I've been going around as a writer, but started getting drawn into Concept Art and 3D modeling. I'm currently finishing my studies as a 3D artist and will then be let loose on the world. Beware!

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SinKing May 26 2014, 8:44am says:

Dalek - the mightiest space invader of all. Tremble at its sheer appearance!!

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SinKing May 22 2014, 9:43am says:

That is a simple and cool editor with a lot of functionality! I wonder if your dynamic materials could be used in a cartoony (Zelda like) game to change the facial expressions of the characters?

Also, is there any way to use an Alpha as a mask to change the strength of the normal map effects? That would allow to tweak the materiality even more. As usually: I'm blown away. Especially when you showed that dynamic stuff my jaw dropped. The ways that can be used are simply infinite.

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SinKing May 21 2014, 5:02am says:

Some nice, clean designs there, reminiscent of Deus Ex. I miss a bit of color here and there and some decals/writing on the walls/doors. Still, pretty cool game!

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SinKing May 20 2014, 6:19pm says:

Yeah, good concept art goes a long way! This animatic is pretty nice to get you in the mood, though I would have expected more chatter and a chilly breeze blowing through my speakers; maybe some distant howls, a saloon jukebox etc. I wouldn't mind some more work on the audio.

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SinKing May 20 2014, 5:59pm says:

What happend with the last update? The game got so dark it isn't funny any more. It doesn't make it more realistic, just less playable. Please reconsider.

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SinKing May 20 2014, 5:43am says:

Incredible improvement, much more believable and convincing looks and lighting. Did you add a new skybox, too?

Excellent progress man, congratulations!

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SinKing May 20 2014, 4:46am replied:

Of course we are going to fake the gravity transitions. Basically, you will never see the inside of these connecting pipes, they will take you from the zero-g to the 1g sections through a cutscene; it's an adventure game, after all.

It's the same with the rotation of the station, while you are in the center, the ring revolves around the station, but while you are in the ring, the station center and skybox rotate. This way the player is always in a static level.

Yeah, the 2001 Space station was about the first on my list, but this one is much, much smaller, as it is a small research station. I'm looking at ISS images for the interiors, but I guess I will compromise between realism and computer game realism. I just don't want things to look too sci-fi and futuristic.

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SinKing May 19 2014, 4:22pm says:

And blood is so hard to clean off floors! On the bright side: at least they aren't all over the white carpet.

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SinKing May 19 2014, 4:22pm says:

Gibs, Gibs everywhere. The road could use some depth. Aren't eh normal maps working?

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SinKing May 19 2014, 4:20pm says:

Putain! C'est en Paris? ^^

Doesn't look like London to me.

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SinKing May 19 2014, 4:15pm says:

Hear, hear! Is this still developed by the original creator of Killing Floor, Alex Quick?

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SinKing May 19 2014, 6:37am replied:

Not sure I can imagine how that would look. The thing is, the small round piece on top of the left crew module already is an airlock and the station can have another one on its main body. For the story (this is for an adventure game) the station doesn't need to be larger; this is in fact a re-design from a much larger station blockout, I had made before.

I redesigned it completely, because I wasn't happy with square tiles and artificial gravity that is somehow magically generated. I want this to really work and be fun for the player. Even though there are only a couple of rooms for him to explore.

What I'm thinking is more: how to make it visually more interesting. I'm more about cosmetic improvements at this time. Thanks for commenting!

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SinKing May 18 2014, 12:53pm says:

I take it you made new terrain with U4? Looks good. It also blends much better than before.

+1 vote     media: Night Streets Comparison (UDK vs. UE4)
SinKing May 18 2014, 12:52pm replied:

Smart man! I didn't see that when I first read the news, but I came back here to write exactly the same thing. EPIC is gonna sell a shitload of subscriptions this way and they don't even have to make a game.

+1 vote     article: Unreal Tournament - Announcement
SinKing May 18 2014, 11:35am replied:

That would be interesting, as I am also developing with U4 and could perhaps become helpful in some other ways, too. Plus, I could check out unpackaged stuff, if that is easier (I haven't checked the pubishing procedure in U4 yet. Don't know how difficult it is to bake a project, compared to UDK)

I sent you my contact details in a PM. Thanks for the kind words!

+1 vote     article: Dev Update #7 - May '14: Unreal 4 Migration Progress!
SinKing May 18 2014, 11:17am says:

Perhaps I should call it the Stapler gun then. No wait, that already exits.

Personally, the stapler picture reminds me of Alien. Let's hear what Alien reminds you of!

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SinKing May 18 2014, 10:32am says:

Awesome ;)

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SinKing May 17 2014, 9:47pm says:

How did you make those lovely arrows? Much nicer than my handpainted arrows in storyboards (I try avoiding those now).

+1 vote     media: First Strike Storyboards
SinKing May 17 2014, 9:46pm says:

So they are gonna use this as backgrounds for greenscreen? If so, how do they get the actors to reflect on the floor? I guess one way would be to do it exactly like with fake reflections - just mirror the actors and have them walk upside down.

