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As I grow older, my taste and requirement for games, mods, and music become more refined. I do not enjoy purchasing the same drivel regurgitated several times by different companies. For this I am glade steam was invented, able to download demos and see if the game is garbage. I suppose i am comparing my past experiences with the present requiring replay value, different endings, and an actual story no matter what type of game it is. Simple games, for example, sonic the hedgehog was a side adventure game where you run as fast as you can through a level. It was exciting, had great music, and the different level designs were well thought out. Where are those games today? Half Life 2 I will admit i played multiple times and beat multiple times even though they had the same ending. It could have been my machine at the time was not great, but i enjoyed it. Other titles like doom 3, crysis, fallout 3, spore. Were all one hit wonders to me and hope future games see the example of these games making a better replay value.

Blog #2

Few ideas for games or mods I want to create. Since i visit this site often, a simple sentence or phrase would help me remember my idea and the engine I wanted to use

Interactive Learning - Source
-easy system requirements for today's technology
-may expand to a standard in educational learning

To the top - Cryengine2 / Overgrowth

Child story survival - Cryengine2

to be continued...

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