It's strange to bio ourselves, because we are not exactly who we are in other people. Other from that, i'm a normal gamer, like modding, movie editing, music, and some other Pc stuff.

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9 Review

Mod Review on Feb 22nd, 2015

A well made conversion of Men of War into a classic tank battle. of course, with skirmish modes.

If You like World of Tanks, You'll definitely like this mod. The cameras are well placed. The battles are well balanced, and more importantly, You get to drive big awesome tanks.

Although, it still has many things to be developed. One example Like the Cursor that still sticks while driving a tank.

Still, I see many great things will come for this mod.
Awesome mod indeed

C&C World War II
10 Review

Mod Review on Aug 20th, 2013

The english version worked, and this mod is just daaaamn fine

Blitzkrieg II: The Finest Hour
4 Review

Mod Review on Aug 20th, 2013 - 2 people don't

The wide range of vehicles are impressive, and the mod is well half-polished.

But that's the problem, there's some errors and this mod feels very unfinished. The HUD, the Powers, the building models, the un-automatic engangement of tanks, the (some)not working powers, and most importantly, it is very much doesn't communicate well with the player.

No offense, but for Your decent work for a lot of the model, missions, and other hard things, it is very disappointingly..... Ruined

InFusion Mod
1 Review

Mod Review on Mar 7th, 2013

Well, Looks like i agree with the two reviews below me

9 Review

Game Review on Mar 24th, 2012

I really like the tank customization idea :D

And the graphics are really cool,
but you guys must do add or change something with the effects ( like explosions )
And change the explosion sound :D *I think

basically, it is Awesome !

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