I've been going around as a writer, but started getting drawn into Concept Art and 3D modeling. I'm currently finishing my studies as a 3D artist and will then be let loose on the world. Beware!

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SinKing Jun 9 2014, 9:34pm says:

More importantly - this is Global Illumination working in Unreal Engine! That means no more 2nd Lightmap Uvs, no more lightmap baking + waiting for results. You should be happy about that, too :)

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SinKing Jun 9 2014, 8:23pm says:

That's supercool! The scale of that thing may be a bit large, from an artistic standpoint.

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SinKing Jun 9 2014, 8:22pm says:

I think one thing about mirrors is that they are never perfect. So you could make them a bit uneven or less uniform.

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SinKing Jun 9 2014, 4:22pm says:

Cool, I have just seen it on Polycunt, too! I really like the aiming, looks like a ton of fun!

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SinKing Jun 9 2014, 3:46pm says:

I love tracking games that I don't understand ^^ Seriously looks interesting, but I have no idea what was going on in that prototype trailer! I will track you and find out ;)

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SinKing Jun 9 2014, 3:05pm replied:

Definitely easier in-engine, because you have your lighting, models and animations all set up. It may not look as good as a fully rendered scene with all the high quality lighting and effects you can get through unbiased renderers in a 3D program.

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SinKing Jun 9 2014, 1:24pm replied:

UDK had a function that would dump any image rendered into a folder. So it would create image sequences, which you could then compile into a movie later. That meant you could render with more detail and higher resolution, because the movie was rendered out in frames anyway. Mass Effect and a lot of other games that use "in-engine" cutscenes use this technique. It still looks in-game, because it is using the same models (or slightly higher res versions), but it is actually a rendered movie.

With Unreal 4 it is still unclear if there is an imagedump option. If not, or if there is no lag at all in the final version of the scene, I can just keyframe a camera that flies through the scene to create the cutscene.

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SinKing Jun 8 2014, 7:49pm says:

Governments don't need to censor anyone, because all that people are interested in is who will be the next Popstar or Supermodel. We have no real need for an opinion, because we can read what we are supposed to think in blogs. Whoever gets more "likes" than others is right. The western world has no need for censorship, because there is no opposition. We are already schooled to know what is right and protest against things that don't matter.

The only countries where actual news are relevant are countries like Israel or Ukraine, which have actual propaganda wars going on. The western world is far to enlightened by Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus to take anything important any more.

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SinKing Jun 8 2014, 7:34pm says:

Lots of pictures, but nobody wearing any bermudas...

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SinKing Jun 8 2014, 7:32pm says:

Lol. What an idea ^^

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SinKing Jun 8 2014, 7:29pm says:

Right on time for the World Championship. Planned that way?

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SinKing Jun 8 2014, 7:22pm says:


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SinKing Jun 8 2014, 10:08am says:

3 pairs of eyes see better than 2...or 1. These teeth are a bit large, don't you think? Pretty cool model.

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SinKing Jun 8 2014, 10:05am says:

Visible tiling. Either change the texture or the UV.

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SinKing Jun 8 2014, 6:49am says:

It doesn't seem like asset production is a focus though. And you need a lot of assets if you are going to release in 2014. Which I thoroughly hope, because I have pre-ordered this game 5 or more years ago ^^

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SinKing Jun 7 2014, 12:40pm replied:

Ah right. We all know the horrible collision in some Source games, so that's good to hear.

It's a Linux first engine? That's interesting. The Linux user group has been the most generous throughout the bank when it comes to Kickstarters. Even in absolute numbers they often give the most to a project that supports Linux. So this makes DragenGine a perfect candidate for a crowd funded "linux first" game. Interesting. That also means it will be made iOS compatible sometime in the future? Apple use OpenGL from what I remember.

+1 vote     media: Rig Editor Preview Video
SinKing Jun 7 2014, 9:32am says:

I like everything! Trailers keep getting better, it is a cool concept and very original. You sir have balls of steel to develop this by yourself!

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SinKing Jun 6 2014, 1:01pm says:

That's an eleborate rig you got there for your fox. It can probably be nicely animated for cutscenes. Would you rig an ingame model with that many bones, too?

What do you mean by "it doesn't support triangle meshes"? I thought the principle behind Direct X is that it works with triangles, thus splits my polygons in 2, unless I already triangulate a model before importing it. Maybe you can show some wireframes ones in a while. Does your engine not use Direct X then?

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SinKing Jun 6 2014, 10:42am says:

Excellent idea! I only changed the header images once and wondered how people create entire custom pages.

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SinKing Jun 4 2014, 8:36am replied:

Well the problem is that 35k won't allow you to make the game and make a living. The trouble starts when you have to buy licenses for the programs in use. Most of them are single seat, so it can be a pain in the ***; that is if you create a real, physical studio.

If you just create a "virtual" studio for now the problem is "who owns it". You need some paperwork done and the team agree on everything. Then you need a loyal team (which to my knowledge doesn't exist) and stick to a tight production schedule.

I'd say take the money, concentrate on the smallest possible vertical slice of the game and produce that. Then shove it up a publishers ... and try to get them to fund the rest. I really don't know how things work yet myself, but so far people told me I was reaching too high or too low. It takes a shitload of time to figure out the project that is right at the time.

