I'm a man that dabbles. A little mapping here, a little modeling there, with some sound, music, acting, 2D design, photography, along with a plethora of other talents all thrown in. Sadly with this vastly spread skill set, I am, by far, a master of none. If anything, I'd say that I'm most experienced in mapping in Hammer/Source, though I'm always working to get better at all of the above when needed. Always learning, always finding new ways to learn, and new things to learn. Since 1997.

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Alright, so I've decided to go back to the drawing board, literally. After having little direction, motivation, and a big lack of time recently, I've decided to come back and start over completely. This time, however, I'll be doing what I should have done in the beginning. Being that I should actually write a story, storyboard and concept art, and then follow the project through, proper.

A lot of my major frustrations, and then all together abandonment of my project was due in no small part to a sevre lack of planning. To all those reading this now, heed my words: plan ahead. When you're done with that plan some more. In fact, make plans to plan. It'll pay off in the end...and you'll save your hair, to boot.

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