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silverfang22 Jul 10 2013, 11:34pm says:

Seems like discussions about the technical issues and support would make for a good commentary over the video, I assume that the game audio was removed with that which is a bummer.

+2 votes   article: Development Update (07/06/2013)
silverfang22 May 18 2013, 12:20pm replied:

No changes, your map should still be compatible as long as you add team spawns and such just like on Nightfall.

+1 vote   article: May the Source be With You!
silverfang22 Feb 26 2013, 12:47pm replied:

Missed that, thanks

+3 votes   media: New blur effect
silverfang22 Feb 25 2013, 11:10am says:

is this radial or motion blur?

+3 votes   media: New blur effect
silverfang22 Feb 10 2013, 4:55pm says:

Are these models created by one of the project developers or are they taken from royalty free model sites like Turbosquid?

+1 vote   media: Binoculars
silverfang22 Feb 2 2013, 10:13am replied:

Connect to it with /connect localhost:port in the console of the client (open the console by holding shift and hitting the tilde key ~)

By default, port is 29070, if you haven't set net_port to something non-default, try 29071 and 29072 i.e. localhost:29071

+1 vote   article: Hosting a Phase 1 Server
silverfang22 Dec 8 2012, 10:09am replied:

Actually I just realized I misread this, I thought you meant the new version once it's finally out (which is 2.4.5 not 2.4.4).

We'll probably have a full version and a patch of 2.4.5, but it's too much trouble to try and go back so far and make a full version of 2.4.4.

+1 vote   media: New Gametype/Map
silverfang22 Dec 5 2012, 5:21am replied:

Yes, whenever we get around to finishing up 2.4.4 (we're very busy with JKG) we'll almost certainly release it as a full version as opposed to a patch.

+1 vote   media: New Gametype/Map
silverfang22 Oct 17 2012, 8:23am says:

I can see these environments being legitimately creepy if it was at night!

Though, I say that the art style should look more "grimy", everything is very bright and gives off the wrong feel. I do see though that you plan to have some post processing effects planned for a final look to the art, I just think it might all blend a little better if the art style was altogether less contrasting and vibrant... though I could see things being "happy" looking at first, then starting to get more and more creepy as you start to figure out what's going on story-wise ;)

+2 votes   article: Progress Report
silverfang22 Sep 25 2012, 10:24pm replied:

Slender Source was already going to have co-op, but multiplayer sounds interesting. Reminds me of The Hidden source mod, just with slenderman :p

+1 vote   game: NullProject
silverfang22 Sep 18 2012, 3:19pm replied:

the zip is missing files, you'll need to update via the launcher.

Launcher should be fixed now, more or less.

+2 votes   download: Jedi Knight Galaxies Public Release 1.0, ZIP
silverfang22 Sep 18 2012, 6:32am says:

After downloading and installing this, run the launcher to update it.

+2 votes   download: Jedi Knight Galaxies Public Release 1.0, ZIP
silverfang22 Sep 4 2012, 8:05pm replied:

It's just the base model if I'm not mistaken

We'd never use ported content.

+2 votes   media: Interview with the JKG team on Jedi Knight Hub
silverfang22 Aug 15 2012, 7:05am replied:

SP won't exist in JKG, but yes, you just might see some doors that require you to slice in >:D

+1 vote   media: Developer Diary #28 - Slice
silverfang22 Aug 15 2012, 3:25am says:

I have 4 big issues with this model
1. No LOD support - This looks like a pretty high poly model especially with glow and specularity thrown on there (glow doubles the tri count for any object it's put on)
2. Textures seem a bit cartoony (at least for the main armor part) - They don't quite fit the feel of Republic Commando in my opinion, they could use some improvement in the finer details like scratches and grunge
3. Poorly rigged - Especially around the arm area, the second saber floats way away from the player and the biceps deform really weirdly. so does the elbow where it meets the forearm armor.
4. The texture resolution is really low, 512x512 looks really bad, you should just overhaul the textures in a higher resolution (at least 1024x1024 for the bigger objects like the torso)

One more thing, though it's less of a big deal, there's no gauntlet vibroblade! You should at least include it as a non-default model (i.e. /model vode_an_delta_squad/blade which btw, you should really rename the model to something like delta or commando or katarn. Yes, the armor is called katarn commando armor). Oh and there's no sounds :P

BUT otherwise it's a good model, I really like it. Good job

+3 votes   download: Republic Commando model
silverfang22 Aug 2 2012, 12:49pm says:

Nobody is getting through this way! >:D

+1 vote   media: Developer Screenshot July 31st 2012
silverfang22 Aug 1 2012, 12:28am says:

Not sure how this would be done (I'm not a coder, and I've never worked with CryEngine 3) But it would be awesome if after a battle here, everything started to turn fall colors (grass would turn a little more dead, plenty of blood stains on the ground) and depending on how you plan for the game to progress (I doubt it's open-world, but anyway) any time you came back here it would stay that way.

