Shaul Hadar is a professional musician, producer, composer, sound technician and a professional concert pianist with over 26 years of experience. Shaul writes music in any type of musical genre, with an affinity to the movies and games business, but also electronical music and instrumental music. Shaul is also a DJ/Producer, under the alias Counter Point, and releases music constantly at top record labels. Shaul also writes music for documentaries, internet sites, radio, television and every media which needs music and sound effects. Shaul also consults other producers on how to get the most of their musical environment. Shaul is a music teacher for piano, jazz, musical theory and computer based music. Shaul is currently working on writing a lot of music for computer and mobile games.

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A chill out track i wrote two years ago, yet is one of my best. Was release in AGITATO RECORDS.

I wrote some music for the game, check out the main music:

Jaws of Evolution theme track - Mod DB

Hello all modders and good people :) I just wanted to give a little update on what I am working on these days.

I am currently working on music for these projects:
1. Internal Malfunction
2. Jaws Of Evolution
3.Warcraft 4 - Edge Of Eternity
4.Halo - Homefront Mod
5.Star Wars - The New Era
6. The Chronicles Of Jericho Fox
7. Project FPTD
8. Alife

I am writing music for these games, and I want to thank the people who gave me the chance to do It, because I am really into writing music for games :)
that's it for now ....
have a great day :)