is miles ahead of Unreal now. Scalable, in Crytek's case, actually means something. I remember Crysis looked decent on my old PC with just a few pop-up glitches, while Unreal 3 without post-processing looked worse than UT2004 . Maybe it is time to take a look at Sandbox...

+3 votes   article: Crytek releases CryENGINE® 3
SinKing Sep 14 2009, 1:34pm says:

Beautiful work and great trailer. This is so well put together that I sometimes forgot I was watching game footage.

+2 votes   article: Release Date - 1/10-2009
SinKing Sep 13 2009, 5:37am says:

I'll be playing this if there is a release for S.A. - not this early release. I think it's cool they develop the mod for S.A., too. How much different can it be? San Andreas must give you much better options for additional (smaller vehicles) such as hoverboards and skateboard.

+2 votes   download: Back to the Future SA Mini Mod
SinKing Aug 25 2009, 4:12am says:

I like this WSIP feature! More accessible than the podcasts, more frequent than a review and nice and short. Makes you remember to try mods you might simply have forgotten about.

+3 votes   article: WSIP: Dreamball
SinKing Aug 18 2009, 11:36am says:

Fine concept artist!

+1 vote   media: Starbase 3
SinKing Aug 11 2009, 5:25am says:

I like this, it's very evocative. Do you have narration in the game? I think it might be a nice feat, at least as an option.

+1 vote   article: Tales from the Riverbank
SinKing Jul 25 2009, 6:03am says:

Cool Characters and good pricing. Brings some diversity to the players and adds variation to the looks. I do miss a new woman character, though, she was always one of my favorites.

+3 votes   article: Killing Floor DLC
SinKing Jul 23 2009, 6:36pm says:

Spawn some flowers, there is too much concrete. And a pink carpet...spawn a pink carpet! Tush.
When will you come to the real stuff?

+1 vote   media: Modular Combat v1.75 Preview #3
SinKing Jul 6 2009, 5:46am says:

Under water they have to make bubbles ;)

Very cool, especially when you consider close combat and different from surface physics.

+1 vote   media: Playtest Impressions June IV
SinKing Jun 25 2009, 6:11am says:

Would be interesting to know why you bought a license in the first place, since you are creating a free game. I would think people would rather chose one of the renowned engines with good documentation than TGE.

+1 vote   article: Dave's straight up engine review
SinKing Jun 23 2009, 5:47pm says:

Hmm, I could swear there were two other commments here, when I looked yesterday. Commercial games on Spring - IDK, why make a commercial game on a free engine? That feels like cheating, when other people create better engines from scratch.
However, the game does look original and judging from what I can see you put a lot of work into creating content and tweaking the engine. So I guess there is nothing wrong with making a few dollars, though I see this more in the 5-8$ range than above. Have you seen what games you get on Steam for 14,95$?

+1 vote   article: P.U.R.E. 1.2 Released!
SinKing Jun 2 2009, 5:27pm says:

Will the most evil German of all times be in it, too?
Kaiser Wilhelm III

+1 vote   article: June Update
SinKing May 27 2009, 4:46pm says:

I think you need some more lights in the scene, perhaps a little less rain, so we can see how good the Catwoman mesh looks and experience the city better.

Thumbs up, I like the beginning! Will the weather change and will there be day/nightcycles or is it always raining and grey skies?

+2 votes   member: titobruni
SinKing May 26 2009, 2:03pm says:

I like how he is trying to hold it between his palms ;)

+1 vote   article: Update 8-The sawn-off shotgun finished & skinned!
SinKing May 23 2009, 4:23am says:

So every vehicle has the "airscrew" for propellation, or is it just generally steam powered and orientally themed? The different factions will have different styles, I guess.

That's nice to see it would be better, if the black outline on meshes faded away after a certain distance.

+1 vote   article: Project Update 2
SinKing May 9 2009, 5:27am says:

Cool! I was curious about playing the game,so the Alpha-release is a great opportunity. I think you'r doing the right things to build up a fanbase.

"The GUI guy writes your code while he is on the TOILET." Not Toilette that's German!

+1 vote   download: Aaaaa AAaaa AAAaa AAAAa AAAAAlpha Demo!
SinKing May 1 2009, 10:01am says:

Man, this could be a hell of a funny game with incredible power-up. Have you ever thought about making it multiplayer, so you can see your opponent in the air? Perhaps you could enter air battles for better positions on the drop.
This is a cool and fun concept!