Personally, I would like to develop a 3-part sci-fi game not unlike Mass Effect, right now. Scripts are written, story pans out. Instead I am thoroughly preparing a very small adventure game that can even be ported to mobile. So sometimes it's better to keep that big project offhand, until you can oversee the costs and problems. Rethink it into a prequel or an episode perhaps. Give some idea of your game, but don't intend to produce anything at 35k and don't hope for another successful Kickstarter. Because those things will never come with any guarantee and you may still end up short of the goal and lose the team. Kickstarters tend to **** things up more than they help. Unless you are Doublefine or some other known studio...

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SinKing Jun 2 2014, 9:39am says:

That's good, I hope the kickstarter works out! What I wonder though is, aren't there huge chunks taken out of the budget by banking fees, Kickstarter itself and what else may leech?

So if you are saying you want to reach 35k, doesn't that imply 40000 or more as the real goal, because all of the stupid fees? I find it very annoying that all those fees are put on top of the budget stress every team has during startup phases. Why can't they just give it a rest, until the project starts making money? I guess it's because the banks don't care if you succeed or fail, as long as they make their cut, first.

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SinKing Jun 1 2014, 3:47am replied:

From all my XP with UDK so far I can safely say that it were never the models that made a scene lag, but the materials and particles. You can have millions of polygons in a scene without experiencing lag. But if you have too many materials and too high res textures, it can bring a scene to its knees. It is very wise of you to think about optimisation early, however there is much more optimisation possible with shared materials and material instances than by cutting down on polycount. I made so many too lowres models, before I realized this myself. If you want to win with Unreal Engine, learn all you can about its shaders and material composition. Half the work of an environment artist can be done in Unreal Engine Editor itself. Vertex Paint/Vertex Deformation, modular texture (Atlas), animated textures, Master Materials, Material Instances are just a few examples.

And the highpoly I referred to where the ones used for baking normal maps. Rarely actual highpoly models are used. I think one of the early Far Cry games used optimised, yet still highpoly weapon models. That looked good, but is a rare thing. Usually the baked version is good enough anyway.

So there is a Helm's Deep map for Chivalry. I thought I had an idea there, but of course there is already a map.

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SinKing Jun 1 2014, 12:15am says:

Glad to hear the development continues. No idea how you are financing this gig though. Is it officially supported by the EVE Online creators? I guess so.

It reminds me of Arma 1. Stiff, but awesome. And I think you have a lot of potential and just have to start somewhere. Just make it happen, it doesn't matter if the first version isn't flawless. The next one will be better anyway.

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SinKing May 31 2014, 11:35pm says:

Do I have to pick up its poo? Because, you know, judging from the size I'm gonna need a bigger inventory for poobags ;)

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SinKing May 31 2014, 11:28pm replied:

Not true! Both engines are so different to use when it comes to shader and project setup that I more and more refuse to compare them. Cryengine has proprietary formats (Like CryTIFF) and exporters for all of its crap. While Unreal works perfectly by dragging and dropping textures and models in the editor. Cryengine is a decent engine if you plan on future developments with the engine (and have a budget for it). It takes resources and time to get into. The same goes for Unreal Engine to some extend, but it is in comparison the much simpler engine to work with and now it actually has comparative results to Cryengine's lighting.

Crytek make nice demos for their engine, but they don't show you the pain in the *** it is to work with it. Today I can safely say that everything about Unreal Engine is better than Cryengine. I would not have made that comparison between UDK and CrySDK, but yeah - Crytek pretty much suck now. And they wasted an oportunity to present their own marketplace and/or indie engine. The Crytek subscription is a joke.

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SinKing May 31 2014, 11:21pm replied:

Bevel Edges! The engine can take it and it will look much better on your models than those extremely sharp edges! I didn't know these were actual meshes, because they are at blockout resolution.

It depends what you want to do here. Do you want to have something that looks remotely like Helm's Deep (but is playable). Or do you want an extremely polished map (like that Polycount one) which proabably takes months in the making, as it uses tons of custom textures and highpoly. The latter can get pretty depressing, while the playable (and quick) map will probably look a little bit lacking in comparison.

I just thought about Chivalry. The game doesn't have "Helm's Deep" in it, as far as I know. So you could figure out how to get that map ready for the game. It's always nice to have a little success and see people play the stuff we create.

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SinKing May 31 2014, 9:53pm says:

Awesome looking, stylized environments! You have continued developing that original style from Lastknight and now it starts to really feel like a whole world. And it looks pretty damn cool!

+3 votes     article: Update #4 of RRE - Getting Smashtastic Wasted!
SinKing May 29 2014, 10:53am says:

Good start, must have been a pain making the BSP surfaces at exactly the right angles. There has been a thread on Polycount of someone making the same map, so you might want to look into it for inspiration:


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SinKing May 29 2014, 10:31am says:

I must say, despite the lack of normal maps in this engine, the lighting is quite nice! How do you light these rooms, i.e. where does the light in this scene come from? The lighting is always even, although it can't be from the sun (blocked from ceiling)and it can't be from the windows. So what is the lighting like? Where is the source?

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SinKing May 29 2014, 10:22am says:

I think Epic did it right this time. They got the shop and system from Unity, the Shading is up there with Cryengine. And Unreal 4 is simpler to use + get used to than Cryengine.

It probably feels like Crytek should have come up with a convincing solution for their own engine, but this is not it. You don't get much that wasn't already there when CrySDK was still free for all. From what I see (other than Unreal 4) they don't give you full source access, but access to a couple of game models that were coded on top of their engine.

It's a nice engine, don't get me wrong, but this subscription model is by no way up to what Unity and EPIC offer. In my opinion you'd be mad to chose Cryengine over these two, at this time.

+3 votes     article: CRYENGINE on Steam!
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