Hello, mt name is Charles you may know me from Facepunch as the guy who ports Star Wars models and Goldsource models. I'm majoring in Game Art & Design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I'm learning how to model, texture, and eventually build an entire game. I'm also into voice acting, I can do a good amount of voices but most of them are just based off of TV and movie characters. Want to add me as a friend? go ahead, Just as long as I know you. If you're adding me just to request models, don't bother.

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PARANOIA: Source Team

1. PARANOIA: Source Team

Developer & Publisher Must apply to join

We are currently working on a total remake of the Half-Life 1 Mod paranoia for the source engine. We have full permission and support from the original...

E3 Studios

2. E3 Studios

Developer with 15 members, must apply to join

These guys are working on some leak & RTB-related mods. We're always looking for contributors, so don't be afraid to apply. Who knows? You may become...

Biohazard studios

3. Biohazard studios

Developer & Publisher with 3 members, must apply to join

Modders needed to help with modding and testing, upload your own mods here if you want. The aim of our company is to make mods and ensure that every one...

Half-Life: Source Enhanced Dev Team

4. Half-Life: Source Enhanced Dev Team

Developer with 2 members, must apply to join

The Half-Life: Source Enhanced Dev Team is making an HD replacement pack for the default Half-Life: Source content. This includes models, materials, and...

InfraRed Gaming

5. InfraRed Gaming

Developer & Publisher with 2 members, invitation only

InfraRed Gaming is an international modding team founded in 2010. We are currently developing one mod, 2476.

Fierfek - Productions

6. Fierfek - Productions

Developer with 5 members, must apply to join

Fierfek Productions is the Development Team for the mod Star Wars: Spec - Ops.

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