+2 votes   article: The Details are in the Devils are in the Details are in the Debbbbbbbbbils
SinKing Apr 27 2009, 6:35pm says:

I digg the dedication you put into this mod. Still making the game better and I think becoming a serious competitor in the competition, now!

+1 vote   article: The Haunted is back! Version 2.0 Announced!
SinKing Apr 27 2009, 5:49am says:

excellent mood coming across, maps are starting to look really good. I would digg it, if you created a few houses, which aren't simple blocks. Everything else looks top and as long as it reminds everybody of something else that's pretty cool, too! :)

+2 votes   article: A new look at Gull City
SinKing Apr 23 2009, 1:12pm says:

Good point hushpuppy, but else: amazing model, really cool!

+1 vote   media: Fully textured Awesome
SinKing Apr 22 2009, 9:23am says:

Are you still making this alone? I really wonder what you can't do! A media update and PR by itself are lots of work and you manage to make this AND your mod, like a piece of cake!
Of all the one-man mods this is the fastest and most intersting looking one to me. Respect for your great work and dedication!

+1 vote   article: The shape of things to come
SinKing Apr 5 2009, 6:49am says:

Cool stuff, always great to see your updates. Suicidal Temptations sounds not reallyright to me, but I'm no native speaker. I would say: Suicidal Tendencies, however.

+1 vote   article: Solitude: Indie project update #22
SinKing Mar 28 2009, 4:20am says:

I wonder how taxing your engine is on the GPU. What'sthe lowest system specs the engine can run on? Couldn't it be used to develop homebrew for PSP?

+1 vote   article: Destroying What You Build
SinKing Mar 24 2009, 7:32am says:

Perpetual updates showing good progress every time!

The ground looks a bit stretched, why are you using such a large texture? Going for a texture size that will look en-par with the industrial building (and not the Mech) will make the Mech appear even bigger.

+1 vote   media: hills
SinKing Mar 23 2009, 2:23am says:

Looks funny, somehow not very scary.
If you keep on coloring your lineart,
your colors will always appear grey.

+1 vote   media: Marauder Locum (Medic) Final Artwork
SinKing Mar 14 2009, 11:28am says:

I'm probably gonna end up using this group for my own work only and post entire novels here :)

+2 votes   article: write more!
SinKing Mar 4 2009, 8:20am says:

Good thought to write those problems down, Dave. I'm not surprised how similar they are among all projects.
I think it's very important to establish a good discussion culture within a modding group. So one of my responsibilities as leader is to mediate between different point of views. Understanding other member's gripe of the project, helped me shaped my own vision and mine is just the most complete, not the most perfect.
Projects like ours live from change. Of course you cannot change the gamestyle over, or change the story to no end, but there are so many things, which are impossible to encompass in a first design document that it's necessary to stay open to change and ultimiately improvement.

To me a lot depends on how you interact with the team. So, if I get a finished Mech Model and right away demand it to be more detailed, I'll certainly **** the modeler off. I feel like we have to build up and encourage our teams and if you find good reasons to praise them, they will much more likely listen to criticism,too.

Making a mod, or a film is no ego-project.It doesn't help, if people are competing to be the most important part of a project. In fact, people who are eager to prove themselves too much will often fail. So that's another thing a mod leader has to know. What can you put someone up with and how quickly canhe do it? It may frustrate people and make them angry, when they cannot progress with an asset. Instead of taking the blame they go out searching for problems in other people. Luckily that hasn't really happened in our project, but the case you described with John seems that way.
I think you're doing fine and all the things you learned cannot be avoided easily. Even the finest teams die, when the leader sees no future, so what really keeps Cc going is your optimism!

+1 vote   article: Starting a project, and 'not' letting the project die
SinKing Mar 3 2009, 9:56am says:

I want to make a 3d model of you, so please send me naked pictures from front and side. thanks!

+1 vote   download: Boxxy Left 4 Dead Infected Sound Pack
SinKing Feb 27 2009, 9:37pm says:

That's cool. Some big improvements and nice new character models. Good luck with phase 4!

+1 vote   article: The Haunted: Still alive
SinKing Feb 3 2009, 12:36pm says:

How is less than 50 games small-ish?
I give some games away to younger guys from work and family. I'd say I have less than thirty games lying around, or in boxes. Probably ten or so, I'd kill for (once again).

