Shaul Hadar is a professional musician, producer, composer, sound technician and a professional concert pianist with over 26 years of experience. Shaul writes music in any type of musical genre, with an affinity to the movies and games business, but also electronical music and instrumental music. Shaul is also a DJ/Producer, under the alias Counter Point, and releases music constantly at top record labels. Shaul also writes music for documentaries, internet sites, radio, television and every media which needs music and sound effects. Shaul also consults other producers on how to get the most of their musical environment. Shaul is a music teacher for piano, jazz, musical theory and computer based music. Shaul is currently working on writing a lot of music for computer and mobile games.

Summary List Popular Game Development
Jaws of Evolution
Jaws of Evolution

1. Jaws of Evolution

3 years ago TBD Single Player Adventure

Jaws of Evolution is 3d adventure game placed under ocean surface. Experiance rich underwater environment and plenty different species of animals. Game...


2. Coldenlight

1 month ago Released Sep 17, 2012 Single & Multiplayer Adventure

Coldenlight is an episodic, Cooperative, Action-Adventure game. The first episode is coming soon...

Cold Steel: Defiance
Cold Steel: Defiance

3. Cold Steel: Defiance

5 months ago TBD Single Player Role Playing

During the Colonization of Mars and the Asteroid belt in 2070, Earth mysteriously vanishes. Now stuck without a home planet, humanity must fight to survive...

Old school strategy game
Old school strategy game

4. Old school strategy game

3 years ago TBD Single & Multiplayer Real Time Strategy

Game based on historical oriental factions especially Chinese. Set in 12th century player will be able to create and control diverse economy system and...


5. Arilienta

4 years ago TBD Single & Multiplayer First Person Shooter

The world of Arilienta is divided on many completely different islands by enraged god of life (see story). Each of these islands has its own look, style...


6. Fortitude

2 years ago Released Jul 17, 2012 Single & Multiplayer Roguelike

Fortitude is a real-time rogue-like. There is currently only one level, but it is very large. It will soon have many more features such as; Split-screen...

Project FPTD
Project FPTD

7. Project FPTD

2 years ago TBD Single & Multiplayer First Person Shooter

Project FPTD is a first person tower defense game, in addition to the classic tower building you are actively participating in the battle. Alien microbes...

Negative Six Mini-Game Pack: Volume 01
Negative Six Mini-Game Pack: Volume 01

8. Negative Six Mini-Game Pack: Volume 01

3 years ago TBD Single & Multiplayer Arcade

Negative Six Mini-Game Pack: Volume 01 is a varied set of video games that are currently being developed by me, Nathan Segally. The majority of them are...

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