+1 vote     media: Imperial Hangar
SinKing May 17 2014, 9:43pm replied:

If you wanted it really badly, you could make a semi transparent floor and mirror the scene on the other side ^^

Of course if wouldn't be great for the framerate, but still cheaper than creating a material that reflects everything in realtime. IDK about BF2142'S engine, why wouldn't it be able to reflect objects? Cubemaps are old technology and to my understanding most engines (even older ones) can use them. If there are no reflections in BF2142, it was probably for optimization purpose.

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SinKing May 17 2014, 9:33pm replied:

None of the things I encountered were game-breaking or even diminishing the fun. This is a very cool concept with tons of potential. The few things I observed should not keep anyone from trying TerraTech. It's really cute too.

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SinKing May 17 2014, 6:02pm says:

Wow, I should be a gametester ^^. First I chose the 1920x1200 resolution + "fabulous" settings and got some gamma messup; this is my screen's native resolution though. The game was overbright, so I quit. Restarted in lower settings + resolution and it worked fine.

Except I somehow managed not to trigger the regular game and instructions and just drove around for a while, shooting at plants. I was wondering what to do and restarted again and then everything worked normal. I don't know where the error was, it wasn't anything big, but somehow I managed to screw with your game ^^

And then it was fun, but whenever I pick up the stuff, another car comes to annoy me. So I hung around the same spot, fighting 3 cars in a row and quit. It's pretty cool though, I can see how the game is fun and can get a lot of expansions to keep it fun for years. Unity driving physics aint so bad either, but sometimes I missed a feeling of weight. I want to be able to ram into a guy and not only shoot him. If my car is heavier than his, it should do some damage.

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SinKing May 16 2014, 9:16am replied:

What do you mean? This is realtime again, in Unreal Engine 4. I didn't make any special material, just the Diff, Norm, Spec + 2 constant nodes that deal with metallic and roughness settings.

I thought about some variation for colors too. Might do that someday, because it could completely restyle the weapon. Imagine Camo on this. Would look weird, so it's worth tryin' out ^^

The clean texture you are refering to was just the unfinished version of this one. If I remove the top layer with the design elements it is all still under there. Textures are 2K for the diffuse, 1k for everything else.

+1 vote     media: Ilyagi MC30 final texture!
SinKing May 16 2014, 8:53am replied:


Did I convince you, or was that planned anyway?

+1 vote     media: NO RETURN Slight Graphics Update
SinKing May 16 2014, 8:50am replied:

I find this engine can compare to Unity and the workflow looks more hands on and practical than anything Crytek ever did. If I compare to Unreal 4 that's only because the engine is my daily bread. And U4 is simply amazing, yet still unfinished itself (e.g. Slate) . And there are hundreds of people working at Epic, while Dragonlord does it by himself. Imagine what 100 Dragonlords could create ^^

I also sent him some assets to see what the dirty materials would look like and how they compare. What would really make my day, is a modular material editor, such as Unreal uses or what I use in Maya. It's just so much more practical making shaders that way.

+1 vote     article: World Editor Preview Video
SinKing May 15 2014, 8:30pm replied:

I thank you, and remembered to hit "track this game", which I forgot during my first visit.

+3 votes     article: Dev Diary: Designing TerraTech's vehicle building blocks
SinKing May 15 2014, 4:22pm says:

Beautiful and smart work here, good article!

Can you tell me which vehicles that are in the moodboard images? The one that looks like the Beetle on monsterwheels and the van on those offroad wheels both look awesome. Is that an S1203 Van perhaps? I'm always looking for cool stuff to model like that.

+3 votes     article: Dev Diary: Designing TerraTech's vehicle building blocks
SinKing May 15 2014, 3:10pm replied:

... he says on the one picture where the textures don't match up ^^

Thanks man! I guess someday I'll move that yellow/black stripe down a notch, so the back edges line up. It's fine on the other side. It's a quick change, but the normal map needs the same treatment, and I'm alreadybusy elsewhere. Once you get to the point where the technical side is no problem any more, you just want to model more and more ^^

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SinKing May 15 2014, 3:06pm says:

When is this coming to the standalone? I always liked the train map in the old FOF, but this looks even more varied.

+1 vote     media: Featuring 2 new maps in version 3.9
SinKing May 15 2014, 9:32am says:

What happened to "we know our rights and would never release something we don't know we have the rights to!". That was (in my own words) the bold statement when Mass Destruction was still coming out with Duke Nukem. Bombshell can be a support character, but as a heroine she will be tough to sell. I know I don't want her.

As much as I want to support Interceptor, I think they disappointed more people than just me by caving in to Gearbox (again). Oh also: **** Gearbox! Seriously, how many games are they gonna bring down without offering anything of their own!

+4 votes     media: Introducing Bombshell
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