Hi my name is Josip Koninckx, but you can adress to me as Shadow Fox. I am a 17 year old student at KTA1 Hasselt (not the best school ever (but the worst *coughs*)) but I can take one more year. I downloaded this Client-thingie because since some years I have this thing for Indie games. Big time companies might give us things like Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto, etc. But you can see the love is gone. While in Indie games, these people make games worthwhile. There's a part of their soul that is inside this game. That is why, I think, Desura is a good client. It helps soon to be bigtime developers to get known by a community. I myself am planning to become a Developer and if I ever were to launch a game, and I will, than I will probably use this client for my first few games.

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My activity has gone down lately...

Well let's blame school, that and I'm taking on too many projects at once.
I've been scrolling around Desura lately and I got a pop-up that changed my life!
But not really I saw that Amnesia: The Dark 'Ooha! what was that?!' Decent
is on sale. I absolutely adore this game *fangirl shriek*

You should really buy this game if you like a good horror that scares you just with atmosphere and sounds, and one or two monsters from time to time. Happy puzzle solving! Oh and there's a mutated human trying to rape you while you do it. But don't be scared, once you've solved it the monster magicaly disappears :D

So, what I want to say really is BUY THE GAME

Shadow out.

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