I'm an independent game designer currently located in Berlin.

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Curvy hits the iTunes store this Sunday. What is it? It's a small game inspired by the second ever created video game, Tennis for Two.

"Tennis For Two was an electronic game developed in 1958 on a Donner Model 30 analog computer, which simulates a game of tennis or ping pong on an oscilloscope. Created by American physicist William Higinbotham for visitors at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, it is important in the history of video games as one of the first electronic games to use a graphical display."

Tennis for Two David Zobrist

So what is curvy? When I saw this simple and beautiful first steps of video games I knew I have to make a small game honoring it. So I created this game called "Curvy". As with my latest game Three Points I kept things simple but elegant.

Curvy Three Points David Zobrist iphone 5 David Zobrist Curvy iPhone Curvy Three Points

You play it with a simple tap which changes the direction of the ball. The ball reacts physically like a real ball so you will have to find right timing to get the control properly.
Your goal is to guide the ball towards the randomly appearing green balls, to score. If the Ball drops out of the screen you lose.

More about it tomorrow evening!

Good night,

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David Zobrist

David Zobrist

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One man independent game developer/designer currently located in Berlin. Creating games for the iPhone primarily.

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