+1 vote   poll: My PC game (does not include non-commercial games or mods) collection is...
SinKing Feb 1 2009, 6:48am says:

It looks good, but won't you just get a cease+d from Microsoft for stealing their "intellectual" property?

I don't know about any Halo mods so far. Interesting project though, I'm alsways looking for homebrew stuff!

+1 vote   article: Solitude Update 17
SinKing Jan 12 2009, 10:02am says:

Gave me a big laugh, when I saw the Captain with his loot standing on the dragon back! Good, positive laugh, like PVK's always does!

I must say, this is the most ingenious mod I have played and it's near perfectly balanced and executed. You really deserve to win first place in the competition and got my vote on it!

Good luck and thanks for all the great fun. It's the only steam mod I play!

+1 vote   article: PVKII Map Pack 2 Released!
SinKing Jan 9 2009, 6:04am says:

I don't get this mod. I tried it several times and it has a terribly slow hit and parry system and the maps are confusing like hell. Spawnpoints are weird, because I often got killed after spawning.
The only mod I know that features decent swordfighting and a good parry system is PVK's II.

0 votes   article: Age of Chivalry Preview Thursday #9- Becoming a Legend
SinKing Jan 9 2009, 5:59am says:

meh, I'm the only one on Moddb, who can't paint...


+1 vote   article: Overgrowth Level Concepts
SinKing Jan 1 2009, 3:00pm says:

I'm a ***** for names, I can't get anal enough about them.
What's the title's significance and how did you chose it?

+2 votes   article: Calamity Fuse Beta 2 Released
SinKing Dec 30 2008, 6:04am says:

Check it out, we have a forum. Pose questions there and a lot more people will see them and talk about them.

+1 vote   group: Writer's Club
SinKing Dec 12 2008, 2:48am says:

I actually got BF2 for this mod, when it was first announced. Then it was switched to 2049 and I'm still not sure, if I should get the game. It would basically just be for this one mod...however, if it keeps looking better and bigger, you'll leave me no choice but to buy the game ;)
Great work!

+1 vote   article: Fast Approaching Release of First Strike 1.4
SinKing Nov 6 2008, 12:52pm says:

I want a Noesis interactive special on who you guys are and how you came together to form this mod-team. Really absurd amount of detail in your models! Top Quality from what I have seen so far.
Strongest competitor for MSUC, besides Angels Fall First at the moment.

+1 vote   article: Warm Gun November Update
SinKing Oct 29 2008, 11:02am says:

Except it's for Vice City, not SA...

+2 votes   article: Back To The Future: Hill Valley 0.2e Released!
SinKing Oct 14 2008, 10:12am says:

I wish it would say "Seamen", instead of "Airmen" in your signature.

Nice go with releasing AvP2 Fortress, any new projects on the horizon, yet?

+1 vote   member: Herr_Alien
SinKing Oct 13 2008, 7:33am says:

so there's the update! Wondered when ModdB would come to bring it up front. Great job Hegi! Got to download, now :)

+2 votes   article: The Haunted: RELEASED!
SinKing Oct 12 2008, 5:37am says:

Speaking of south park. South Park is Satire first of all. It's not only funny, it's tragically funny. So, if you don't want this mod to become a compilation of bad jokes, you have to find some major topic to it and create some ambiguity. The fact that you have chosen a "beaver" as character indicates it could be going either direction.
Just don't make stupid jokes all the time for the sake of it. Find a backstory to make even your jokes seem ridiculous and you get satire without too deep a message.

+1 vote   mod: Cheeks Of Steel
SinKing Oct 2 2008, 3:22am says:

the quality of anthing in this mod is amazing, but most of all I like your maps, as you are really putting things together in High Quality, too. It would be easy to say: let's boast out characte models and forget about the rest, but you are trying for overall high quality - and that takes time and patience. Great job!

+1 vote   article: Warm Gun October Update No. 1
SinKing Sep 16 2008, 5:04pm says:

I know, it kinda goes downall the way from battle in space to the surface, which I think is a b r i l l i a n t thing.

+1 vote   article: First Live Tests!
SinKing Aug 20 2008, 2:36am says:

I tried collaborations ample times and it's a difficult thing, because someone usually gets disappointed. I hope this works for you! If it's coding that causes most problems then a cooperation with other mods can help.