+1 vote   media: Grass in Antietam
silverfang22 Jul 18 2012, 3:57pm says:

I think you guys are really going to enjoy the developer diary coming this weekend :D

Big ups to BlasTech for the HUD ^^

+3 votes   media: Developer Screenshot July 18th 2012
silverfang22 May 17 2012, 1:48pm says:

"Unnamed man"
"Dave the Survivor"


+14 votes   game: Dave the Survivor
silverfang22 May 15 2012, 10:09am says:

This was a lot of fun, thanks to everyone who showed up <3

+2 votes   article: Upcoming Online Match
silverfang22 May 1 2012, 7:43am says:

This file may be broken, I just tried it on a magnavolge server and it did not work until I uploaded all my main files (including clientside ones). I'll be discussing this with eezstreet today, hopefully we can get a working version up soon.

+2 votes   download: Gunslinger's Academy v2.4.3 FULL Serverside
silverfang22 Apr 22 2012, 6:31pm replied:

Yes, yes it was. :p

+2 votes   article: Important Notice
silverfang22 Mar 26 2012, 4:48pm replied:

Yeah I agree the bloom is often waay too much. Eventually we'll have it map-controlled so the mapper can determine what looks best for the specific map.

+1 vote   media: Gunslinger's Academy - Gameplay Sample
silverfang22 Mar 26 2012, 4:45pm says:

Heh, technically you're holding them with no hands, with your mind >:D soon enough we'll have some proper hands holding weapons. Until then you can pretend you're playing goldeneye or something :d

+4 votes   article: Gunslinger's Academy v2.4.3 out now!
silverfang22 Mar 17 2012, 3:00pm says:

The crosshair size is also large for melee weapons, like the Taser, it should have its own crosshair soon though.

+1 vote   media: 2.4.3 shot
silverfang22 Jan 24 2012, 4:54pm replied:

care to elaborate?

+1 vote   media: Achievement Unlocked
silverfang22 Jan 20 2012, 5:27am replied:

Eh, scratch that, lost interest not long after starting it.

+1 vote   download: SilvMod Beta
silverfang22 Oct 7 2011, 1:05pm replied:

No, he's just testing it. >.>

+1 vote   media: Enderdragon Animation Update
silverfang22 Oct 2 2011, 7:57am says:

I finally decided to continue the mod, the moddb page will be here: Moddb.com

+1 vote   download: SilvMod Beta
silverfang22 Sep 11 2011, 6:57pm replied:

I don't know where you're getting a release date from but I can tell you we can't say for certain when a release is coming, just that we're working hard to get something out to you guys. As much as I know you guys want beta (believe me, I do too!) I'd appreciate if you guys stopped asking for it, if we released what we have now there would be so many core elements missing that it wouldn't be nearly as fun for you guys if we waited until it was ready to play.

+3 votes   media: Dev screenshot September 11th 2011
silverfang22 Aug 3 2011, 2:45am says:

Yeah I was very skeptical, I still won't shoot it down though as it's still a possibility. It was pretty obvious it wasn't going to be good for gaming, having each grain of dirt as a full 3d object is just a waste of detail and processing power.

+9 votes   article: It’s a scam!
silverfang22 Jun 22 2011, 1:04pm says:

This looks like a mod, not a game nor expansion.

+4 votes   mod: AdventureCraft
silverfang22 May 23 2011, 9:35pm replied:

No he did fix mine cart boosters, it's all powered rails now.

+2 votes   article: The changelist for 1.6
silverfang22 Apr 5 2011, 6:50pm replied:

Yes I have, we want to make our own content though.

+1 vote   media: MA5C WIP
silverfang22 Jan 28 2011, 8:32pm replied:

that wouldn't help sato, he'd still have to use a camera, avi_demo might be easier on the eyes, but no sound.

+1 vote   media: Web Swinging Mechanics
silverfang22 Aug 22 2010, 3:10pm replied:

I agree with you that more interesting updates should be posted, weapons with nothing else is rather... boring. I'll see about getting more interesting updates posted if possible.

+2 votes   article: Fortnightly Update #4
silverfang22 Jul 25 2010, 1:40pm replied:

Of course

+1 vote   media: Screenshots of weapons
silverfang22 Jul 10 2010, 1:27pm says:

I vote we should give the ghost a closed cockpit, like the ghosts in the halo 1 concept art.

+1 vote   media: Ghost
silverfang22 Feb 18 2013, 11:10pm replied:

What's shutting down? The server or the client?

If it's the client is there an error? You might try turning JKG_Postprocess to 0

+1 vote   download: Old Jedi Knight Galaxies Launcher v1.33 (Obsolete)
silverfang22 Feb 18 2013, 11:08pm replied:

OJP startup is just the lack of a replaced splash screen, try turning off the post processing by changing r_ext_postProcessing to 0

+1 vote   member: silverfang22
silverfang22 Feb 10 2013, 4:53pm replied:

Just abort and restart the install completely, it will restart from where it left off.

+1 vote   mod: Jedi Knight Galaxies
silverfang22 Feb 4 2013, 7:40pm replied:

They are actually empty quite a bit, I hope that the relaunch sparks interest to the point where there's always a few people playing with more playing during "peak hours".

