I worked on the Source Engine for mods such as Ivan's Secrets and No More Room in Hell. I've recently switched to UDK, great biography right?

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Project: Secret weapons

Mod review


Mod review


Mod review - 4 agree - 5 disagree

I give this mod a solid 3 out of 10.


- Main menu music is boring, and not very well made.
- Voice acting is probably some of the worst Ive heard in a mod. Both the script for the voice actors, and the actors them selves were very poorly done. The equipment that recorded the voices is obviously low quality, you could hear a slight echo.
- The new gun sounds were alright, they did make the guns sound "beefier" but the sounds also didn't fit for the guns, and some were too loud.

Graphics/Level Design

- Very poorly optimized, planned, and executed.
- Most buildings were extremely plain, they did not follow to Half-Lifes European city theme.
- Lighting was dull and boring, there was next to no ambiance or mood in the maps and interiors were generally lacking the interior look.
- The particles for impacts aren't optimized and cause lag.
- The layout of the maps are pretty boring as well, generally consisting of straight streets and alleys.
- Lots of scripting errors causing sounds to replay over and over (Voices telling me multiple times to head to the top floor, even after I finished the objective)


- First level throws you straight into combat, not a very good way to start.
- Gunplay is very COD-esque (Not a good thing) and gets boring very fast.
- Movement has been nerfed, move much slower and cant forward strafe.
- Drifted away from the core HL2 feeling, adding ironsights, health regeneration, bullet penetration, ect.
- No direction to go, as well as getting rid of the flashlight
- Overall it is very very lackluster.


Off Limits

Mod review