I've been going around as a writer, but started getting drawn into Concept Art and 3D modeling. I'm currently finishing my studies as a 3D artist and will then be let loose on the world. Beware!

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SinKing Aug 17 2014, 7:08am says:

Cocaine Crystals - worth a fortune!
Kidding, always love and loved your artist's work. Excellent materiality and lighting, great colors. Cheers!

+3 votes   media: Mana Carrier
SinKing Aug 17 2014, 7:07am says:

The shield material looks more like some kind of rock or plaster. The edges of the shield model are too soft for metal. The scratches lack inertia and the long one is too strong. The hand symbol would have faded on parts and been bleached by the sun. The outline of the shield is too clean, there should be a few chips and dents there, since that is where the critical hits would go first.

The bumps from the normal map look a bit too strong and not forged, but pressed. The shield doesn't look handmade like this.
Cryengine is not helping you with its proprietary formats and stupid shaders. You would have a much better time in Unreal Engine 4 creating these materials and tweaking them. Everyone hates having to tweak stuff in Cry, since it's a massive PITA.

+1 vote   media: The Sword and Shield of Rolling Hill in-game
SinKing Aug 16 2014, 3:24pm replied:

^^ Aint much to reflect in space, I know. But Gold and such simply don't make any impression without some reflection.

+1 vote   media: space_finally_reflecting
SinKing Aug 16 2014, 3:20pm says:

Excellent design!
Makes a lot of sense, how the weight is distributed with the VTOL. What do you do with these models? Are they just for fun and rendering?

+1 vote   media: HC-500 Cargo Ship "Integrity"
SinKing Aug 16 2014, 3:18pm says:

You modeled these or how...what? I'm confused, because the last time I saw a model of yours it was Lightwave or some old program, but this looks really good!

+1 vote   media: IM - DCO-18 Light Machine Gun
SinKing Aug 16 2014, 11:20am replied:

Yeah, his stuff has "character" that's what I really like about it the most. It's almost like Matt's dudes are ready to whisper out the story of their life at you.

Will there be new animations at some point too?

+4 votes   media: [Beta 1.08] New Blood
SinKing Aug 16 2014, 11:13am says:

Ah, in that case it makes sense. I apologize for not following the lore to closely. I had a feeling these guys might represent the old world order. Kinda the Conservative Faction ^^

+2 votes   news: U.G. Army Mottos and Creeds
SinKing Aug 15 2014, 8:03pm says:

"it's better to learn from mistakes than to repeat them." would sound better than the current slogan. I don't know if that's the original text you are using, but if so it is another of those bad Japanese translations.

+1 vote   news: Update July 10th - 2014 : Main System Engaged
SinKing Aug 15 2014, 9:36am says:

Great job there, man! Wise choice of engine, as well.

+1 vote   news: Blackwake Devblog 4
SinKing Aug 14 2014, 8:58pm says:

What's that insanely large drawing about that looks like a circuit board (In the KS video)? I'd really like to know, because it looks damn interesting (reminds me of Frank Miller ~ Ronin stuff).

All the artwork and drawings are really unique. I'm glad your Kickstarter is working out!

+1 vote   game: InSomnia RPG
SinKing Aug 14 2014, 8:54pm says:

Looks promising! Reminds me of all the great adventures from the 1990's. Will there be spoken dialog, or is text planned?

+1 vote   game: Technobabylon
SinKing Aug 14 2014, 8:50pm says:

This looks really cool man! Great update, fun stuff!

Also - what's on that pizza? Sausage and steak? ;)

+1 vote   news: Update #5 - Inventory, Traders and Food!
SinKing Aug 14 2014, 8:48pm says:

Pepsi can launcher?

+2 votes   media: ZLS-T/100
SinKing Aug 14 2014, 8:47pm says:

Shouldn't it be a bit more apocalyptic and original? I mean, these mottos make sense in a world that still functions (like ours), but in a dystopian world, which has just suffered war and destruction from bottom to top, none of these seem to fit the environment.

You can tell soldiers it's for the glory of the country, only as long as there actually is a country to defend. These people will most likely be fighting over resources and radiation-free/low areas. I think their world should be reflected in their creeds.

+2 votes   news: U.G. Army Mottos and Creeds
SinKing Aug 14 2014, 7:31pm says:

Congrats on the succesfull Kickstarter. Looking good!

+1 vote   news: InSomnia RPG on Kickstarter
SinKing Aug 14 2014, 10:21am says:

I think it's a problem with the post-processing that the moon appears blue. It looks interesting - but alien. The moon ist truly more yellow than white.

The view and perspective here are very nice!

+1 vote   media: Nightfall
SinKing Aug 13 2014, 9:11pm says:

CrazyMatt is still at it? I liked his work for insurgency and think he's great.

+5 votes   media: [Beta 1.08] New Blood
SinKing Aug 13 2014, 9:02pm says:

Quite a good model. I suppose the textures are gonna change or will it stay this uniform colors?

+1 vote   media: Work In Progress
SinKing Aug 13 2014, 9:01pm says:

Loved it, played the brototype and was hooked!

+1 vote   game: BROFORCE
SinKing Aug 13 2014, 3:16pm says:

I never suggested using another engine, I just meant it from a 3d Modeler's standpoint. I know when I started using Unreal 3 and then UDK (ten years ago???), I was frustrated at having to work so low-res and tried to shave off polygons wherever necessary. That coined me very deeply and now that I work with Unreal 4 it doesn't really matter any more. What matters now is the material and UV-Otimisation in order to get fewer materials and more instanced materials.

So, I just meant to say that you can go pretty wild with the models these days, bevel every edge on a hardsurface and bake a normal map on top of that. It makes our models look nicer, even though they looked nice already on those engines that didn't have the performance of the current generation of Engines.