+1 vote   article: Desolated and Mind together
SinKing Aug 20 2008, 2:23am says:

I really like your tutorials! That's the second useful tutorial I read by you, and the quality of it (with all the reference pics) is outstanding! Helps beginners a lot to get that much detail to attention. Thank you, Matt!

+2 votes   article: Screen Overlays with the UI Editor
SinKing Jul 14 2008, 5:15am says:

Thanks for supporting MechOverride ;-)

+1 vote   member: fabiodan
SinKing Jul 14 2008, 5:13am says:

Thanks from MechOverride for watching us and commenting. Hope we can create something you'll enjoy!
Keep in touch and good luck!

+2 votes   member: Assaultman67
SinKing Jun 21 2008, 5:24am says:

cool! and will the lava, or any of the environmental features have an effect on your ship, or is it improbable that ships subjected to the harsh environments of outer space are affected by heat, wind or water?

I'd really dig it, if there were some submarine, sublavae and subterranean bases in this game, but I guess the plan is to have skydome-like cities only on the surface.

+1 vote   article: Lava experiments and more
SinKing Apr 20 2008, 10:05pm says:

nice game, very addicting, though boring on the long run (though there are a lot of different enemies). It's the perfect little game for shootin' zombes for half an hour.

It's fricken hard on the higher levels, or maybe I'm not yet getting all the tricks. I like it, good job!

+2 votes   game: DeadHunt
SinKing Apr 4 2008, 4:08pm says:

I'd rather have zero money, but win the license.

+1 vote   article: Make Something Unreal Contest 2
SinKing Mar 22 2008, 5:35am says:

I think ArmA is probably the only game in the world, where the AI would lay down and face the opposite direction after shooting at you...however, I do enjoy playing it and there are some fixes out now.

This seems to be a huge project and will probably greatly benefit from some more community input. I look forward to a beta release to help improve what is there and make this a great Stargate mod.

+1 vote   article: StarGate Beta Almost Ready
SinKing Mar 10 2008, 7:49am says:

What a cool thang! Did you draw these illustrations yourself?
Interesting to see text-based games return to the screen. I guess that's the perfect way to produce some interesting games for DS, which are easy to control and pose a different kind of challenge.

+1 vote   article: Release!
SinKing Mar 5 2008, 11:05am says:

not bad, but some of the textures seem slapped on. The buildings don't look as good as they could, because windows ain't integrated into buildings, they are just outside textures. Nothing wrong with that, but better use displacement maps, so you have some overlapping and a little depht for your windows.

+3 votes   article: A Walkthrough of Kezman
SinKing Jan 19 2008, 2:49am says:

Thumbs up! The new system is really cool! Will our old conversations get stored somewhere, or will they be deleted when the forums are updated? So many precious memories there...don't let them dieeeeeee. ;) gj!

+1 vote   article: Private Message System Launched
SinKing Dec 15 2007, 4:08pm says:

Indeed. I was gonna say the same thing. The animations are really amazing and very true to the original style. I wasn't aware this mod is a unified attempt at creating the greatest Matrix experience ever, but it looks like it can hold up to this promise.

Good luck. Great news!

+1 vote   media: Wake up Neo...
SinKing Oct 22 2007, 7:31am says:

Hej Ninjadave,

thanks for supporting MECHOverride and I hope to please you with our future updates. Production starts on November 5th, so keep your eyes peeled!

Cya, thanks!


+1 vote   member: ninjadave
SinKing Oct 20 2007, 10:09am says:

stunning prizes. really makes one want to participate.

+1 vote   article: Two Alienware A51 PCs to WIN
SinKing Sep 5 2007, 10:34am says:

C'mon - admit it. You didn't even see it was a knockoff! Only now, I have opened your eyes and you are trying to widen your argumentation, but fail so miserably.
What kinda brands should one invent without running into a comical attitude? I can't think of any serious brand name anyone can make up that doesn't need reference to some already existing brand to be put in context. Just inventing new brands will make people go "What the hell does this mean" and they will abandon the mod and die ONLY BECAUSE OF YOU!!!
Joking, of course. Don't take it so hard, I like to mess with strangers.

+1 vote   article: Off Limits Playtesting
SinKing Aug 25 2007, 4:33am says:

the blur is kinda strange. It should be more blurred in the foreground and less blurry in the faraway parts of the landscape, but this is an overall blur, which looks like you got oil on a camera objective.

