My name is Marcus and I started siactro back in 2011 with a game called "Retro Arcade Adventure". It was a first step into the world of indiedev after about seven years of homebrewing and fangaming.

The name siactro stands for simple action retro. This is exactly the direction siactro is heading. I want to make simple yet satisfying games.

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Hi there,

My Name is Marcus and as you came across my Desura profile, let me tell you a little bit about that thing I do, what was it called? Oh yes, indiegamedevelopment.

I started deveolping games about seven years ago. At first I only did fangames of well known game franchises like The Legend of Zelda or Sonic The Hedgehog. I made all of those games with gamemakers like the RPG Maker and so on. It was about 5 years later that I started to screw around with a programming language.

Soon I realized that making fangames is not the way I want to go but instead make my own games with my own ideas in my very own worlds. My first game was called Retro Arcade Adventure and was released last year on XBLIG. It was no success at all but it was my first step into the world of indiegames.

Now, one year later, I am here with the remake of that game and I can tell you: My body is ready!

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