Also, a lot of people seem to like the idea of having a set day/time where everybody hops on and plays. I might suggest it the the team/the community and see what they think as well as what times they'd be most available to play :p

+2 votes   mod: Jedi Knight Galaxies
silverfang22 Jan 22 2013, 10:48am replied:

You know you can edit each individual picture's description instead of commenting on them, it's a little more work but it keeps the page a little cleaner, plus it makes the description box not completely worthless (once you read it you're probably going to ignore it for the rest of the images).

+1 vote   media: Miscreated
silverfang22 Jan 18 2013, 1:18pm replied:

Linux support is "In Development" according to their website

0 votes   engine: NeoAxis 3D Engine
silverfang22 Jan 13 2013, 11:02pm says:

Only thing that bothers me is the laser bolts themselves, and (less so) the muzzle flares on the blasters.

Looking great though :)

-1 votes   media: Laser Hits
silverfang22 Jan 13 2013, 10:54pm replied:

Yes, eezstreet and I are just working hard on Jedi Knight Galaxies ( Moddb.com ) right now.

+1 vote   mod: Gunslinger's Academy
silverfang22 Jan 12 2013, 8:05pm replied:

Jkhub.org Several mapping tutorials there, I recommend looking at RichDiesal's tutorials

+1 vote   mod: Jedi Knight Galaxies
silverfang22 Jan 8 2013, 6:46am says:

I posted a comment on one of your images, however it's the very first one you posted so I thought I'd post it on the main page too, do you think we could get some desktop backgrounds using the concept art? It all looks very amazing and they would make great backgrounds.

Plus, it's promotional and probably wouldn't be too hard to make using your current art.

+2 votes   game: Aderyn's Cradle
silverfang22 Jan 8 2013, 6:44am says:

Think we could get some desktop backgrounds? This looks epic!

+2 votes   media: Intro Post
silverfang22 Dec 23 2012, 10:13am replied:

As I told you on IRC, just cancel the download and hit the install button, it will always resume from where it left off and it is guaranteed to download at least one file/pk3 each time but will usually download more.

+2 votes   mod: Jedi Knight Galaxies
silverfang22 Dec 17 2012, 9:51pm replied:

Pande actually wrote this, I just posted it.

+1 vote   article: Setting up a Map Rotation for your server
silverfang22 Dec 16 2012, 3:19am says:


+5 votes   media: Coming soon
silverfang22 Dec 14 2012, 6:44pm replied:

They weren't released last year, they were an "upcoming" mod.

These are just promotional images, if they win then new people will be able to see them. Sure, it's cheap but probably effective :p

+1 vote   media: Sawrunner
silverfang22 Dec 10 2012, 10:28pm replied:

it's possible you haven't patched to 1.01, if you haven't you need to download this, you can find it on jk3files

+2 votes   mod: Jedi Knight Galaxies
silverfang22 Dec 9 2012, 3:31pm replied:

You might also try doing +set fs_game "JKG" (with the quotes around JKG) if that doesn't work for you.

It must be set as a launch option under properties on the Steam Library (right click > properties)

+1 vote   mod: Jedi Knight Galaxies
silverfang22 Dec 9 2012, 3:30pm replied:

You can use Steam to buy the game again.

Also, as long as you are not using a cd crack (unmodified exes) the game will work fine. JKG also has a built in no-cd feature, you don't need to have the disc in your computer, just as long as your have the original or the steam version of the game installed.

0 votes   mod: Jedi Knight Galaxies
silverfang22 Dec 8 2012, 7:31am replied:

Yes, yes you can :)

+1 vote   mod: Jedi Knight Galaxies
silverfang22 Dec 6 2012, 12:03pm replied:

SJC maps will not be included in JKG, however Mace's work for JKG will remain.

This is not Coruscant Adventures, this is a completely new map created by Pande :p

+2 votes   media: New Map Levelshots
silverfang22 Dec 4 2012, 3:07am replied:

The way you censored that makes it look like you're saying something quite distasteful xD

+2 votes   article: Important News Update
silverfang22 Dec 4 2012, 3:05am replied:

That's impossible to tell, any number we gave you would be very arbitrary and only a rough estimate. Stay tuned though, we're about to make a major post within the next few days.

+2 votes   mod: Jedi Knight Galaxies
silverfang22 Nov 19 2012, 4:53pm says:

Nice, have you guys started working on the core gameplay yet? (it's a bit early in development, but it's important! :P )

+2 votes   media: Oak tree and grass
silverfang22 Nov 19 2012, 1:23pm says:

Watching a playthrough of this game from the youtuber known as Yamimash, this is by far the most quality slender game I've seen graphics wise. (I haven't watched nearly enough to know gameplay wise).

I was surprised to find out this was made in unity after seeing so many poor-quality games made in unity.

My only complaint (at least so far) is that inside the buildings the walls get bloomed to death when you have your flashlight on, so you either can see nothing at all because it's too dark or you can see barely anything since everything is all bleach white from the bloom :p

+3 votes   game: Haunted Memories
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