+1 vote   media: Mail rack
SinKing Aug 12 2014, 8:07pm replied:

I'd say these shaders are pretty perfect! I really like the game camera, at this time. It would be interesting to see the map in different lighting conditions and with changing weather.

+2 votes   media: A screenshot of our Kamioka Castle map - 5
SinKing Aug 12 2014, 8:05pm says:

That is surprisingly good depth of field for a game engine. Not sure why the video of it laggs though. Did you use a lof of individual and large textures? This whole castle structure could probably fit on a 2k texture atlas. However, since GFX are standard 1GB these days, and they will probably be standard 2GB within the next 20 months, this development is probably geared at a high end pc (today), which is the budget PC of tomorrow.

+1 vote   media: A screenshot of our Kamioka Castle map - 4
SinKing Aug 12 2014, 7:53pm says:

Really beautiful weapons. I wonder, how Unity deals with the reflection on the metal parts. Will it be reflecting from a skybox assigned to the metal or will you actually be using the full Global Illumination set with realtime reflections on metal? That would probably be really costly, but I'd love to see a scene with all those features switched "on".

Also, why are you developing at snail's speed? I mean this is all impressive and so on, but a sword model = one week's work. The temple/castle, maybe another three weeks and a couple of days for props. I'd expect to see a lot more updates here, though I cannot deny the quality.

+1 vote   media: In-engine screenshot of the Naginata
SinKing Aug 12 2014, 7:14pm says:

About the crowdfunding campaign: please do make sure it is understood that the game will essentially generate different world map locations as a playable map. The idea that this game takes place in Finland is deeply rooted within me (because of the images), but I know that this is not the end of it all.

To supporters it must become clear that the features will be the same (or similar ones) like in the Alpha, but the environments and scope of the maps can become anything from a valley to a desert, thus coining priorities through environment and not just through decisions and conditions (e.g. weather) the player makes and encounters.

+1 vote   media: NO RETURN V1.125 Download Now
SinKing Aug 12 2014, 7:03pm says:

Awesome! These models are getting better and better. And now imagine working with a recent engine - you can have 4x the polycount and it won't as much as cough.

I like the individual detail and that you made more than 1 bag model to keep the diversity. Aren't you sometimes afraid to lose track with all the models and textures you create? I am working on a spacestation, interior and exterior and already get so many textures. And that is despite using Master Materials in Unreal 4 and having many shared Texture Atlases (is that the right word?). I imagine if you switched to Unreal or Unity, you would have no problem getting to work and feeling right at home. But the amount of assets and textures you have for a project this size must be overwhelming, sometimes.

Also: I like your little guessing games in the updates. Cool feature :)!

+1 vote   media: Mail rack
SinKing Aug 12 2014, 6:57pm says:

I am intrigued, even though you are not making a mushroom-picking simulation. I just wonder about one thing - isn't this game taking place on Earth? Everything looks down to it, except the planet/moon on your new screenshots seems very large and blue to be mistaken for Earth's moon (ever though about why all the other planet's moons have names, but our moon is just called "moon"?)

I dig what I see this far, but I remind myself that all I'm seeing is a well-made map, not a game. I'm sure it was more than enough work getting this far with it, but I still don't clearly get the intention or direction this game is going to take. It seems like something like this would need a strong narrative like Dear Esther or a range of underlying systems beyond cold/warm hungry/fed to make it more interesting.

From a writing standpoint it could be interesting to add competition. You might find out you aren't alone, but you are competing with others for the same resources. Then you could have a choice between confrontation and cooperation. However, that's pretty generic again, so let's see what you will do on your own. To me, this game highly looks like it could have metaphysical aspects and a moral story ending. This doesn't mean it would be narrative or story driven, it would just mean working towards a goal, a finite solution for the game design. I keep watching this, updates are always nice!

+4 votes   game: Eastshade
SinKing Aug 12 2014, 6:46pm says:

If you called it BrĂ¼tal Nature and added a generic metal soundtrack to the video, you would have 10 000+ new customers ;)

The building in this game looks really good, since objects are actually grounded in the environment. Very interesting features in this one. You have my ongoing respect!

+1 vote   media: Old Brutal Nature Trailer
SinKing Aug 12 2014, 6:43pm says:

Very Gangsta with the pistols ^^

I wonder where he takes those pistols from, since I thought they were coming from 2 holsters around his chest. But the way these pistols are crossed after drawing them, seems odd. I mean, it looks kinda cool, but there is really no way to pull them out like that. How does that look from 3rd person/other players?

+1 vote   media: CSO Series Weapons Test
SinKing Aug 12 2014, 2:41pm says:

Nice! I suggest looking at the master material from the Quixel Space Scene (in U4 examples). They have a cheap_master material, which helps you add roughness and control it. That would be nice to have some material definition inbetween the blade and the grip, for example. It's all governed by a mask texture, which lets you tweak separate RGB values for different effects.

I quite like that material myself and started working on my own master, using it as a base. In the end, it saves a lot of time not having to define these values per separate texture maps, but to just have 1 or 2 scratched metal images that deal with the roughness on all your metal objects.

+1 vote   media: Yamai Clan Weaponry
SinKing Aug 12 2014, 2:37pm says:

I like some parts of the shader. It is almost giving an impression of being "rotoscoped". The question is, how well this holds up in gameplay, as with motion blur and Unreal's lighting these shaders usually work very well in some places and other's they don't work on at all. Of course, I can't speak for Unreal 4, but with UDK there were always these kind of shader issues.

+1 vote   media: Gifu Crossroads Meditation Area
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