Nice pictures though, terrain looking better than ever!

+1 vote   article: Terrain engine and motion blur
SinKing Aug 11 2007, 4:45pm says:

this is so beyond good, it ain't measurable. The quality at which your concepts and models come along is breathtaking. When this comes to Unreal, a LOT of people will start to learn the essence of teamplay. Including me, of course!

Can't wait for this game to be ready.
Luv + Patience

+1 vote   article: Talon 1-5
SinKing Aug 9 2007, 4:31pm says:

what do you mean? You can see the tits - or what else do you want to see? Nipples?

+1 vote   article: OpenArena 0.7.1 patch released
SinKing Aug 4 2007, 2:11pm says:

good, thanks for replying. I don't mind waiting for this game and you can be sure I'll give it a thorough testing at any time.

+1 vote   article: Sabre
SinKing Aug 5 2007, 9:05am says:

Beautiful concepts man! Great pencil skills you've got there!
Are all of these hand-drawn and scanned, or do you use some additional techniques on the pictures?

+1 vote   game: Trudvang
SinKing Aug 1 2007, 9:43am says:

Hi GibSan!

You know - I never asked you to help my team out, because I felt you were gonna say "no" anyway. In the forums however you answered that guy who's making Sacrator mod. You said you didn't have the time, yet would help out, if the mod struck your attention...
Me and my team are making a Machinima on UE3, which is based entirely on modded content. We are using a customised rotoscope shader on top of it and hope to achieve a unique look to fit the Sci-Fi theme. I really need someone good to code for us. It won't be that much work on the coding side, but I feel we are gonna need a hand with it.

I'd be happy to send you more info (www.gaiamedia.de; bit outdated - we are gonna produce on UT3 not Doom3), but I understand that this may not be the kind of project you're interested in. Filling Floor (1+2) are great, btw. Almost been living in this game for a couple of weeks.


+1 vote   member: Gibberstein
SinKing Jul 1 2007, 3:32am says:

was really a good decision to merge the two enterprise teams into the Temporal Cold War team. Your updates are startnig to interest me, even though I initially thought to remake the weak TCW in favour of TNG, was a fault. Now I'm beginning to think it may actually be more interesting than a TNG mod, since alot of the stuff is so pretty to look at.
When are you going t give us a glimpse of the gameplay? This mod is hot - especially since I can't tell its the Steam Engine behind this.

+1 vote   article: Media Update 14
SinKing Jun 27 2007, 9:53am says:

nice weapon renders! how do you get these fuzzy shadows done? Is it just the material assigned to the surface below the guns, or do you use some tricky tricks? Wanna noo dizz!

+1 vote   article: 12 Short, black & strong
SinKing Jun 25 2007, 4:35pm says:

Republic Commando - I think I played part of it and it was shiiiiit. Yeah, I know there are reckon ships even in parallel universes and far away empires, but no way you can reckon anyone with a speeder which has only place for two. And actually I was just kidding around. I like the model, but I also like commenting on comments.

0 votes   media: Mos Espa LandSpeeder
SinKing Jun 24 2007, 4:36am says:

Don't listen to Capital, he's got the most talented people on his team already. Come to the SinKing to rival his project. Come now and save 30% off your regular discount shoppings!

Just kidding! Great team, fantastic how you mod the crap engine to get more out of it. How far is the viewing distance in your game, it seems to top the usual 200 meters of battlefield at lenght. If this plays like it looks, noone will want another Star Wars game ever!!!

Good job!

+1 vote   article: FirstStrike Update
SinKing May 23 2007, 2:14am says:

Yes, love it. Good model ingame, looks as bulky and heavy as it should.

+1 vote   article: Re-Inforcements have Arrived
SinKing Apr 12 2007, 4:54am says:

I bet he shaves the part between his eyebrows to keep them from connecting.
Singstar and Gangster = Sangster. Of course there could be 30% Hamster in the name, too.

+3 votes   media: David Sangster
SinKing Apr 8 2007, 5:31pm says:

funny. the screenshots reming me of beneath a steel sky. don't know why, must be the cyberpunk adventure thing.

