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shadowpeople89 Dec 24 2013 says:

I can't be the only one experiencing an extremely annoying crash in mars city. Every time I walk to the first person you talk to in a new game this happens. It doesn't happen with sikkmod alone but something in this pack is breaking the first level. If I choose the next level, it won't give me any problems until I have to use a GUI in the game, which no longer works either. Any suggestions would be great because I'm 2 hours into attempting to play this and going bat **** insane

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shadowpeople89 May 25 2012 says:

Sorry for the late reply, until recently I've been away from the mod scene. I used your gun sounds and tried to get the double barrel shotgun in the game but I just didn't have enough knowledge to do that. Also I am curious, Do you know anything about scripting, meshing, or texturing in Skyrim? off topic I know, but I'm looking for modders to help me with a mod for Skyrim that I'm working on. If interested PM me and I'll give more details. Figured your acclaim received from Perfected Doom among your other mods, you would be a great guy to work with.

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shadowpeople89 Jul 16 2011 replied:

it uses some elements from perfected doom 3 with permission of course from the creators of the mods, along with sikkmod elements and rebalanced damage values, so it's not ridculously hard as some would say sikkmod was. It also includes custom theme music and I plan on adding more. the pistol and a few other guns have been retextured to look more realistic, as they reflect light more than the original models. I have added a theme song for the menu as well, Godsmack- Releasing the demons. I thought it was fitting for the tone of the story in the game. I also included an HD wallpaper in the zip just for the hell of it

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shadowpeople89 Jul 1 2011 replied:

Since you're the only one not bashing this mod I'll actually give you an answer. Yes I have sikkpin and vgames permission to do this. And to the trolls complaining about this, get a life guys! I've had it up to here with people saying "bloom programmer". It's not just about the damn graphics, but if they really wanna knock something that at least one of them doesn't understand ( he claimed to be "dropped" from game design, when he was probably just an arrogant bastard), be constructive, not an immature, smart ***, kid with a grudge against game developers who has the audacity and ignorance to think he's better than anyone. To put it bluntly, if you don't like it, make your own damn and keep your opinion to yourselves, cause i don't care!

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shadowpeople89 Jun 10 2011 replied:

I have played perfected doom 3, i'm downloading others now

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