+1 vote   article: Neuromancer | 2007 Tech Demo Released to the public!
SinKing Apr 6 2007, 3:11pm says:

I can't decide which one is my favorite: plasma bug or tanker bug plasma bug or tanker bug plasma bug or tanker bug plasma bug or tanker bug plasma bug or tanker bug plasma bug or tanker bug plasma bug or tanker bug plasma bug or tanker bug plasma bug or tanker bug plasma bug or tanker bug plasma bug or tanker bug plasma bug or tanker bug plasma bug or tanker bug plasma bug or tanker bug plasma bug or tanker bug plasma bug or tanker bug plasma bug or tanker bug
both look good!
Finshi teh mohd!

+1 vote   article: SST-LD News Update 6
SinKing Mar 28 2007, 3:25am says:

I like the way you illuminate your maps. Ialso like the color schemes - all the places look somewhat dirty and mysterious. Nice work as always!

+1 vote   article: ! Dreamscape, Don't Panic .
SinKing Mar 25 2007, 6:51am says:

A6? That's really a small one, too! You probably used a bigger document size and some more patience than me.
Have you tried painting with Corel, yet? I find it artistically more interesting than drawing with PS, because you get to use all the real-world brushes. After finishing in Corel, its really fun to do post-production with PS. Changing filters and cleaning the picture, adding some detail, background, etc...

+1 vote   media: Fallen Angel Concept
SinKing Mar 23 2007, 5:07pm says:

Really good stuff cmoing from you. I think its great only a few people can rip something like this off as a standalone game for all to play. To say thanky you, is the least, we can do.

Thank you!

+1 vote   article: Two days this week? two updates!
SinKing Mar 9 2007, 4:57am says:

This is the only incredible Paintgun Game I know. Not only looks good, but also it has a special feeling of being one of a kind. Very convincing updates each and every time!!!

+1 vote   article: Truepaint -Out For A Smoke
SinKing Mar 3 2007, 1:48am says:

Mods that don't get released don't update that often. Also this project serves as a prequel to their UT3-mod. Since Unreal Tournament 3 is still months away they can take all the time they want to polish the mod. Some mods just don't have an eye as much on the fanbase as they have on the production.

+1 vote   article: Gunreal Trailer
SinKing Feb 21 2007, 2:53am says:

That's a nice idea for a mod. Time travelling in a DeLorean was something I always wanted to do since seeying BTTF-series. Good luck!

+1 vote   article: Back to the Future: Hill Valley Announced
SinKing Feb 10 2007, 2:52am says:

ok looks perfect. game is done! release it now!

If only you had the power of early release. Infinity is really the best game I know.

+1 vote   article: Shadows part2 / Planetary textures
SinKing Feb 5 2007, 6:09pm says:

he looks like he's been eating too much mudbox. good work!


+1 vote   media: Corporal Lane "Fishbone" Kennedy
SinKing Feb 5 2007, 11:53am says:

The thing with getting inspired by something is to make something out of this inspiration which is better in many ways than the original. In this case however the concept is way ahead of the 3d model. The concepts shapes are and odd mix off blockiness and elegant curves. Its some kind of organic-mechanic built. I can imagine it zipping away like lightning, while the model seems somewhat dull and boring in comparison.
I see it must be hard to compete with Koshime's concepts modelwise, but they are very emotional drawings and you get a message from the subconscious which telly you what these machines are and how they behave. That's really the fantastic thing about Koshime's style: he breathes life into his creations and gives them an attitude.
I'd really say scrap this concept and start off fresh. Right now its even hard to tell which way is front when you don't know the concept.
Otherwise this is still my favorite mod, there is so much talent in this project and its all done out of sheer love. So don't my criticism too hard, for me it just don't feel like being anywhere near the concept.


+1 vote   media: From concept to render2
SinKing Feb 2 2007, 11:24am says:

Congrats on the release of Gutter Runners! I have been watching the mod from the start and you have truly amazed me with almost every new update. Also your position in the team made me laugh in a good, healthy way? WHAT DON'T YOU DO? Man, versatile people like yourself live the true spirit of modding. You can really do things with the engine, I can only imagine.
If you ever seek position in another mod team, I'd always welcome me to my team Gaïa. We are machinima oriented and could always use someone with your skills!
Good job!


+2 votes   member: CyberMan
SinKing Nov 23 2006, 9:40am says:


That's exactely the same video I downloaded about a year ago. So what's the news about the video??? I agree with M@ty - if you got news to show show them and not some old video everybody knows.

And Congrats on making the source version. Way to go (you don't need an award now, do you?)

+1 vote   article: 3.0 Trailer
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